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  1. Sorry I am a current fan boy, https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-639-cb-forged-black-irons.html I have been playing with Sub 70 combos since October of last year. But play CB' s 7irons to 4irons. These are really forgiving. PW - 4iron - $693 with your favorite default shafts.... Thats unheard of!!!!
  2. A side note, I have also found that hooks could also be a sign of swing weight issues. I had a setup of X100 (130g) shaft in my AP2. I wanted something lighter. I did a shaft fitting and found the NSpro 1150GH (115g) stiff to be a great fit. (15g total weight change) I had those installed in my clubs (thinking everything is the same) Struggled with the setup for a year and half... switched out. 2 years later I had my swing weights checked, to my surprise they were C5- C7 swing weight. Original factory specs was D2 (X100). This t
  3. Current my set is .370, parallel tip so that was the issue , not the .355 taper tips That might be the issue.
  4. ??? What did you mean? PX 6.0 are in all my shafts
  5. Hey Mustang couple thoughts. 1) Swing weights, Wedges tend to be heavier, Check your SW between the Set PW and the GW, I have a feeling it might be D2 vs D5. might not seem a lot but never know. you might like D2 over better. Since you stated SW & LW are precise, you never really load the D5 swing weights on them. 2) Generically, Wedges are not normally full shots, but it sounds like, you like your GW at full shots? Maybe the swing weight difference is what's ultimately affecting your actual strike consistency. Find a GW similar to your PW 3) Shaft
  6. No experience with the Srixon, But This is my take, Played 714 AP2's PW-3iron, super forgiving for players GI. Also played Nike 03 forged blades PW-3iron, because I thought I could, Failed. Moved to Cobra Amp Cell Pro PW-6iron and 4 & 5 TM MC's Now Sub 70 CB in the 7 & 6 iron, When I compare the CBs (6 & 7 iron) to the Nike Blades, Cobra Blades and the AP2, the CB are WAY more forgiving than the MB/blades (obvious, but just making the statement) Now this is potentially a bias, but oddly I see
  7. Hey Baller, Here are my photos, Might not do it justice, From left to right PW -6iron, If you notice the 8iron has the greatest amount of wearing, compared to the rest. But still black, the sole you can still see the nicks and softness of the clubs. Still working great, just a dumb operator LOL! LOVE them and going to call Sub70 now to see if they are willing to ship 2 clubs LOL *updated* Just finished talking to Mark, Got my 2 639CBs, 4 & 5 iron PX 6.0, 24* & 27*...... Perfect!!!!!
  8. I want to replace my 4&5 MCs with the Sub 639CBs. Just didnt have the funds or the opportunity at the time. I will say the MC's have done me no wrong up to this point. BUT the black flowing set of actual matching 639CB as one reason and secondly The 639 CB's are ULTRA forgiving.... when I compare my MB 6&7iron vs the 639CB 6&7iron its VERY evident there is a large increase in forgiveness. I would "assume" the same as the MC's are borderline, MB's So the True CB would just give me that extra oomph. I mostly use the 4 iron off short tee boxes or super tigh
  9. I play quite a bit, about once a week, My 639MB/CB combo looks about that, Ill try to get updated photos after todays tournament for further edification. Its worn, but nothing detrimental or surprising. Bag chatter does in fact accelerate the wear look so I have now thrown on head covers....OMG!!! He did... LOL But other than that.. for me the black saves me more times than not with the sun... The refection off my vokeys from the sun kills me, Nothing with the Sub70 blacks
  10. Yups the size and offset on the CB should be "pretty standard" What blew my mind though is the sole width, It looks from the bottom, pretty wide, but when you look top down it almost disappears. Its amazing how they cut the top lines and the sole relief. Other than that, The CBs are SOOOO forgiving and I can smoke a 6 iron almost 180y its ridiculous. for me my 6 iron is no more than 175y TOPS. But with the CB, I can hit smooth 170y shots all day, 175 is my go to distance, (ie have a 175y par3 thats what Im hitting) and if I have to step on one for a short par5 or
  11. They have custom shaft options, So you are in luck! MP4's are very traditional, so when you look down there will be a pretty big visual difference. the PW likely the most. Coming from Cobra Amp Cell Pro MB's the 639mb PW has some "decent" offset. I weakened the lofts. to help a little but doubt it made that much of a difference. It took a little bit to get used to. Ball reaction in general is very vert similar, MB to MB. Shaft to shaft, There was no significant difference in ball flight. the 7 & 6iron though are CB's which are PHEN
  12. I have it setup inside my house, In my old living room. Its vaulted ceilings, and a crappy fan light, with 2 windows for outside ambient lighting. Nothing Special for me it doesn't seem to be affected to much by lighting other then trying to hit in darkness, but at that point thats dumb and dangerous LOL. I know some have had issues, (Optishot) But not sure how LED's would affect dopplers?
  13. I have the ES14 older model, I dont have metallic dots, I am about 6ft from the net and works great. Swing speed is a little off but the ball speed is great. the ESB1 is step up behind, so to me way more efficient, compared to the ES14 just right and forward of the ball. I used indoor basically exclusively. And works great!
  14. Super Generic answer, repeatable distance gaps. The issue I personally run into, is. "wow you hit the ball so high", whats high to others might be optimal to me. Whats low to others might be optimal to them. for me personally how I edify my height/trajectory is 2 fold. 1) Actual ability. some people just naturally hit higher or lower than others based on their swing. 2) Repeatable and reliable efficient distance. with #2, I generically use the Trajectory optimizer - https://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-opt
  15. Perfect! Edifies my thoughts. 1) I think you have ballspeeds of 111-115 ish. I dont doubt that. 2) Smash is off, No way you are getting anywhere near 1.45 with an 8 iron., 3) Spin could be off, that's really low, I mean its usually iron x 1000, 8iron = 8000rpms, 7iron 7,000rpms as a generic standard 4) Launch angle seems low, as the decent angle for an 8iron would be really flat and without spin holding any green would be very difficult. Check the Simulator it could need an update, recalibration or even someone has a weird setting. I know t
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