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  1. Will do, I think my buddy is in love with the Mevo+ so we might do another range session in the coming weeks LOL. Will flip the settings and compare the data the next go around!
  2. Sorry what I meant was the Iphone XR couldn't handle the E6 connect and projector. The Iphone XR would get exceptionally HOT. So I think E6 and casting to the Projector was too demanding, that and my phone is my primary work phone so I didnt want a chance of premature deterioration.
  3. AH!!!! I knew I messed up somewhere. Got it so that setting changes nothing but Output yardage. I flipped it back and forth but nothing changes other than raw distance. It doesn't convert the ball speed. that makes sense now. Shoot back to the drawing board..... well anyways. what impressed me the most was the shot tracer was SUPER accurate, so now at home on the simulator I can really trust it and believe in the ball flight. Thanks Dan for the correction!
  4. If you compare the E6 Connect data and the Trajectory optimizer they are MUCH closer, Granted I think the E6 is under reporting distance just a little. Secondly the spin is pretty high still. Here is the E6 Data Averages of 10 shots, 239y Carry 152mph ball speed average 3085 rpms of spin 12.3* LA Back in the optimizer 248 carry, at little bit closer, but I have an average ball speed of 152 (greater than the ball speeds at the live range yet I was getting 10-20y more distance?) While the ball flights were dead on, In the house with only 8ft of ball flight, I feel its under reporting. But outside with full flight, There is no way I am getting 250y carry with 150mph ball speeds. Just not buying that. OR am I being humble and under estimating my distance? EDIT this is Sea level in Hawaii btw, if that matters....
  5. If I might give a quick update, I finally got to use the Mevo+ outdoors vs Indoors...... WOW just wow. seeing the live shot vs the Mevo+ simulation is damn near close. Ball data due to being outside capturing full flight was surprising as there seems to be a difference in data output. What do I mean, on the FS App live here are 2 shots (just hitting between my buddy, that was doing some fitting work) 264.4 carry with a 101mph Club speed, 151.8 ball speed, 3191rpms spin 1.5 smash, Swing speed and ball speed is about right, spin is a little high. but 264.4 carry...NOPE! Compared to -(Trajectory optimizer) 244.8 carry, (19.6y difference) second, shot 254 carry, 101mph club head speed, 147mph ball speed, 3672rpms of spin. Comparison to the Trajectory optimizer - 18.3y difference. The Outdoor is giving me some LONG drives, that I am not really buying. not sure why its so different? CONT.
  6. So I used 3 different option, 1) I originally had an Old Gen3 Apple TV that I would screen mirror to the projector. Couple things that bothered me was the scaling issues from the phone to apple TV to Projector, to much going on. 2) I bought a simple cheap, Iphone to HDMI cable, was $15 on Amazon this worked much better than the screen mirroring and I didnt have to boot all kinds of things up and log in etc. Faster and cleaner. But the iphone couldnt really take it https://www.amazon.com/Certified-Lightning-Converter-Charging-Projector/dp/B08MLD9K1N/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2LGE9Y0IGNVT5&keywords=lightning+to+hdmi&qid=1642533696&sprefix=lighting+to+hdmi%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-3 3) I got a new Ipad Air and bough another USB C to HDMI connector. and this is my final setup. Only thing is I have 2 of these connectors but I cannot charge the Ipad at the same time for some odd reason it just does not work. other than that been using this setup. https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Charging-Multiport-Projector-Monitor(Gray)/dp/B07R7PD8TR/ref=sxin_13_pa_sp_search_thematic_sspa?crid=259JM4CQDFS9M&cv_ct_cx=usb+to+hdmi&keywords=USBC+to+HDMI&pd_rd_i=B07R7PD8TR&pd_rd_r=003db439-4c3c-4298-8658-dbafddb86ae5&pd_rd_w=UCOhR&pd_rd_wg=8DuuY&pf_rd_p=34f9b464-bca8-45b3-9c64-0e61b00f319e&pf_rd_r=H8P6F1MYE0NMS5Z437A0&qid=1642533720&sprefix=usbc+to+hdmi%2Caps%2C181&sr=1-4-a8004193-6951-43f6-852a-aff7dbba9115-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzUjYwVVpQUUVHVllTJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMzg3NzM1M05YRlRPM1pWWjI1NSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMTc0MjQxM1BITFdRMVJQRTZJNiZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX3NlYXJjaF90aGVtYXRpYyZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=
  7. So I did same heavy researching, but this is what I ended it up with. E6 Connect requires A11 chip or higher I have an Iphone XR, that is an A12 chip. For the most part it works, graphics are limited so a little grainy, when it hooked up to the projector, it works, not pretty but works, but the phone gets HOT, and I mean HOT. Secondly the phone is way too small to see the data and set the shot locations and ball parameters, so this was a no go for me. I looked at Ipads.... of course I wanted the Pro with the M1 chip, but over $1,000 was nuts. I got an un real deal with AT&T to trade in an old I pad mini2 for an new gen Ipad Air with the A14 chip. (I wanted the larger screen) 50% off! So for the most part the Ipad Air with A14 is great, doesnt get too hot, battery life is a little rough after 2 rounds of 18 its more than 50% drained, but the output is decent. I think my projector though is also the limiting output factor over the Ipad Air output, so when I upgrade the projector it may look better. To be honest, when I had the 30day PC demo, I could not really see the difference in video quality between the Ipad and the PC, but surely between the PC and the Iphone. So agani I think the A14 chip is or higher is recommended.
  8. Dont have the Driver, But got the 3wood and 5 wood, No point in switching when these things are animals. one caveat though, I busted the stock 3 wood shaft a while ago, had a left over driver shaft that I had cut and dropped in..... FREAKING monster setup.... 60gram Rip Phenom cut to 43"......man its a heck of a combo....
  9. Mevo+ Simply comes with 5 course, which are not bad at all for practice, The Driving Range with 5 different types of range, a straight a way, a large target, small target, Shot shape target and a long driver target. The Short Game comes with 1 putting green, but its a like a huge practice area, where you can move off the green and hit as far as 100y into the green area. Then there is I think 6 short game pre set shots, over a log, over a trap etc etc, but you can just move the ball and the flag to where you want to practice any short game shot you want basically. Its all included in the Mevo+ iOS kit. I cannot stress iOS, meaning you cant use it on android or PC. You also cant use a Mac mini or Imac as the app only works on an Iphone or Ipad (without an emulator that sucks, I have tried). If you want to use PC you have to "buy" the license and its expensive. As I mention in my other post, I really have no use to buy anything else. The short game area is EXCELLENT, the Driving range is great or I can just go use the FS Golf App for working out distances and ball data. All of this was.... $1,800 good enough. No other cost. Heck I am on the fence about the Pro Upgrade. I know it will be discounted for current owners, but really do I need it?.... (I am cheap) Anyways. Good luck!
  10. Generically Yes, you can say that, but its just limited courses. The big thing its included at no extra fee. Its not a big deal as for me its all about the practice anyways I dont play to play at the exotic course, just need to practice. To buy the PC version its like $1,000 or some crazy yearly subscription. No thank you LOL!
  11. Side note as I already "liked" the pool noodle idea. Since you got the 90* bend, just take out the top PVC and run a chord/wire/para chord/string there instead, then zip tie, tie, or whatever you need to do to secure the net to the chord. a way to tie it, cut the PVC so you have just enough to attached an "endcap", drill out the center of the end cap just enough to stuff your wire/chord through it, tie the knot/get a bolt/screw and tie it to it, to secure in the end cap, rinse and repeat to the other side, but make it tight enough to hold the net up. If you strike it it should give or even pop off for safety so you dont catch one back in the face.
  12. What are your ACTUAL needs and acceptance..... Again in my original post, I stated I accepted the MEVO+. Now that I know I am ONLY using it Purely indoors and never likely ever going to take it outside. A Camera System likely would have been the best choice especially with the 16ft space I have.... BUT I have accepted it and it works just good enough with barely any issues at all. 1) Most Usage, Indoor or Outdoor? 2) Location of Unit, Behind or on the side? You dont think about it till you shank one real close and that $2,000-$7,000 unit becomes an expensive paperweight. 3) Cost and Subscription, I am an absolute cheap..... So 1 time cost is it for me..... no way am I willing for the $99 or $300 per year. ($1,800 Fathers day discount, and looking at the $1,000 pro mode... or not..., BLP and GC3 is $3,000-$7,000 and depending on subscription? FSK is a no go for now as no Indoor till middle of this year at best.........(sarcasm) 4) Your location setup, do you have the space or not (16ft+ space etc) 5) App integration and usage, More putting, more short game, more irons, more drivers. E6 has be wonderful and the included course are good enough, I dont need to buy $2,000 more courses) 6) Gamer ball, I know there is a HOT thing about the RCT... but to be honest. I do NOT mind putting a metallic dot on my ACTUAL gamer ball as I do NOT play ProV1's so they are not my gamer ball. The $80 per box is not efficient for me. (CAVEAT) Real quick..... I eat through golf balls on the sim though, due to the dot location I am striking nearly the same area of the golf ball, due to the dot..... I have never see it happen until now I have split 3 Ksigs in half because of the constant strikes in the same area.... My gamer ball on the other hand has major rough spots on the same location due to the dot. So I likely switch out balls every 300-500 shots or so, meaning I have gone through likely 1 whole box, 12 balls, 4 sleeves since using the Mevo+. 3 of which cracked in half and the other 9 are so roughed up and peeling I just replaced them. So the caveat to the dot, that singular strike location... beats the ball up pretty good. 7) For me, the driving range is useless as the range balls are SO messed up..... I really cant a decent ball flight when I strike it well. But with the sim and my gamer, its REALLY close to on course play. The only time I go to the range now is to take the kids to mess around. Or I have a bucket of old gamers to blast away and get so visual flight before a round of golf. Anyways, so sorry for the RANT.... but I have REALLY enjoyed setting up my sim... it was the best investment I made and relatively in expensive as whole, probably spent total well under $3,000, closer to $2,500 (projector, netting mats and all etc). I have had a lot of fun teaching my kids on it and getting some really good practice and learning more about my terrible swing overall. Its been a fun Journey. GL OP!
  13. Full Wedges, Irons, hybrids and woods. (NOT DRIVER) For these clubs, these units are all solid. I dont recall much issues with them, They continually update and really work on getting them close. So any unit should work well, indoor, outdoor, granted limited interference but all things equal. it should give you accurate data, LA, Spin, Carry, Total, Side spin, dispersion etc. This question you might have is convenience and portability. Mevo+ sucks in convenience and portability. Due to setup, setup location, app usage (no LED read out) and potential battery life. If you take it to the Range or even on the golf course the Mevo+ takes time to setup... just not convenient. The unit is smaller than the others, but you still need a phone or a tablet to get data, the FSK, BLP GC3 has a screen so if you just want simple data its right there, Setup is fast as well from my understanding. *NEXT* *Driver*.....OH Driver.......... Mevo+ Has struggled for a while....But the .19 firmware update has really addressed it. The up coming fusion tracking should help a little. the Pro Mode offered likely wont help on accuracy but just additional data points. I have seen on the Tube that Mevo+ has had a couple of LD golfers hitting 170+mph on it and reading relatively accurate.... so unless you are hitting well over 170+mph with any type of consistency..... I dont think Mevo+ will struggle to read. Camera based systems seem to combat some of the indoor Radar issues... soooo thats the caveat, they seem to work REALLY well Indoors, but once outdoors exposed to the elements, live ball data, wind/weather etc.... the Radar may have the edge there. *Break*
  14. *Tangent* Short game practice, has been PHENOMINAL with the E6 integration (I am assuming any other decent simulation product should be good as well) But what I mean is, there is a short game practice area with E6, where you can practice chipping on virtual greens with stimp control and undulations etc. I spend nearly 30minutes a day chipping, 10y to 80y..... and I get REAL reactions with my REAL gamer ball. I dont get this kind of practice unless I sneak on the course with a bag of old gamers at 6:30pm before the sun goes down and after the course closes. I cant do this on the range, its a waste the balls are crap and the range itself is not tailored like a real green so ONLY getting true carry distance is the best I would get at a public range at best. The practice chipping areas are no better than the public parks. he greens are not manicured so really trying to see spin reaction around the hole..... yeah no. BUT on the Sim integration HUGE in my learning curve. NOW what unit.... Well Mevo+, Sky Track BLP etc etc. especially at the short game distance should not have ANY reading issues, 20y and further, the 10-19y I noticed it could get finicky. It reads but might miss a couple. But still getting practice down from 20y-80y and I mean pounding 50-100 balls a day... is huge. All the units spit out the numbers its the software that displays it. So Again E6 has worked well for me. The integrated app like FS Golf for the Mevo+ not so much for short game. As I can only rely on the Carry distances and the Actual Data numbers like LA, spin, but how to see how the ball reacts around the hole, well it doesnt exist. *Moving on*
  15. Hey OP, caught this thread and if you dont mind I would love to chime in, hang in there it might be long but will do my best to keep it short. Mevo+ Owner with Short indoor use ONLY, Have not taken to Range and have not used in regular indoor as I do not have the space. I have 8ft to the screen with 1ft from screen to wall with buffers and baffles. I have 7 feet from Mevo+ to ball, +/- 6" depending on where I place the ball on the hitting mat. Super overwhelmed as well but narrowed down and "accepted" my situation. I have used the SC100 which is really just good at capturing ball speeds (accurate), all the rest of the data is calculated for optimization, and if you hit a bad strike it has no idea. It was great out doors just to learn about strike quality and ball quality. But the rest of the data, carry and distance was pretty useless. Moved on to a ES14 which was greatly improved with actual data, LA, Spin, truer carry, BUT NO dispersion, It tracked a 2D flight, Distance and Height, but no left/right. It did help on understanding my distances better. It was HUGE in improving my short game, I used it indoors on the same net as I only needed bout 6ft feet of ball flight to get accurate readings. I wanted more..... I wanted dispersion, COVID19 hit, and bit the bullet for a better sim, of course it was Skytrack vs Mevo+ (price range) Camera vs Radar, had the 16ft space and Skytrack overall started to add up. The lighting also was a limitation for me as well as the intent to eventually setup a projector and darken the room. So having to spend more money on lighting and modifying the room as its great for golf with Vaulted ceilings but installing lights etc would have been more work and money. Secondly, have used the ES14 which sits 14" forward of the ball and 14" right (right handed golfer, put the unit in danger territory). Same with the sky track sitting right there next to the ball. with my kids....the would have blown it up by now. Mevo+ sitting well behind the hitting area...my kids wouldn't kill the machine. *Break*
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