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  1. I went through 2, Whats working surprisingly well right now? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0116PBDIA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have this coupled with a chead projector screen. ONLY thing... Ugh... it was louder than I thought. But getting used to it now. Just dont make it super tight and give it some "flex" and the impact sound is less. But working for $16.
  2. If I am not mistaken it was 1/8" was thin enough to flex but the EVA foam on the bottom is the one that takes the beating so no weak enough to crack, I swear about 3 months now and about 1000+ strikes on it no problem.
  3. I just bought a piece from Home depot. It was much bigger than the 1'X2" piece of turf. I think its a 2'x2' piece at Home depot
  4. I got a pretty nice thick one it was $9.99 special at the time on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LMW3PCJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Yeah didnt use turf wanted something really really good and this one was extra thick and solid. Its has its own EVA padding between. Its not loud at all for me, compared to directly on the wooden base, that was loud. With the way it is now, it gives so much so there is barely any noise and the impact is like nothing is there, so its wonderful on the joints.
  5. Sorry again that was a random internet photo. I actually got a full solid piece of plexiglass. And cut it to size hot glued it instead so I can remove it easier than some other stronger glues. This is the underside of what I am using, Fits right in the cut out spot This is the full mat and frame, when the cut out piece wears down I can just pull it out and replace with another, Cheap and easy. Cost me about $30 and some spare stuff I had around the house grand total for the whole thing, Amazon Mat 5'x3' - $55 prime day Wood - $25 Trim - $5 Cut out mate (12'x24") - $10 amazon Plexi glass sheet - $14 left over EVA foam $109.
  6. So I recently ran into to some stability issues myself. I bought a 5'x3' mat and been hitting on it, the room I am using has really old 70's shag carpet. Its basically worn to the concrete so its not too cushiony. Due to the shag and how much I drive my legs, the mat moves around quite a bit. Also hitting down on this has created some joint pain, so MORE cushion is always better in my opinion. I needed weight so I built a baseboard with some old 3/8" left over plywood, I used some left over baseboard trim to create, basically a box to hold the mat in place. Its heaver and more stable than directly on the carpet. What does suck though is impact on my joints now with the wooden baseboard. It hurts and its loud. I created by own generic version of this, (File photo) I will try and get my own setup photos later. Now I have a stable base, I can replace and change the portion that gets worn and the cushion has been wonders on my joints. My elbows, shoulders have been surviving, its been about 1 month now and basically been practicing daily while playing 1-2 18 holes on the simulator ever other day.
  7. My setup is 6ft (wide) by 9ft (high) with a right side kick about 2 ft. Distance from the net is 8ft. I am using a Mevo+, 7ft back from ball so a total of 15ft Mevo+ to net. I have not hit the top of the net yet but I am close, You could do a 1-2ft over hang from the top, to try and catch the LW. Do you need to be 9ft from the net. What is the closes the R10 can read to the net? My space is relatively small, but I have been having a blast with the setup have not *knock on wood* missed so bad that needed more space.
  8. Cant wait, game needs help 83, double last hole 3 putted 17 par3 greenie....confidence is dying...LOL!!
  9. FYI! Thanks, I came across an opportunity. So I spoiled myself. I have purchased and used your codes! Thank you! $200 savings thats awesome! I wonder how long it would take to get delivered? My friend ordered his Lockdown Pandemic, Took 4 months. I am hoping and assuming much less than that? Month? couple weeks?
  10. Hey! You looking at my Golf App? Last 3 rounds, 86, 48 & 38, took a 10 on the 9th hole, 90, 41 & 49, took a 10 on the 10th hole par4... 91, 43 & 49, took a 9 on 10th hole, double 11th and double 17. Not sure whats going on but choke hard on 1 hole...10 & 9s on one whole is no fun.....
  11. To be fair I am not sure. But I will say the inherent sound that is caused by vibrations is by design. So I dont think the feel will change too much ball to ball. I will say I took the driver out this weekend to the range. and Tested a slew of balls. The "Feel" did not change too much. I hit a mix of shots, Slightly low on the face, slightly heely, In teh middle and the "Harsher" crack was still felt. Same with Good balls, Range balls, crappy balls. Still a little buzzy, compared to the muted and softer TM drivers. Biggest thing I will admit, Spin was nice and low. Launch was low, But I was getting 150+ball speeds that I was not getting at the time of fitting. At the fitting time I was hovering at 148mph averages. But At the range with my ES14 I was getting some 150+mph which was nice.
  12. May Share the Update? Club came in Thursday, Got to play with it Friday. Its Bitter Sweet to say the least. Cons - 1) I have not quite hit a sweet one yet, But I dont personally like the feel. I will say I am spoiled with the recent TM M3, that I switched to from the 915. I would say the SZ feels similar to the 915. A little harsh, rather than the softer feel than the TM. 2) The main reason for the thread, In its current form it does not go higher unless I intentionally setup higher (hip bump/ secondary tilt) I Tried its stock 9* Setting and then bumped to 10.5* its not launching much higher if at all..... =( Boo. 3) Sound is not muted like the M3 either. It is louder not as loud at the titleist but louder than the TM. Tingy.... but also my strikes were ok...not great. Pros 1) Its a Fairway finder. Hit the most Fairways in comparison to my prior recent rounds. 2) Its low spin, It comes off pretty hot with much seemingly less spin. I hit 3 lower on the face and it just shoots out nicely. Surprisingly getting some really good distance. 3) Its about the same length with less then optimal strikes, I think I may pick up some distance with better strikes in the upcoming weeks of play. 4) The Visual profile is actually nice for me 5) I want to say the shaft profile just works for me? It felt good as whole through the swing , (pre impact) Current take. Its finding fairways and it seems to have distance increase potential. Feel and sound is not preferred but I may just get used to it. Will it kick the M3 out of the bag at this point since its finding fairways and the potential ABSOLUTELY. Am I satisfied, not yet..... Ultimately what I could do eventually is pull the shaft put a TM tip on and put the M3 head on....But again there may be potential... lets see what 3 weeks of play does
  13. Slice off the planet (Into the next fairway or at a house......I cringe see it fly to a house and it haunts me each time I see a house on the right side....). Lately being more "cognitive" of "MY Swing" rather than trying to manufacture a swing. I found 3 errors in my "own" swing. 1) Wrist open and closure. I was fighting all natural tendencies. I have been trying to maintain a square face intentionally. Thus never "released" and face never had time to catch up or close, blocks rights and slices off the planet. 2) Extra long back swing with too much wrist hinge (trying to get lag etc blah blah) Stop hinging wrist any further than parallel/90* hinge. This has been the hardest to break as its a bad move I have had for years. This is the root cause of my 2 way miss, not enough wrist hinge it goes way left, too much wrist hinge it goes way right. (trying to find the sweet spot) 3) Holy MOLY off balance. I had No Idea until 2 weeks ago, I NEVER realized I could not hold my driver swing finish, I have been so far off balanced it was ridiculous. I have worked really really hard to keep my whole swing in balance from start to finish these last 2 weeks. This has really changed my over all swing. The ball flights are way more predictable because I am not moving around so much just to keep stable through the swing. So luckily when something is off, I pay attention to one of the 3 above. What do you know one of them is off. I correct it and things straighten out. Hopefully you can zero in on a creeping issues, fix it and go back to good golf!
  14. Not going to lie, I know if this ALL the time... I deal with this on a monthly basis, you know how many freaking fraudulent claims come through. 1) Client went to a nail Salon, Got the pedi mani, they had a cubby box to store/lock their personal items, of course they took of their $1X,XXX ring off..... come back and its gone..... COMMON!!! 2) Client gets into an accident. rear ends another party (Small damage, screw imprint on the bumper) Other party demands cash, $1,000. They dont call police (UGH) and say they will settle it separate. Client gets hounded for cash, calls me "finally" I said did you call the police, no... did you take pictures...no. We file the claim. The adjuster comes back with like $3,000 in damages. Turns out the other party went home and smashed the rear end with a bat. The stupid part was the idiot hit the tail lights too, the car is too small to have reached tail lights to crack them. My client had no damages to cause that much damages to the other party. But these idiots that try to defraud innocent people and insurance companies. I hope OP's friend doesnt get blackmailed. this sounds like TROUBLE.
  15. I read through most..... Honestly I think its both, There is more to this story than we know. But Also the buddy willing to shell out $6,000 is a sign. Someone brought legitimate docs on regards to a loss, I would not mess around just paying. I would hire legal council to make sure its settle properly. Hell, dealing with it now, and I have 4 lawyers in my back pocket JUST INCASE....something stupid happens. $6,000 as a pay out..... no one pays off $6,000 without any other guarantees...... https://www.google.com/search?q=loss+settlement+waiver+PDF&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS945US945&sxsrf=ALeKk00aN8iY37tfqUEzSADcimXoZd2qFg%3A1622072336034&ei=ENyuYMHXAaP89APPgKuICg&oq=loss+settlement+waiver+PDF&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBQghEKsCOgcIIxCwAxAnOgcIABBHELADOgUIIRCgAToICCEQFhAdEB5QiAtYmxFg3xJoAXACeACAAZ0BiAGzBZIBAzAuNZgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXrIAQnAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwjBn46rwujwAhUjPn0KHU_ACqEQ4dUDCA8&uact=5 OP buddy better google it......enough of them out there.....
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