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  1. No doubt, I have a nice worthless degree on the shelf I don't want to get started on the rip off our education system lol.
  2. This is also one of small fears I have about retirement, I talk to all of my friends and they always say there is no chance they will be able to retire. I am 34 and don't plan on working 1 day past 55 and hopefully can do it much earlier. I just wonder will it be as hard for my generation to actually retire, I am assuming I am going to need a whole new group of friends for weekly games.
  3. On weekends I agree, but Monday through Thursday its like you have the course to yourself even Friday morning is good. This is the other membership I plan on getting when I move up north for the summer full time.
  4. If all of the regular employees stay, they are all really good guys. An email to the club or a call from the Pro at whatever course you play regularly could help. With covid the amount of play and memberships went up considerably, so it could be tough. Always worth it to ask, the worst thing they can say is no.
  5. $20,000 and only 5 k a year sounds pretty good to me for that course. I am curious to see how this all turns out.
  6. I will never say they all do that, but it has happened to me twice there and never at miles. For me I found great fitters at miles and I just won't go anywhere else now.
  7. This is why I always choose miles, Carls will sometimes try to sell you something whether it is an improvement or not.
  8. Its always an opinion, all I can say is the course is incredible and I don't think I have ever had more fun playing golf then my rounds at Kingsley. Every time it can play just a little bit different, I just love that place.
  9. I prefer Miles and I always work with Shawn Z
  10. We are in the same boat, I've always wanted to join as I got closer to retirement. The laid back golf only vibe is what I love the most about that place and I just don't see it staying that way.
  11. This is a bummer, hopefully they don't change anything about this GEM. I have been able to play in the Peninsula Cup there the last few years and I love that course more every time I play it, hopefully that event continues.
  12. I am pretty sure the guy in the PXG commercials is the owner lol.
  13. I have and it is fantastic. The views of the property with the trees taken out are incredible and The original #7 is so much better in my opinion than what was there before. I also find it much harder with expanded bunkers into the landing areas and bunkers in front of greens that leave no openings for miss hits. The greens last year were obviously brand new and didn't roll like they used to, but I think they will be much better this year.
  14. So do they still own Boyne Mountain or is it now a separate entity? I love Boyne I really hope they don't kill one of the best golf packages out there.
  15. Tribute was very good this year. It was a little soft due to rain, but I think every course in the state was that way.
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