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  1. If you are planning on playing Arcadia Bluffs on a weekend I would book soon, they had nothing on weekends all season from what I heard.
  2. I saw them in my courses 2022 Footjoy catalog. I had to get a water proof replacement for my Tour X's and I asked if I could exchange them for the tour Alphas and he said he could but I had to wait until February.
  3. The tour x is just great and very stable and comfortable, the new tour Alphas for 2022 look incredible.
  4. It is always a treat, one of my favorite days of the year is my round there. Like you said hopefully you can get back out there because they are one of the top 5 set of green complexes in the country, who doesn't want the course to play twice as hard lol.
  5. You unfortunately played the greens a few weeks after they were punched and I think it even closed for the season the next day after you played. On 11 my dad looked like he hit a great shot but it didn't make it to the middle and about 20 seconds later it was 65 yards down the hill, I have always loved that hole you can play it so many ways once you get on the green.
  6. I think it is way better now, some of the new bunkers are fantastic and the new number 7 is exceptional. The greens need at least another year to mature, they are not even close to what they will be.
  7. I have heard great things about the guy in the post above. I personally only work with Shawn at Miles of Golf when it comes to club fittings.
  8. I think they look awesome, but I would probably be pretty pissed if I were in them
  9. Never hurts to try, but I don't think there is a chance that works.
  10. It seems different to me. They have like a 7 to 10k fee to join and it sounds like they have a bunch of outings that cost around a grand.
  11. He obviously wants them to cut back on the rain, huge mistake letting it rain so much.
  12. Thank you, I ended up booking a twilight round at the Nightmare. Was running into leagues in the Flint area.
  13. It was in very good shape when I played it in June, the greens were a little soft but pretty sure they had a lot of rain before I played.
  14. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes Blue 7x and Blue 8x hb - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Titleist TSI3 Driver
  15. I am heading up North to play Kingsley this weekend and I was wondering what are some of the better courses in Flint and just a little north of Flint. I have never played up there before.
  16. Wrong forum, but it looked like he really hurt himself after hitting a ball out of the heavy stuff yesterday.
  17. I would say Shanty Creek has the better golf, but Garland is very good as well. I was up there in late may and really enjoyed Monarch and Swampfire at Garland. I would also guess Garland is way cheaper, would for sure play all at both before I made the purchase. Also remember Garland is in like the middle of nowhere, Shanty Creek has a few towns fairly close.
  18. lol stop being a baby, you didn't lose anything.
  19. American Dunes is just over 30 minutes from you. A new course by Jack, it is supposed to be very good but I don't play until august.
  20. It is pretty shocking pros will play irons with all of that so called clunk lol
  21. I usually love their stuff, but this name is horrid. Also Rocketballz is by far the lamest name of all time lol.
  22. I am thinking they will use it every once in awhile to get some traffic on it. I don't think they will switch over completely, but I honestly don't know.
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