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  1. So why don't you get your crayons out and write a book that counters what Pelz and Bryson are saying, and show your research.
  2. I believe these heads are 320g empty (no weights).
  3. Can you post some pics? I've gamed one of my T22's a few times and except for some patina on the insert it still looks great. Very light scratches on the sole is all. For what it's worth, I've seen one of the Tour versions in silver and it looks pretty sharp.
  4. Wait a few days before putting the headcover back on. You might think it's dry but that fur in the cover can mess up the paint easily.
  5. Just pray that it isn't very windy (which would be rare there). Could be a long day. I know it is for me but I hit the ball pretty high and don't spend enough time practicing knockdown shots. I'd spend some time practicing low ball shots and getting your distances down. Good luck to you and have fun!
  6. As many others have said, I never use the bag drop and my clubs go from my car, to the cart, and then back to the car after the round before I go in for a beer. If I am playing by myself and I head into the clubhouse for a beer or dog at the turn, I've brought my putter in with me plenty of times. Years ago I had a Circle T headcover stolen off my putter while I was in the clubhouse at the turn at a public course. At least they didn't take the putter (009). I won't let that happen again. Nowadays I play mostly private Clubs, but that isn't 100% safe either. Unfortunately, there are scumbags everywhere.
  7. Be careful on using anything that is too abrasive. Not sure if salt would be or not (I haven't tried it). I've seen some more abrasive polishes create little scratches on the face of a TeI3, although I know the person was being a little too aggressive with the polishing. However, light scratches may not be as noticeable on a T22 because of the face milling. If people are looking for something inexpensive and found in the home, toothpaste usually works pretty well. But there are abrasive toothpastes out there too, so be careful.
  8. The insert won't keep it's shine. That's just the way it is. Let it patina and over time it will look even better. Some of my TeI3's have a great, rainbow looking patina.
  9. I went through 2 sets of CB2's, a set of Pro a12's, and a set of CB3's. The CB2's were my favorites but the CB3's were right up there with them and had a little larger sweetspot. The CB3's had a slightly wider sole and less offset than the CB2's, which I liked. A lot of people don't know how good these irons were. Adams really was putting out some fantastic forged irons back then.
  10. No, sorry. I had a Fleetwood and 2 Nellies (one Nellie w/ wings) but never could putt with them so I sold them awhile back.
  11. I don't have anything for sale at the moment. Pretty set with the collection right now.
  12. I purchased a putter from him shortly before he passed away. We had a lot of good conversations over the years and anytime I had a question on a Mills putter (or if I was looking for a specific one) I would contact him. I spent several months looking for the mate to my DFM-1014 and then I went to Johnny to see if he knew anything about it. I kicked myself for not going to him first because (no surprise) HE was the one who owned it. LOL Johnny's wife saw some of the emails between he and I and she reached out to me after he was gone. She was very nice and I felt terrible for her loss. She ended up sending me a couple of his Mills T-shirts in the mail when I purchased a putter and some of his headcovers from her. I'm pretty sure she made sure most of his collection went to a bunch of the Mills guys over on PutterTalk. Great lady, and I know Johnny made sure she knew what to do with his collection after he was gone.
  13. TP Mills are some of the best putters out there. I've been a fan for a long time. At one time I had over 30 Mills putters. Now I'm down to about a dozen. Here are some of my favorites in my rack, along with a few headcovers. The 2 PROTO's with the snow are handmades by David (DFM-1014). He only made 2 of them in that headshape and when I saw one for sale many years ago I knew I had to have it. I asked Jay Green about it (former longtime sales rep for David) and he gave me the story and spec's on them. I used it as my main gamer for years. Then I went on a mission to find the other one and eventually bought it off a great Mills collector (Johnny) over on the old PutterTalk website. He was terrific guy and had a lot of Mills knowledge. May he RIP.
  14. Kiawah Ocean course. I've been there 3 times and barely break 90. I'm around a 7 HCP. Doesn't help that it's been pretty breezy every time I've been there.
  15. VNutz is right, it's very easy to remove the shaft. I've even removed them by dangling it over our gas stove and twisting it off. It doesn't take a lot of heat to break that epoxy. BYK is also correct in that you could probably find a nice Studio Style putter for less $$$ than a refurb. Plus you will lose some weight getting the putter refurbished. Scotty's refurbishing prices have gotten out of control. The only time I would consider using the Custom Shop today is for Tour putters.
  16. I have quite a few putters (I'm a HO) and they range from low 300's to 380 grams. I have determined that 340g is my preferred head weight as long as the grip isn't too heavy. I'm 6' 1, 205 lbs, and I use a 33.5 length.
  17. I think you mean Belfair. But yes, 2 of the best conditioned courses in our area.
  18. I bought a Button Back a few years ago and someone scratched up the sole pretty bad trying to get the weights out. They said the tool kept slipping and gouged up the sole. The rest of the putter looked brand new so I really didn't want to get it refinished. I called the shop and was given a price for just doing the sole (I think it was 85.00). I sent it in and it came out great. Maybe they don't offer that anymore. As for sending in a Circle T putter, the best thing to do is call them, let them know what you want done, and they will walk you through it.
  19. 58 yrs old and my swing speed is going down as I age. Recently just got below 105MPH so I switched from the Bridgestone Tour XS and now trying out the RX and RXS balls. I really like them both. I was a ProV guy for a long time and I will still buy a dozen once in awhile, but I really like what Bridgestone is offering. Played Chrome Soft for awhile (when they came out) but they got to the point that I thought they were actually too soft. I'll hit a TP5 once in awhile too. Good golf ball. HCP is around a 6 102-105 SS
  20. You have to stay on the property to play there. If you belong to a private club you can try having your Head Pro call to get you on.
  21. Just like 12 years ago, people are still wondering if expensive putters are worth the $$$. Of course, "expensive" means different things to different people. Dropping $4,000 on a 009 would be considered expensive to most people. But a lot of folks don't want to drop $400 on a putter because they think that is too expensive. Putt with the putter style / head that YOU feel is best for YOUR stroke. Once you find that head style and get the correct spec's, I'm sure you can find that head offered by several companies (or at least close) and at several different price points. Go with what you can afford.
  22. Ahhhh.......................the old "faux grooves" as Rory and Tiger discusses. LOL I've sent putters into BOS and told them I didn't want them to remill the face (didn't want the weight loss) and they were fine with that. Wonder if you could go that route with them?
  23. The only reason I would recommend a cart at Harbour Town would be because of the heat this time of year. We've also had quite a bit of rain so it is very humid. It was 90 deg today but the heat index said it felt like 103. If I were playing I would take a cart and toss a cooler in it filled with refreshments and just sit back and enjoy the day. It's always cart path only so you end up walking a bit anyway if you're looking for exercise.
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