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  1. My fun useless random poster reponse. 1) R&A has designated that 257CT units is the max legal limit for a driver. 2) Basically all drivers from 2003ish are at this legal limit 3) So current drivers will likely not be longer if you are looking for distance. 109-111 with a 1.5 smash for any current interaction = 163.5mph to 166.5mph ball speeds period. no matter HOW you slice that pie So what are you looking for in regards to a new driver? Distance, Forgiveness, Swingweight, Adjustability. Or just an update? The 2016 M2 (personally my favori
  2. Basically yes, the doppler has 2 systems so the club had speed might be more accurate than how the current system is (1 doppler forward, 1 doppler backwards) But I have the biggest issue with reading club head accurately. If you are using on the course then for sure the ESB1 then. opposed to the mevo as you have to use an additional devise. Looking at a new one or have you gotten lucking finding a used one? That was the only other thing again.... $500...... but its funny i did the other math. $7 a bag of balls X 2 = $14 /500 = 35 days at the ran
  3. Depends on money, I am a cheapskate, so I didnt want to pay $550 But if you have $550 the ABSOLUTELY I would get the ESB1 over the ES14. Purely due to where the ESB1 sits vs the ES14. Now let me throw 1 caveat. 1) If I had no choice to spend $500 meaning someone gave me $500 and said to buy a unit. I would get the MEVO. over the ESB1. Just because of the ability to track direction of the shot as well. is likely the only additional reason. The ESB1 and Mevo basically tracks everything else. now the negative difference between the M
  4. Launch is a little off, there is no calibration for launch, and depending how the level of ground or where the unit sits could affect the launch angle a little. Spin though seems seemingly solid. Not perfect but consistent. YES balls do calculate pretty good as well as well as ballspeeds. So the system for these numbers are worthy, I would say for any instruction or high level play you gotta accept... its a $500 budget personal LM so you take that for what its worth LOL
  5. Hey Gang, So sorry but wanted to do a PSA, but was not sure where to post this. So if its gotta move its gotta move.. Point of post; (PSA) I have been using my ES14 indoor for almost 3 months now. My buddy, noticed my "setup/alignment" was WAY off. I am pretty sure this is due to my indoor practice. Anyone else notice this? If your indoor setup is aligned wrong, it will creep into your game, Be careful! Ok discussion of why. When I mean way off, take a standard green 30y wide, my ball is perfectly center of green, flag center o
  6. Yes I have seen the shot Tracer app, Pretty cool, Im just cheap and its more form over function. Nice little thing, little function for me, BUT again yes it does pair up. With the noted mention above, by technicality since it is a shot tracer, it should then add in the "direction" that was missing from the original design. I mean if its an actual shot tracer and the direction is left the shot tracer should accurate depict its direction? So I think the idea of paring the the Shot Tracer app was to make up for this downside. If you take this to the range it wou
  7. Hey OP! Just my thoughts, 1) Sorry if I missed it but what system did you use to measure these numbers? The system measuring is going narrow down some things. 2) Smash factor, smash factor, smash factor. Yikes 1.43 at best, 1.35 at worst. AT WORST you want to aim for at least 1.45 smash factor, Extreme Optimization is 1.5 smash. If your Swing speed is in fact 108, lets use 105 though as a base point, you should be getting at least 152mph with regularity. At best 157mph. If you can get 108 mph swing speed you would be looking at 156.6mph and at best
  8. Sorry to seem like a [email protected]#$, To try to respond to your direct point/question. 1) You can have a 85gram Steel shaft, in R, S or X flex. 2) You can also have a 130gram steel shaft in R, S or X flex. So its relative to how you pick your shaft to flex, Ok in regards to Wedge Flex shaft, someone please correct me if I am wrong, Shafts start off at a "raw" weight. when a wedge get cut down to wedge weight, the raw weight is reduced. How much of course is relative as well. Depending on bend profile and how and where the shaft is cut/tri
  9. Personally, since 100y is consider scoring distance to me personally. Meaning with confidence I say I can hit a 15ft circle 10/10 at 100y (actual execution is a different story) But my point is I am trying to be confident and that accurate for that distance. With that, I will have a couple of shots mapped out for this distance because I want to be within 15ft. Generically a stock shot for me is a full 56* Wedge. period. at the driving range, real balls no wind. 15ft mat at the range, I am going to hit 56* all day every day. Now the difference of applica
  10. Do my wedges get shorter, well yes they are the standard progressive set. LW-GW are standard Vokey lengths LW-35" SW-35.25" GW-35.5" the 1/4" difference with a 3-9 swing, while small could change it a touch. But I think minimal at best. PW is the standard PW length 36". I again dont put too much stock in my swing speed since the system is known to be unreliable due to how it measures the swing speed. This is why I really focus on ball speed. fact is, as the loft gets stronger, with the same swing speed, the balls speed in
  11. Never used a torch (the direct flame might scar both the adaptor and the shaft), had a heat gun though. Got a piece of wood, found a long screw that was the same thread as the adapter. Stuck the screw threw the wood, vised the wood, screwed the shaft/adapter in. Heated it slowly with the Heat gun and pulled from the other end. I actually had my wife use the heat gun while I pulled on the shaft. About 60seconds later, pop. Shaft was out. Didnt scar the adaptor or the graphite shaft.
  12. @hoselpalooza Here are some numbers, I ran this cold, so its not the most perfect on the dot numbers, but wanted to throw numbers out there for you. 3-9 swing same same for all 4 clubs. ball position was middle. Full length grip. As you can see the smash average increased in relation to the loft. LW - 1.06 SW - 1.13 GW - 1.21 PW - 1.26 Now again be weary as the smash is the calculation of swing speed and ball speed. I know ball speed is solid, swing speed...mmmm not so much. Other
  13. Gotcha! Sorry the smash factors where an example, I can try and run some data later today and post them to give you what I got, again though the hard part is my swing speed is wonky, compared to ball speed with the ES14 so it can turn the smash data useless.
  14. ES14 vote here got mine on the bay for $300, the ESB1 is the newer version is $550. Connects via bluetooth, I have my TV setup with apple TV, screen mirror and I got a super cheap indoor setup. the Net cost me $19.99 on the bay, bought 1" PVC for the frame, 6'X5' ($20) used an old heavy blanket, and some hanging material. The Mevo+ is $2,500 and on back order, buddy ordered his February 2020 didnt get it till June, Jumped on the bay and got a used ES14 in 3 days. (meh *shrugs shoulders*) Catch 22; 1) ES14 setups u
  15. If I might add to this, in relation to "swing speed". As some mentioned earlier. Creating consistent speed is key. If you choose a swing position, as you stated 9-3, pocket, shoulder etc. if you can maintain say a 30mph swing speed, with LW, SW, GW, PW, from the 9-3 position. you know for a fact that smash factor should increase with each swing, this should give you corresponding distance. example, LW -.90 smash = 27mph ball speed SW - 1.0 smash = 30mph ball speed GW - 1.1 smash = 33 mph ball speed PW - 1.2 smash = 36 mph ba
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