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  1. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes Blue 7x and Blue 8x hb - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Titleist TSI3 Driver
  2. I am heading up North to play Kingsley this weekend and I was wondering what are some of the better courses in Flint and just a little north of Flint. I have never played up there before.
  3. Wrong forum, but it looked like he really hurt himself after hitting a ball out of the heavy stuff yesterday.
  4. I would say Shanty Creek has the better golf, but Garland is very good as well. I was up there in late may and really enjoyed Monarch and Swampfire at Garland. I would also guess Garland is way cheaper, would for sure play all at both before I made the purchase. Also remember Garland is in like the middle of nowhere, Shanty Creek has a few towns fairly close.
  5. lol stop being a baby, you didn't lose anything.
  6. American Dunes is just over 30 minutes from you. A new course by Jack, it is supposed to be very good but I don't play until august.
  7. It is pretty shocking pros will play irons with all of that so called clunk lol
  8. I usually love their stuff, but this name is horrid. Also Rocketballz is by far the lamest name of all time lol.
  9. I am thinking they will use it every once in awhile to get some traffic on it. I don't think they will switch over completely, but I honestly don't know.
  10. I was able to play the new hole on Saturday, they really need to do something with the cart path it is right in the landing area for driver. They are building a new tee so that could fix the issue.
  11. I am curious how you spend enough time on an internet forum to post 4,000 times lol, doesn't seem like something to be this proud of.
  12. I am confused you let them sell you graphite shafts you hit 20 yards shorter than your 7 year old club? Are you able to think for yourself or what is the issue I am missing? Looks like you are just trying to get posts in to sell stuff, its the only reason you would post something this ridiculous.
  13. Thanks for the write up, some of those pictures don't even look real. I really can't wait to make my way up there.
  14. There are multiple tees and remember on the loop you will get a ton of roll on everything, it was very firm and fast the times I have played and I would guess it still is.
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