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  1. Notice all my Items dont get scanned or updated till they arrive on island lately. I live in Hawaii, All packages lately have not shown movement from original destination till the final scan. Their system might be really slow to update, or they are not scanning till final destination its been like this for 3 weeks now and about 6 packages.
  2. Problem is their expensive Products are being undercut already, with the R10 and the GC3/LP. Marketing says, they need to be relevant, why else did they send us that crazy mail right after the Launch of GC3, They are trying to get their market share hyped so they dont lose their prospective supporters already. Timing is all marketing. But what the let loose is the big key here.
  3. I cant speak as a pro as I am not a pro LOL, but learning as much as I have and now having a SIM has opened the door to data. Assumptions, Shot scenario dictates how and why they would flight, Flighting in my opinion introduces a bunch of things. 1) Loft at impact (potential decrease) 2) AoA (Increased) 3) Spin Loft (Increased) 4) Smash factor. (Increased) 5) Spin (Increased) From me playing around on a sim one of the interesting things I have found was the difference in smash factor when "flighting" shots. The reason is less loft and many times ball position further back has you "covering" the ball more. Smash factor increases for me, the ball goes further, BUT with the more ballspeed I also see an increase of spin. Again for me, its due to increased smash, Steeper AoA and potential spin loft. (potential, as I know some say AoA is independent of Spin loft affecting overall spin). Spin into wind (which normally why I flight a shot) Affects the overall distance. SO......what all this means is, depending on the distance to hit a flighted 60*, how far you hit it, How much smash will increase, relative to your knock down swing, How much spin is affected and the landing area. If they have a tight spot and need the max spin into the wind, they might full bore a flighted LW, if its into the wind to the middle of the green where roll is available, they may just club up 1 or 2 clubs hit a 3/4 shot low with less spin and run it up. I think they have practiced this with data down to a science and the caddy is there as well to calculate the effects of distance, spin relative to head wind and landing area. Just a lot going on to hit a specified shot now days.
  4. My useless $0.02, that help me evolve but gain quite a bit on my short game. Shot Scenario dictates what club I hit, Simple example, 25y - Short sided (Little landing room) -(LW) Forward stance open club face - Middle of green with no rough - (LW) middle stance 3-9 swing - All carry behind a bunker - (LW) forward stance, well open flop shot, close my eyes, do a simple prayer and swing) Same with 50 yards and 75y. Now Generically speaking, I work on all distances within a 5y increment, 15,20,25,30,35 etc Low trajectory, mid and High etc. How do I practice, well before, I would sneak onto the course after closing (Sun almost down) , with a bag of older gammers, and my laser, I would stick an extra bright colored ball on the green as a target and walk back the distances to practice and hit shots. I now have a Mevo+ which I use the "Flat green Feature" and practice chipping all day and night. This has been a DREAM for my short game. Now for actual Swing/shot for distance, I have a generic 3-9 swing, with my wedges, 60,56,50. I have drilled this down pretty solid. Down to the Steel grip position 60* middle ball position, 3-9 swing, 20 yards, (mid trajectory) 60* forward ball position 3-9 swing. 15ish yards (more loft, higher trajectory, decreased smash factor, less spin) 60* Back ball position 3-9, 25ish yards,(Less loft, lower trajectory, higher smash factor, more spin) Middle Grip position is just +5y for all above full grip position is +5y more than middle grip or +10y from the steel So with the LW, 3 grip positions and 3 ball positions I have, 15yards covered all the way up to 35 yards covered (5y increments) in a simple clock position, trajectory control and distance. (9 shots) 56* Same (9shots) 20y up to 55y 50* Same, With this, 25y up to 65y In total with wedges I have 27 distances in 5y increments from 15y all the way up to 65y (5y increments) with a 3 to 9 swing. I now have a crap ton of data stored from the Mevo+ to nail down trajectory spin an distance and now can apply it to any stimp green as well. NOW I will admit, ALL THIS BS... is just for me.... am I pro, heck no, I suck. Execution is another matter... but practice, practice, practice and data to build confidence over the shot has been tremendous in my growth of my short game. GL OP!
  5. GoflfWRX never fails, I woke up this morning to the email, jumped FB and only mentioned by comments about GSpro..... The speculation here is faster! I love it. I hope they Open club data, that would PISS off the GC3 gang, as $1800 fathers day sale with club data, or $7000 GC3, LP for $3000 +$300/year subscription. Gives us a little club data that would be nice!
  6. https://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/ Use this all the time, Your data, 280 carry, 285 total Some what Optimized Trajectory; "15 degree" launch vs 20degrees - 130ft height (43 Yards) 280 carry, 287 total Another Trajectory; "12 degree" launch vs 20degrees - 102ft height (33 Yards) 275 carry, 284 total your biggest issue is when you hit into wind at 180ft or 55-60yards will decrease your carry substantially, vs a lower trajectory shot. I am concerned, you getting 20* of launch, that is some MAJOR loft presented at impact?
  7. Hey! I just went through this search and found a compromise. I really wanted the new M1 Ipad Pro, but I could not find a deal and the price.... well, it was out of my comfortable price range. $799 for the cheapest one. So I did some background search, Lowest possible iPhone Processor it can handle comfortably "A11" Bionic Chip. (would NOT go any lower, even if it said the A9's can do it) I have the Iphone XR, that I started with E6 on. The Iphone XR has an A12 Bionic Chip, so at the minimum it ran it. On my projector though it was scaled down. The phone got pretty darn hot as well. So I started search the chips thinking the chip has to be above the A12. Apple compare tool and found that the Best bang for the Buck at minimum was the A14 chip. Now, Anything on an iPhone screen is useless to read and also making pinpoint adjustment for targeting was useless as well. So I needed a bigger screen. I had an Ipad Mini 2 (old), But that 7.9" screen wasn't cutting it either. AT&T had a special Trade in, That they would knock off 50% off the Ipad Air, if I had any tablet device with a $20 value. So I took my old Mini Ipad, it qualified and I was able to get the Ipad Air (4th gen, A14 Chip + cellular) for $365 NEW. (rebates etc) The Ipad 5th Gen with the A9 chip will run it, but spending $200 for it, for just OK and it will get HOT....well just not worth it in my opinion. Check out your cellphone company if they have any trade in offers, they will take any "tablet" that has a value, so even if you have galaxy tab or an Ipad mini, you can "trade up" (hopefully valued at $20) $365 for a decent chip with a 10.9 Screen. Couldnt not pass it by. Been using it just about every day with my Mevo+ and E6. on and older DLP Projector, its working great for me! GL!
  8. So an update, the 649mb tours came in. They came QUICKLY!!!! 1 week, with my replacement 4 iron. Know that I am in the middle of the pacific ocean, so Sub70 did their best to get it out ASAP. Awesome. OK So before I go full crazy does anyone care or want specific details about the 649mb's? Please let me know if you want data or anything specific. (Launch data, photos side by side etc) I will try to be short and simple. 639mbs' vs 649 mbs 1) Less offset, PERIOD, this is the VISUAL I have been longing for. I have full confidence visually and love it. 2) Pre worn leading edge, Unless your ball striking is perfect, much like bounce anything to make your life a little easier is greatly appreciated, You can see the 649's leading edge blunted compared to the 639 sharp edge. The turf interaction is VERY noticeable. and undeniable. I personally feel I have a decent control on my low point so while it NOT critical to my overall game, that little bit helps and is noticeable. The upfront noticeable difference was, between my Vokey 50* SM8 and the 649mb PW, when I have that shot distance of say 110 but one is into the wind and one is down wind, I need to deloft or expose the leading edge. The PW glides much better, where as the SM8 delofted can dig and affect the trajectory and strike quality. 3) BIAS, Holy smokes batman this ball does NOT go left, I LOVE IT. The reposition weight makes the club face neutral. I draw my irons on a pretty consistent basis, my everyday miss with a good swing is a shut face going left and long, My miss with just a terrible swing period is right short. BUT again I will admit, its mostly that shut face long. When I made that strike with the 649mbs, the shots where pin high left of the green I was not missing the green. It was confidence inspiring but also surprising as I can feel the face closed, but the ball goes straight or slightly left. 3a) With the ball NOT going left it took about 4 holes of adjustment to get a re-alignment as I had to trust it was not going left or as far left as the 639's. Oddly, I can swing harder without fear of that snap left. 4) Loft, the 639 I had bent to match my Cobra Amp Cell Pro lofts, So the 649's are already at the same modern blade lofts (PW 46* etc) Distances were about the same, I am noticing some additional spin. I cant say much about trajectory yet, it feels the same about that 90-100ft peak height for me so its stable for the most part. Verdict, Is there a difference? I wish it were in black too Less off set for those traditionalist Weight reposition for those of us that fight lefts with our irons. harder to play? Nope both are very forgiving for blades PRICE..... same..... In love? Yups.... I hope this honeymoon stage does not wear off!
  9. I knew about them for the most part especially when TXG started highlighting them, BUT was broke a year ago and was on a massive budget (Bad client, stuck me for $50,000 & I had a rental with a bad tenant that pulled that COVID19 no rent eviction moratorium BS. So had to deal with lawyers with that one), So when I took the chance on the 639's I didn't even consider spending anymore money period. I finally was able to get my finances straightened out the beginning of 2021 so that's when I decided to get the 4 & 5 iron only. I played with the 639s as I was happy for the most part with them, but there was always this nagging feeling about them. I am in a WAY better financial situation so I thought I would make the jump as $460 for 6-PW with the $50 upcharge for my shafts ,$510 + shipping, I can afford that now LOL. Anyways since I started reading about the revised specs and Prior to the Sub70 I was playing Cobra Amp Cell Pro's I think the 649's are going to look really close too them. With how soft the Sub70's are, the weight distribution, this might be my winner. I will keep you posted for sure!
  10. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. I wanted to give Sub70 a fair shake and they did NOT disappoint. Its been a solid year, and I am even more excited about the up coming 649MB's If anyone wants a continued review of them, please let me know! I now have Mevo+ and a home simulator setup, so I can get some solid data from there as well. Anyways I hope its informative to those that have been checking this brand out. I can recomend!
  11. Part3 Well do you remember my 1st post about the 2 issues that's been nagging me? Well....... What do you know its like Sub70 was making clubs just for me. I periodically check time to time and when I had the 4iron issue I mentioned about, I thought I would check the site for irons just because, What do you know, 649mb tours https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-649-mb-tour-irons.html Minimal Offset, and redesigned sole? Are you kidding me? Just for me? WHY not, Check this out - 639 Sole Notice the 2 sharp edges, front and back? Also notice the offset. now compare that to the new, 649MB's They reworked the rear edge and added more relief to the front leading edge and Minimal Offset!!!!! So in addition to the AMAZING customer service that Sub70 gave me, I told them, instead of wasting shipping 1 club to me how about you add in the 649MB's in there! I now have some 649's incoming as well. Unfortunately, they don't come in black, so I wont be able to keep the "black" flow, but as we can see the black was surely cool, but when it does wear down it will lose its "cool" factor as the original color starts coming through. Anyways... I am excited to play with these 649's. The 639's surely were a value to get and try, but if these 649's work out, I am taking the 639's to Japan and leaving them with the InLaws, when I go back and forth to visit and play up there! Thank you Sub70 you have been AMAZING!!!!!
  12. I reached out to Sub70 and ALMOST Immediately after I sent the email I had a response..... 11 minutes to be exact.... Are you SERIOUS????!!!! Within 2 email exchanges, Sub70 was already shipping me out a new replacement club. If this is NOT customer service and Guaranteed satisfaction... then you must live on another planet. This is the most amazing experience and more so how far and deep they stand by their product! I am stunned honest that this type of service exist in this day and age. I am assuming this 4iron was a random fluke and more so wanted to give Sub70 a heads up to check just in case something has happened during their building process. But I didn't expect an new club so fast and ZERO hassle at all. SUB70 you have out done yourself and as I mentioned directly you have a loyal customer for LIFE! THANK @Sub70Golf Truly I appreciate what you have done for me and my golf game! Sincerely -Exactice- Stand by for Part 3
  13. I just had an issue about 2 weeks ago. I was hitting a shot out of the rough and caught something, I know these clubs are soft, but I have never had a club sustain damage like this before. =( What ever there was, it took a nice chunk out of the bottom. This is the 4 iron, that I purchased separately 6 months ago. So its till on the newer side. What I do want you to notice as well is the excessive wear on the club. Face, sole and rear. The next photo is the 5iron next to the 4iron deep contrast to condition. Remember purchased at the same time. Unfortunately somehow the 4 iron is deteriorating. Now put them next to the set I purchased a year ago PW, 8iron, 7iron CB, I already assumed that black wearing off from excessive use, but the 4 iron was an absolute surprise. cont...
  14. Aloha Gang! I am back, Its almost 1 year to date when I ventured to Sub 70. Will say with full confidence, that I love and still love my purchase. With that I want to give you an un filtered 1 year report with a bunch of updates. 1) 09/21/2020 Purchased my 1st ever set of Sub70's - PW-8iron 639 MBs, 7-6iron 639 CB's I have not changed and played these religiously for this past year. 2) 03/15/2021 I purchased the last part of my irons, 4 & 5iron 639 CB's to round out the set. I have been using these as the mate for the last 6 months. Verdict? Forgiving - Check Visual - I love the BLACK!!!! - Check Playability - Check Versatility - Check Value - Absolute Check Now to be fair.... and try to give the most unbias review, I can, I will give you 2 points that have been a challenge for me. 1) Offset, I have played minimal offset for years so the 639 MB/CB have enough offset to visually mess with me and its been a little bit of a sticking point purely visual, NOTHING that affects playability, just visual 2) Turf interaction, something about the sole that while knowing I am playing with a blade, the leading and trailing edge is a little sharp, so either rounding/relief or adding a touch more bounce could help a little in regards to a blade type club head. That's about it..... for these clubs, They are WONDERFUL......... Part 2,......... incoming
  15. I went through 2, Whats working surprisingly well right now? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0116PBDIA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have this coupled with a cheap projector screen. ONLY thing... Ugh... it was louder than I thought. But getting used to it now. Just dont make it super tight and give it some "flex" and the impact sound is less. But working for $16.
  16. If I am not mistaken it was 1/8" was thin enough to flex but the EVA foam on the bottom is the one that takes the beating so no weak enough to crack, I swear about 3 months now and about 1000+ strikes on it no problem.
  17. I just bought a piece from Home depot. It was much bigger than the 1'X2" piece of turf. I think its a 2'x2' piece at Home depot
  18. I got a pretty nice thick one it was $9.99 special at the time on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LMW3PCJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Yeah didnt use turf wanted something really really good and this one was extra thick and solid. Its has its own EVA padding between. Its not loud at all for me, compared to directly on the wooden base, that was loud. With the way it is now, it gives so much so there is barely any noise and the impact is like nothing is there, so its wonderful on the joints.
  19. Sorry again that was a random internet photo. I actually got a full solid piece of plexiglass. And cut it to size hot glued it instead so I can remove it easier than some other stronger glues. This is the underside of what I am using, Fits right in the cut out spot This is the full mat and frame, when the cut out piece wears down I can just pull it out and replace with another, Cheap and easy. Cost me about $30 and some spare stuff I had around the house grand total for the whole thing, Amazon Mat 5'x3' - $55 prime day Wood - $25 Trim - $5 Cut out mate (12'x24") - $10 amazon Plexi glass sheet - $14 left over EVA foam $109.
  20. So I recently ran into to some stability issues myself. I bought a 5'x3' mat and been hitting on it, the room I am using has really old 70's shag carpet. Its basically worn to the concrete so its not too cushiony. Due to the shag and how much I drive my legs, the mat moves around quite a bit. Also hitting down on this has created some joint pain, so MORE cushion is always better in my opinion. I needed weight so I built a baseboard with some old 3/8" left over plywood, I used some left over baseboard trim to create, basically a box to hold the mat in place. Its heaver and more stable than directly on the carpet. What does suck though is impact on my joints now with the wooden baseboard. It hurts and its loud. I created by own generic version of this, (File photo) I will try and get my own setup photos later. Now I have a stable base, I can replace and change the portion that gets worn and the cushion has been wonders on my joints. My elbows, shoulders have been surviving, its been about 1 month now and basically been practicing daily while playing 1-2 18 holes on the simulator ever other day.
  21. My setup is 6ft (wide) by 9ft (high) with a right side kick about 2 ft. Distance from the net is 8ft. I am using a Mevo+, 7ft back from ball so a total of 15ft Mevo+ to net. I have not hit the top of the net yet but I am close, You could do a 1-2ft over hang from the top, to try and catch the LW. Do you need to be 9ft from the net. What is the closes the R10 can read to the net? My space is relatively small, but I have been having a blast with the setup have not *knock on wood* missed so bad that needed more space.
  22. Cant wait, game needs help 83, double last hole 3 putted 17 par3 greenie....confidence is dying...LOL!!
  23. FYI! Thanks, I came across an opportunity. So I spoiled myself. I have purchased and used your codes! Thank you! $200 savings thats awesome! I wonder how long it would take to get delivered? My friend ordered his Lockdown Pandemic, Took 4 months. I am hoping and assuming much less than that? Month? couple weeks?
  24. Hey! You looking at my Golf App? Last 3 rounds, 86, 48 & 38, took a 10 on the 9th hole, 90, 41 & 49, took a 10 on the 10th hole par4... 91, 43 & 49, took a 9 on 10th hole, double 11th and double 17. Not sure whats going on but choke hard on 1 hole...10 & 9s on one whole is no fun.....
  25. To be fair I am not sure. But I will say the inherent sound that is caused by vibrations is by design. So I dont think the feel will change too much ball to ball. I will say I took the driver out this weekend to the range. and Tested a slew of balls. The "Feel" did not change too much. I hit a mix of shots, Slightly low on the face, slightly heely, In teh middle and the "Harsher" crack was still felt. Same with Good balls, Range balls, crappy balls. Still a little buzzy, compared to the muted and softer TM drivers. Biggest thing I will admit, Spin was nice and low. Launch was low, But I was getting 150+ball speeds that I was not getting at the time of fitting. At the fitting time I was hovering at 148mph averages. But At the range with my ES14 I was getting some 150+mph which was nice.
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