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  1. 17 hours ago, Jay_Golfer said:


    It's just a standard Micro USB cable. I've tried like 5 different cables lying around the house and all charge it identically with same voltage and current (5.1V 1.6A when it's off, and 5.1V 1.8A while it's in use) to the Mevo+. The issue is that some may have connected it to a charger that isn't a standard 5v but just assume it'll charge the Mevo+ since it has the same micro usb plug shape. At the end, it's not due to the cable being proprietary or not (it isn't), but due to the incorrect/bad charger used. Mevo+ pulls 5v 2A max during charge, so just need to make sure your charger is capable of that and/or is smart to feed the right voltage if it's a multi-voltage charger or power brick.


    BTW , Mevo+ has a standard Nitecore 18650 battery (Nitecore NL1835 to be exact) that can be accessed from the side and be replaced by the user easily. (see attached official instructions pdf) Those that prefer to not use a power brick, you can just have multiple 18650 batteries and pop out the depleted one and put in a fully charged one to have instant 100% charge status. It's a good option if you are carrying it around the course and randomly placing it on the ground etc, and don't want any power brick hanging off it when you run out of battery. (rare use case but yeah...) Also good when you finally need a new replacement battery when the original one wears out and no longer hold a decent charge.

    Mevo+ Battery Replacement.pdf 95.76 kB · 14 downloads



    Here is the card that came with my Mevo+ that freaked me out. So that is why I am adding my "word" of caution.  especially the "may void factory warranty"


    Just wanted to share just in case some people get excited and open a package but dont read the contents of stuff included LOL (I know that is me many of items)  This one caught my attention when I was researching and watching the Scott Hogan vidoes.


    Anyways I am glad yours is working out just fine!  

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Jay_Golfer said:


    It's just a standard Micro USB cable. I've tried like 5 different cables lying around the house and all charge it identically with same voltage and current (5.1V 1.6A when it's off, and 5.1V 1.8A while it's in use) to the Mevo+. The issue is that some may have connected it to a charger that isn't a standard 5v but just assume it'll charge the Mevo+ since it has the same micro usb plug shape. At the end, it's not due to the cable being proprietary or not (it isn't), but due to the incorrect/bad charger used. Mevo+ pulls 5v 2A max during charge, so just need to make sure your charger is capable of that and/or is smart to feed the right voltage if it's a multi-voltage charger or power brick.


    BTW , Mevo+ has a standard Nitecore 18650 battery (Nitecore NL1835 to be exact) that can be accessed from the side and be replaced by the user easily. (see attached official instructions pdf) Those that prefer to not use a power brick, you can just have multiple 18650 batteries and pop out the depleted one and put in a fully charged one to have instant 100% charge status. It's a good option if you are carrying it around the course and randomly placing it on the ground etc, and don't want any power brick hanging off it when you run out of battery. (rare use case but yeah...)

    Mevo+ Battery Replacement.pdf 95.76 kB · 0 downloads

    Thanks! That is Awesome,  Didnt realize I could pop out the battery! Thanks for the info!



    Sorry this was the video I saw after I saw the Warning Card in my box.  I heard "gotta use" and "Fry" so I thought it had to do with the cord and not just the power brick.  Nor using a different chord.



  3. 37 minutes ago, Dan13 said:

    Early on a lot of folks that did not use the provided cable were damaging the unit.  The unit is apparently sensitive to the amount power being provided to it. Not sure if its really "proprietary".


    If you're not having issues that's great but it has been an issue for others.


    Thanks! Dan13


    I am not at home, but there is a "Card" in my case that states I need to use the supplied cable provided by Flightscope or my risk damaging the unit. (dont want to take a chance on a $2,000 unit) With that I fear that using the wrong one could void the warranty, blah blah.  So I just used the supplied cable.


    I also saw a couple of videos online about the cable, Scott Hogan was one of them but cant find the video right now.


    Anyways just better to be safe than sorry? 





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  4. @kekoa
    please disregard my ugly numbers,  I was trying some swing updates,  and end of my practice session so was tired, but the strikes got better the last 6ish.


    145ish ball speed average (tail end was getting better beginning was sucking closer to 150mph)


    most of the spins are all above 3000rpms,  my carry was struggling to get over 230y  

    Just gives me some wonky backspins...


    *Edit* A little more consistent numbers than above?


    Better averages,  150mph ball speed, 3700rpms back spin  barely getting 230 carry....  Ist me, or is Mevo+ miss reading the back spin....

  5. 2 hours ago, kekoa said:

    Sorry if this has been discussed but I'm getting crazy high spin #'s with the mevo+ even on an outdoor range.  Spin is showing 4,500-5,000.  I tested this against one of the more expensive flightscopes and spin was 2,500.  Is this a bug or does my software need updating?


    I feel like everything else is fairly accurate- within 5%.

    Aloha My Friend.


    between discussions. At this point I have found a great struggle with Driver spin specifically with the Mevo+ and the Indoor Short range.


    I have not found much success but I can tell you what I have done up to this point to narrow your situation.


    1) There is some success with the Apps you use,  FS Golf vs E6.  This is going to be my first issue.  For FS golf I am about 5yards shorter in general irons to 3wood.  The SPIN though with metallic dots on a short indoor  8ft distance is Pretty Solid as well as launch conditions. LA, Ballspeed etc.  once I reach the Driver though my spin hovers around 3000 when I know I am closer to 2200-2500ish.


    1a) E6 on the other hand actually is solid in distance,  but again Driver is really wonky. With that it says you do NOT need to use metallic dots but I use it anyways and I find much greater consistency of launch.


    2) The effects of spin for both,  Example to FS Golf if I hit a PW it registers about 10000-9000rpms of spin,  With E6 without a dot it registers about 4000-6000rpms and about 10-15 yards longer.  Which kinda doesnt make sense.  Now something longer like a 6 iron, in FS golf gets me about 165-170 with appropriate spin in the 6800rpm range.  Without the DOTS on E6 it can be as low as 4000 to even 3000 giving distances near 200y which is not accurate.  But when the dot goes on, it gets closer to the 6000rpm range and the 170-175 distances which is about right for me.


    3) ball type, makes a difference, if you are in "Hawaii"  Not sure what ranges have premium balls,  but many of the ranges ....well.... not the nicest balls or they are "range" reduced flight balls which the ball itself getting spin data is a crap shoot?


    4) Driver spin in general, I have conceded that I get 3000-4000rpms with a driver on Mevo+ 90% of the time,  once in a while I will get a 2500rpm spin, but rare on occasions. The deflating struggle I have, is I average about 100-105mph swing speed,  with an average 145-155 ball speed. 


    @ 147mph ballspeed and the Trajectory Optimizer, at best I am getting 232 carry or 100mph swing with 1.47 efficiency 



    On the Mevo+.  While this seems legit, by numbers stance, on the course I would say I surely average 240-250 which would be indicative to 22000rpms of spin below,


    All things being equal that is..... thats a 10yard driver distance swing, based on the crazy spin numbers. 


    Just gotta experiment with the dots and balls, and just take into account your own spin numbers when you can. 


    If not make sure you are measuring and calculating your distances of measurement in the "Setup" Section. for distance to ball and height/level equal to ball height etc.


    This helps to "tighten" up the overall accuracy, not specific only to the spin.

  6. 11 hours ago, Jay_Golfer said:

    1. Titleist claims that use of their RCT ball creates 99 percent spin accuracy for TrackMan. No idea what the distance that was tested at, but the claim still implies that it is much better than a ball with a silver dot. Also, FS Henri also said in his Q&A last weeek "it's as good as it gets" with the Mevo+ using the RCT ball as well. So I think we may be surprised by the result when even he is saying it like that. I assume it creates a more amplified measurable radar signature than just a silver dot.

    2. Titleist RCT ball was specifically created to improve "indoor" ball spin with Trackman. Not outdoors. It's emphasized multiple times in their press release. (link below) Also, FS X3/Mevo+ algorithm does not even look for a metalic signature (i.e. silver dot) when used in Indoor or Outdoor mode. It only does when used in "Short Indoor" mode. But from what Henri said, it seems they will create a separate "ball" setting to tell the Mevo+ that you are now using a RCT ball, or a standard ball. So maybe it will be able to be used in all 3 modes. 



    I have 10 feet of ball flight, and Mevo+ can detect accurate-looking spin approx. 9/10 shots for me. e.g. today, I just had a 3wood session where it read (non-italics) spin 15 times in a row. all within 10% margin with my 155+ mph ball speed. Not bad at all already. But if RCT ball can be even more accurate even more often, I'll be getting that for sure. (just not needing to worry about the silver sticker orientation would be a huge benefit)

    Let me clarify, actually as I think I am mistakenly implying something.


    1) The Spin Works and works just fine for me for the most part.   Its only the Driver that has some REALLY wonky spin numbers, 2200 to 4500rpm spin,  When I am on a GC quad I average about 2500 and below.


    2) I am only using it on short indoor, so I only have 8ft of ball flight time,  I am assuming more flight time BETTER results.



    With that again my apologies as I am making devils advocate statements as I mentioned in my first long post I think the expectations for the Mevo+ is well beyond the capabilities for some (not all), as I read through opinions.


    So I am making certain statements to bring out excellent discussions like yours (for my self knowledge) but also for future potential buyers of the Mevo+


    Thank you very much though for the excellent info! 



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  7. 19 minutes ago, whumber said:

    The dots are only for club data. For simulator play they're not needed at all.

    For the GC3/Quad You need it for club data correct.  Wouldn't everyone want as much data as possible?  For simulator play you dont need it per say but again wouldnt you want that data anyways?



  8. If I recall the term "Diminishing returns".  There is a point where the shaft length does not increase swing speed.


    We get that you can swing a PW, 36" at D2, 80mph,  But we can swing a Driver, 45' at D2 100mph,   But what about 48".  it should go to 105mph then right? No not really.....


    Over all club weights, Swing weights and abilities to accelerate the head reaches a diminishing return value.

    I know the feeling.... I have a 42" 5 wood that I swing 100mph same as my Driver.... But I know I can only MAX ball speeds about 1.4 or 140mph at the very best,  There is NO way I am getting 1.5 or 150mph ball speeds ever.  Loft, CG and spin affect ballspeed.


    Now I have a 45.5" driver that I swing 100-105mph Average,  and at best with smash 1.5 or 150-157.5mph ball speeds.


    So the real question is,  Have you reached your diminishing returns and the only real way to get the ball to go is to max out your efficiency, (smash factor) rather than your length of club....that's the questions. 

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  9. I have really no reason to be in this thread... but if I might put some of my dumb logic and bad experiences.


    Driver being the longest (distance) Club in the bag, feeds to one of golfs biggest issues... *edit* (Amateurs) Ego.... We want to keep hitting it further.....


    OK moving on.


    1) Largest Surface area to strike a ball (PS ball does not change surface area)..... Fact..... Like Darts the Bull is actually the largest surface area in regards to points... Yet, Freaking hard to hit right?  


    2) Like another "long range sport" the further the projectile travels, our errors are amplified. 1 MOA (Minute of Angle is 1" at 100y,  3" at 300ys.  10" at 1000y)  1 degree of face angle change amplifies direction, as well as spin/launch and retention of ball speed.  So any error in your swing is amplified compared to a 100y vs 250y shot.


    Ok moving back to the Ego thing for me.


    1) If I miss, I swing harder...... dummy I know...cant help myself.

    2) If I hit a slice, I aim left, and then try to swing more inside to out and then a snap hook comes out...... I correct the correction of the correction of the correction. (never ending loop)


    So is driver hard... HECK YEAH....... for the mentioned reasons above...


    *stepping off soap box*......

  10. 11 minutes ago, Dan13 said:

    I don't have a GC3 either but the alignment looks pretty easy. Drop the alignment stick anywhere within 10 degrees of parallel to the unit, hit the button and your done. 


    The stickers on the face of the club wouldn't bother me that much. I think a lot of Quad users just leave them on. They are grey, kind of blend in to the face.


    You are right on the Titleist balls. Until other manufacturers come with a comparable product Titleist will have to become your gamer if you want results that more closely match your Mevo + results. If the stickers work for you no need but with woods a lot of no reads / estimated spin readings are reported that should go away with the RCT balls.




    I need to read up on this,  But I am a bit skeptical. 


    couple thoughts and reason.


    1) Short indoor is my issue period. That is  99.9999% of my usage, I have not taken it to the range yet, and not sure if I ever will, I might one day though LOL.  Anyways.  the Mevo+ struggles the most with High ball speeds and short windows to read. With a metallic dot or RCT, I dont see how the RCT would do any better?


    2) Henri stated Fusion Tracking wont help much with Spin...... So the Mevo will still struggle with spin readings.  I know the "post" about the RCT not giving italics readings, But There is NO WAY in heck im taking a $5.50/per golf ball to a full range to never get it back.  So I assume a 10ft +  hitting bay is used to get your golf balls back.  I doubt they were testing it on a short 8ft shot window IMHO.


    3) Even if the other companies come out with their balls one of the concerning things is cost vs damage.  I use Ksig balls right now in general.  I bought by the pallet as the 2.0 are AWESOME... but damn my clubs eat through golf balls.  Granted I have been practicing a lot but I have gone through 1.5 boxes of Ksig's already.  Replacing 6 at a time as they get chewed up.  I have regular Titleist ball that got chewed up as well and dont sure how I feel about $65 per box when I am spending $30 for 2 dozen.



    Anyways I am holding my breath on this one SPECIFIC for my short indoor use.  I think if you have a 10+ft hitting bay it could work but anything less than that....mmmm......




  11. 20 minutes ago, Dan13 said:

    Have about five sessions in the garage with short irons since getting the Mevo Plus last week.  Compared to having no ability to get lateral and spin axis data from shots this winter its going to be great. So far I'm very impressed. My general thoughts are:


    - Have to take your time and get your set up right every time to optimize results. Measure distance to ball, elevation difference between ball & unit, account for any slope of the floor, align and put a mark on the exact location on the mat you are hitting from. Kind of sounds worse that it is. Doesn't take that long. I downloaded measuring and slope apps on my phone and will use it every time. I've got 7' from unit to ball and just shy of 9' of flight.

    - I think setup is one area where the BLP / GC3 have a real advantage - self leveling, no measuring before hand, can put the ball anywhere in the 18"x10" (?) "hitting" rectangle.  I'm more than willing to spend the extra 5 minutes every time to save the $1k - 4k but its not drop it and go like the GC3.

    - With a new ball, metallic sticker and short irons it has seemingly been very accurate with carry and spin axis. I know my distances and enjoy trying to work the ball. Draws, fades, knock downs all feel right. I will really use it to dial in 50 to 120 yard distances this winter and work on hitting baby draws and fades. 1/2 GW, 3/4 PW, etc.. 

    - This will be brilliant outside with extra space into a net.  The next project will be building a proper hitting area out there. 

    - I'm scouting ranges in my area where I can comfortably get the unit 7-9' behind the ball on a level surface without people constantly walking in front of the radar.  Going on off hours might be the best solution. 

    - Only used the FS Golf app so far. Will start using E6 and skills app next.




    Its kinds of an interesting trade off.


    Mevo+,  the Setup is critical, I have my wall marked and a piece of wood on the ground where I have it sitting every time.   But the initial setup with the camera, and alignment, can be a pain.  But once I got the alignment sticks and the screen setup I just leave the unit on the wood and I am pretty solid.  


    BLP/GC3/Quad - I dont have one but based on my reading speculations you have to put dots on your clubs for accuracy?  That means your gamer back and for you have to put dots on it all the time?  That seems weird?  There is still alignment though that you have to do though from my understanding?



    There is one "cool" feature that I use.  as I mentioned I have only a 6ft wide screen. This also means my hitting space is within this confined space.  my ball area is NOT in the middle of the 6ft screen (3ft from the middle)  it is offset about a foot to the right of center.  E6 has a feature that shifts the projected screen X amount out of distance so instead of you hitting to the right of the target line, where it looks off, it shifts the screen so the alignment is actually down the ball line. (I hope this makes sense) 


    I do have a concern.  RCT Titleist balls?  what if you dont use Titleist balls?  Or that type of ball for spin etc.  Putting metallic dots on a sleeve of my gamer ball is pretty easy and I get accurate results with my specific ball? 



    Anyways.  The more and more I research the Mevo+ vs Skytrack/BLP/GC3  for my specific application. I think I made a good choice. 



    I get that Titleist is the common ball,  but just saying, what if you use chrome soft, E6, Ksigs etc..... 


  12. 7 hours ago, pipebanfan said:

    Got my Mevo+ on Friday. I only have a net & mat setup with 8 feet either way at the moment. I have the room to extend out to indoor mode if I want. I am going to start building a frame for a screen & when installed I will test different ball to screen lenghts to see where I am happy. Obviously the further back I go the better but that will require more ceiling protection, so I will finalise my dimensions in the future. 

    I am very happy at the moment with everything. I haven't had one misread. About 3/4  of my spin numbers (160 ball speed) with driver are in italics but hopefully with more flight & the RCT balls better things are to come. Spin axis seems quite reasonable to me. Carry numbers with irons maybe a little far sometimes but not bad. As a 5 handicap player who has used trackman enough in the past I have a good grasp of my numbers & I'm pretty impressed with the Mevo+. Looking forward to getting my sim enclosure up & running.


    Couple of questions;  

    1. Is it ok to use the mevo+ when it is plugged in to the charger? I got my Mevo+ from MIA in the Uk & they sent me a spare charger with a 1.5m lead so I take it that is OK to plug in whilst using the Mevo+


    2.How do you know what firmware you are using? Is it where it says DSP version in the  FS app?


    Hello! Another poster already responded but I wil ad my thoughts.


    Higher swing speed people have been having issues with readings so unfortunately  spin will be your challenge.  Next is the spin (Indoor & Short indoor) in general. The spin is just wonky for driver. I have tried all kinds of things to get it reasonable to no avail.   Irons, woods (Non driver) No luck to get the numbers realistic.


    Again I have a small area 16ft long with a small 6ft wide by 9ft tall net.   This also means I have a smaller distance to ball as total distance is 16ft, (1ft net from the wall, leaving about 8ft ball to net and 7ft ball to Mevo+. ish.....

    For distances numbers being off, couple things to note.


    1) Elevation, what elevation settings do you have?  I am at sea level, so both E6 and FS App, I make sure I just turn OFF the elevation setting period so it doesnt try to adjust.

    2) Are you using metallic dots on the ball?  E6 & FS App,  I know they say you dont need if for E6 but it doesnt hurt to try, I found the best numbers with metallic dots 



    Question response -


    1) I always have a battery bank (External pack) connected to keep it out of "Power saving mode"  But yes you can have it plugged into the charge and run it.

    2) When you go to your FS App, under "radar settings" very bottom,  "AVR Version & DSP Version"  the DSP Version most update I think is  .18





  13. 22 hours ago, Daniel Eason said:


    How long does it extend you for?

    my 10,000mah pack to be 100% honest, I dont know LOL I have never been able to drain it.  I would say I have done 2 hours with practice and heavy simulator play, with it plugged in the 2.1A plug and I would say the indicator was still at 3ish bars (4bars total).  I think it burned 30-40% of the pack,  so I would say a solid 4 hours on the 10,000mah pack and then another 1.5 hours with the Mevo+ by itself?


    So maybe 5 solid hours.  TOTAL guess, could be more.

  14. 1 hour ago, Brimster said:

    So after a lot of equivocation between BLP & Mevo+, I pulled the trigger on the FlightScope.  My use case - entirely outdoors - and frankly the fact that I was tired of all of the jerking around with the pre-launch stuff (1 minute to get an order in!?) made the decision for me.  Obviously we'll all have to wait & see if the Pro Package lives up to its promise.  


    But I have to say my one remaining hesitation about the Mevo+ is battery life - esp. in that I'm using it 100% outdoors.  1.5-2h seems insanely short.  It is a shame that they didn't build it with a 25% larger case and put a big honkin' battery in that would last all day or even multiple days!  I guess I'll use an external rechargeable battery with it?  Any better ideas?

    Easy fix as you mentioned,  Buy/use an external battery pack, I have them stored together with my  Mevo+. JUST USE THE SUPPLIED CABLE, its proprietary.  I have a cheap 20$ 10,000mah pack,  I keep it plugged in the unit even indoors.


    It extends the life of the battery as well as keeps the unit out of the annoying power saving mode.

  15. On 10/25/2021 at 5:56 AM, CUBuffaloes said:

    Thanks for the great reviews. I have a couple of Sub70 clubs (699 Pro gap wedge and 699 Utility iron) and have been considering pulling the trigger on a full set of 699 Pro irons. I've been debating the black or satin finish. Your photos of the black after a year of use has been very helpful. Mahalo!

    (I'm on Oahu too)

    It is my pleasure! It has been fun testing these out and taking with the Sub70 people. I rock their hats all the time and people always asking about them.  So when I show them the clubs they go crazy LOL.


    Yes the black finish is tricky. I will say.


    1) It looks sick

    2) its functional for glare reductions

    3) It does wear I have accepted it

    4) Has it worn bad? its only been a year, but 2 years its going to get close to the original finish

    If I could have ordered the 649mb I WOULD have ordered them in black though, still knowing what I know.


    GL on your order, doubt you will be disappointed! 

  16. 18 hours ago, Nels55 said:

    There is no substitute for talent.  If you can get the center of the club face on the ball with a consistent motion it makes no difference if you early extend or reverse pivot or sway or whatever...  It might not be optimum but it is probably better then constantly trying to 'fix' your swing mechanics.  Real swing change is really hard and may or may not be worth the effort.  LOL I mean 'you' in general and not MikeG specifically!

    I think I have accepted this sentiment,  I know I would never see the "Inside of the ropes"  But I feel I can play better than what I am producing now.


    to be fair I cant even "Miss consistently" There is no "one side" Its a mess. 

    100% real swing changes are hard,  I been on the forums for years to truly accept this, And I am the perfect product of this.  I guess I am trying to figure out consistency rather than a perfect swing?  It seems some members here are helping me to get to a better swing, to be more consistent and I appreciate it, but I fear, that I will go back to crap or something worse.

  17. 19 hours ago, MikeG said:

    I remember the OP posting his swings several years ago and thought the same. I get 6 handicap results from a 20 handicap swing, and there are many like me. 


    If I may take this on a separate tangent.   You have seen it too then right,  The crappy swing that was good enough for decent lower scores?  For fun, this is a great IMHO display of blades and a confident swing.  Which I do not seem to have right now.  The swing has the same exact issues as current and past, yet, there is way more confidence in the swing? 


    This was during my "Blade" days.... you know, when everyone thinks they are way better than they actually actually are?  But Will say,  about 2016 a year into the blade phase was when I was shooting low double digits and high singles digits pretty consistently.   My chipping and putting were no where NEAR as solid as it is now,  but the iron game was solid.

    Some how I could string the 9's,  my concern is that I dont have it, its that it blows up?    Thoughts on the blow ups?


  18. 3 hours ago, LeftDaddy said:

    To the OP, I’ve dealt with a lot of similar issues as you. Got to an 8 handicap at one time but it was all smoke and mirrors. My swing was terrible but I had grooved a “fix” for a few months and my index dropped quickly. After a surgery and some other stuff, it crept back up to where it should have been (14 at the time). Now I’m a 10 and improving, and this one doesn’t feel like smoke and mirrors…I feel I have more improvement on the horizon. Finally, I suffered (and probably still do somewhat) from that excessive forearm rotation like you that causes you to roll the club inside. 

    Anyway, a few thoughts for you. First, this isn’t a “mental block” or “swing yips”. No amount of “mental game” is going to fix your swing. The only mental block here is that, on the one hand you seem to want to improve, but on the other hand you are failing to acknowledge that some swing flaws are keeping you from improving and that it will just take some hard work to fix it. This hard work means identifying the flaws, practicing the moves correctly in the camera, grooving the changes by hitting balls, building a pre-shot routine that helps to remind you of whatever feel it is you are trying to groove, etc. I know all of this because this was me before…” I should be way better than I am, my swing is fine, it must be my mental game, why do I hit it so well on the range and not on the course?”  Sound familiar?


    Second, on one hand, golf is infinitely complex (and you probably feel this way right now). On the other hand, golf is really pretty simple. At the end of the day, all it really takes is a stable face angle, and delivering the club on the proper plane (and the right combo of face angle and path for your pattern). That’s it. For example, it seems like you miss too many 2 foot putts. I’d be willing to bet that your putter face angle changes too much during the swing. Otherwise there’s almost no way to miss 2 footers unless you aimed way off. Whenever I start spraying the ball everywhere, after some frustration trying to find the right swing thought, I usually take a step back and remember that my face is likely too open which causes a lot of compensations. Plane is harder to fix but I generally know why I get dumped under and can create some feels to fix that. Point being, getting better doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go away from “your swing” but it does mean that you have to make fixes stick that get you on plane with a stable face. 

    Good luck!

    As I mentioned in the prior post, I was listening to a Shawn Clemente video about or natural wiring.


    I can 100% agree that my face is all over the place, putts, chips, irons, drives due to me trying to manipulate it all the way.    I am trying to mentally break from that to just let it go and be natural.  It seemingly worked based on the "immediate" change in scoring and attitude this past round.  Is it a permanent fix, NO, not at all, its a validation but a work in process.


    I will still have bad shots, I will likely still have a bad attitude. BUT If I approach it different, like you mentioned and others in this thread. I may move forward.

    Thanks for your post as I am sure you understand feeling fully.  I appreciate your empathy and support!

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  19. 18 hours ago, Valtiel said:

    Thanks for the follow up, didn't expect you to take that into a round so quickly, hah!

    I specifically wanted to call out "I had no idea where the ball would go. ZERO thought". That is absolutely the expected feeling when you simplify things and remove the need to compensate. We often get so used to having to compensate for SOMETHING in the swing that we forget that it's "wrong", it just becomes part of what we think a golf swing is. Remove the need to do that and you're left looking for something to "control" since that is basically what a swing compensation ends up feeling like, exerting control over something to get to the ball. 

    Keep practicing that feeling of simplifying and letting go of that control with the more vertical and higher handed swing, and please take videos of you practicing this at home to keep tabs on progress! Once that feeling gets more ingrained (which will take time) then you can keep building on that. 

    I  try to play weekly, So it was in the cards to play on Friday.  


    Anyways there was nothing to lose so I said screw it, I dont think it was going to get any worse that what I was already dealing with anyways. 

    I had a drive into work and was looking up some stuff and watched this video on they way in,

    as I mentioned,  I know and have KNOWN of swing issues,  Its not that I deny it, its not that I dont think I exist,  but the implosions are frustrating, I will have bad shots everyone does, but a 2ft putt or a slice on the same hole every single time I play it. no matter how I setup, swing, aim whatever......

    Anyways moving on, to the point 2:45 he talks about our body, 4million years of self preserving way, we have motor skills, we are terrible at puppet positions and fine motor skills.  That's what got me thinking about how I am TRYING to manipulate every single position through the swing. 


    SO just let got,  Started the swing like you said and turned, WHO cares where the ball went afterward.  

    I surely will keep practicing the initial move as I can tell and feel my hands wanting to "Set the wrist" that sucks the club head back and all hell breaks loose.    But if I keep the club head well out side, and then "rotate" nothing else. I can start to trust the resulting ball flight.  It will take time this is NOT again an Aha moment, but letting old thoughts go.

    Sorry one more thing,  That was an actually "aha moment" but validates the PAST info and all the rest of the info out there in the ether.



    OK trying to correct the miss (slice)  Get the path inside to out.  the more I took the club inside the more over run the arms blah blah....

    When I was first told prior (again the info was not wrong I was NOT understanding it and trusting it)  Arms vertical rather then inside, arms disconnected, get the elbow tucked and shallow the swing. (manipulation)


    Even now when you told me my club head has to stay outside of the hands, I thought oh boy this is straight blocks right, super slices and heel shots all day, because of the "path".


    What I was not realizing, is what the body would do on its own.  FOR ME.......due to how I swing, with the club head back and the takeaway vertical, when the club reaches the top and I rotate the body, and not forcing the arms, elbows, hands etc to X position, the club drops down on its own and shallows on its own, I dont need to do it.  The shaft then "falls" on the swing arc, NOT over it. I thought it would come further over the top since the club was so far outside of the hands. 

    I dont have to force speed either as the body will do what it takes for the club head to get to the ball. and likely square if I setup correctly.

    Anyways going to try to get another video, but to be 100% I dont know how much change actually happened.  Assuming that there was a part of confidence that came back, but a drastic change in swing will take months.


    Thanks again so much for your help! I will surely keep you posted!


  20. @wagolfer7 @Valtiel

    OK So, we can agree and I have known this, issue.   I understand it, BUT here is the thing, To fix it, I seem to get too darn mechanical.  trying to get into X position trying to force things.


    So today I did 3 specific items.


    First and foremost, I intentionally with ALL shots,  kept the club head well outside of my hands, making a much more "vertical" take away.  


    Secondly,  I DID NOT do Anything else for the downswing at all,  NO manipulation nothing, Just "rotated" from the top to the ball and let the club release at the ball naturally.

    This was the weirdest part, I was holding my breath, I had no idea where the ball would go. ZERO thought.  Oddly the ball went straight. Mind you again, I did NOTHING to manipulate the face, no intentional bowing, no lag, no forward shaft lean, motorcycle move, nothing.  I just had my take away vertical, with the club head well outside It fell like I was almost going to hit a massive cut/slice, then just rotated to the ball and let the club head do the work. it was liberating. FREAKING LIBERATING.


    Last but not least, Today I let everything go mentally, I had ZERO expectations.  I tried my best to stay as relaxed as possible, I did not harp on a bad shot I just played for fun.

    This was the result, I still had 1 blow up 8 and 2 doubles, one which I hit an errant OB drive.  Bunch of pars.  I missed a 2ft birdie on 4, I choked, but again I did NOT beat myself up for it. I just let it go.



    It was a relatively easy 83, With that, I had a massive clutch up on 18 with the birdie.  That was a huge confidence booster. And big on the bets today LOL!


    OK now some additional items.


    1) I would NOT call this a honeymoon stage or an ahha moment, because I knew and have known about this swing flaw for a while.  BUT I could never "trust" the fix or understand why I was doing it.  I would do it with the intention to manipulate the rest of the downswing as well. (Tuck the elbow, create lag, motorcycle move, etc)


    2) I think I was fighting my body by trying to control the whole swing from the get go, from take away to impact.  Not allowing the body to do what its supposed to do.  If I initiated "Setting the table" The body knows how to do the rest right? Or so it seems.


    3) Here is a weird one, I Swear I was swinging, 40-50% today, Like I said I was not trying to "hit" the ball just rotate at it and let the club do the work.  I had these blast... mind you I only swing 100mph driver speeds (Mevo+ verified LOL)  


    The contact though was damn near the center,  but honestly it felt effort less in contact and in swing. The damn thing went straight.  I will say most of the shots went straight today except 3 holes and these 3 holes are the same holes that I basically choke on. (Like I mentioned in the above post about "Full swing yips" its like my body wants to mess it up....ugghh). Here is the thing, I feel like I am swinging 40-50% I feel like there is MORE gas in the tank, But I know that its dangerous. But just saying it out loud.

    Anyways..... I will get some videos to "see" if I was really "taking it away vertically" If I was really getting the club head outside of the hands, But I thought I was, I felt I was.


    I hope this builds some confidence that was lacking for a while. 




  21. 5 hours ago, milesgiles said:

    from what ive seen of your swing, you shouldnt be struggling as much as you are. Seen far worse swings with far lower handicaps 

    This is what I was originally trying to discuss when the thread was in the other section.  I think I am fighting some demons ALONG with swing faults, but the demons seem to really be getting in the way.   I learned something new in another thread about "yips"  I didnt realize there were full swing yips.  


    "The yips are a mental condition that physically manifests itself by causing the body to essentially self-sabotage what a golfer is trying to do. They are most often associated with touch shots. Putting, especially short putts or chip shots around the greens. That's not how mine manifested themselves.

    For me, it was the most powerful swing, and the thing I was best at, driving, that got stripped from me. I experienced extreme tension in my downswing that made it physically impossible for me to square the club properly. I had two shots at my disposal: a 90 yard block to the right and a 60 yard snap hook to the left. There was no middle ground."



    needless to say it feel like this..... the blow ups are crazy.

  22. I dont think posting after the above post is going to even dent this topic as WOW, the Kevin Kraft story is amazing regarding golf and even such a high level of play. But If I could share my humble hacker story. That might help someone else?


    The Back Story,
    10 years Army, 2 rotations in the sandbox, I had a unique job within  a team of 12, part of a greater mission.  (no no, no Hollywood stuff) But we did 426 combat mission, and drover 40,000 miles from Kuwait border to the Syrian Border almost non stop.  It was intense to say the least.  I made it back with my team and all my appendages. I was lucky we were lucky.  Anyways coming back home was tough,  I was engaged to be married,  4 months after I came back my father suddenly passed due to complications in surgery. My world began to fall apart.  The PTSD went full blast, social anxieties, Panic attacks, Anxiety attacks, Then my Fiancé left me.  My life spiraled out of control. I crawled into a bottle and nearly drowned.

    I got help fortunately,  3 years at the VA and an amazing Psychologist got me through the worst of it. But the up hill struggle was there.  I got introduced to golf on a regular basis about 14 years ago, meaning prior it was just going to the range with Grandpas old blades and try and hit the ball picker. Now it was part of my Job. 

    Intro to Golf,
    Golf became an amazing tool to help my anxiety and social issues.  I was able to get out in the public but NOT in crowded areas which I struggled the most,  Hey the course is open air, not a mall.  Next was the focus,  Golf is SO FREAKING HARD, you have to concentrate. This was distractions to the PTSD and the Panic attacks.  Anxiety and Panic attacks are hypersensitivities to self indulged catastrophes.  Sometimes everything was a catastrophe and the fight or flight would kick in.


    18th hole, 3ft put with my buddies to win or lose...... The Panic would set it,  The cold sweats, the elephant on the chest, the struggle to breath,  The hands shaking. WTF is going on, I have been in direct combat.  I have been shot at, blown up and I am freaking out over a 3ft putt WTF!!!!!

    Fight or Flight,
    Thats when the further learning began.  PTSD, anxiety, panic takes all forms and affects EVERYONE, from spilling milk, to a car accident, to making a 3ft putt for a championship, or beer. ITS THE SAME.  My body had no Idea it was not in Iraq. It just knew it was scared, it was stressed and it needed to protect itself through its fight or flight.

    What I know now,

    Understanding CBT( Cognitive behavioral training) is the art of De-catastrophizing.  When your mind takes over and your body reacts, You need to talk your mind out of the "seeming" catastrophe.  I have a headache, why do I have a headache, holy crap am I having a stroke, or is it a tumor, OMG, I need to see a doctor, Oh the headache is worst I need to call an ambulance. I NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!.... but in reality, I was making it WAY worse than it really was.

    This 3ft putt is to win, I need to make this 3ft putt, If I dont, I will let me friend down, OMG, then I have to hear it at the bar, Crap I need also pay this bet and that bet.  Man do I have enough money in my bag if I miss this.  This is going to be embarrassing.  STFU already and make the putt.  Then a rush shot, out of rhythm and your normal tempo sends the ball wide.



    What I do,
    Its not perfect, I still have panic attacks and anxiety attacks. But it does not end me up in the hospital ot ER, or me running away/avoiding events, just to escape it, like it used to.   I work mentally through the de catastrophizing stage.  A panic attack is like a kid throwing a fit,  You have to take control and talk it down, Calm it down  and nurture it.  You have to prove that its not as bad as you are making it out to be.

    this is a 3ft putt that I have made a million times, Its no biggie

    So what if I miss,  We have something to laugh and talk about

    We are going to play again next week I can get my revenge then.
    Its only money, or beers or whatever... So what, 

    Talk it down, its a kid throwing a fit.

    back in 2008 I walked off the course due to the anxiety,  2009 I had a massive panic attack on the 18th hole over a putt. hit the ball and did what I had to do to finish the hole and left, ran to the car and had hyperventilated in there for almost 20 minutes while my friends were freaking out what happened.  

    Now 2021, I play golf like every normal hacker, I have fun, drink, yell and scream I still suck at it, but I basically have a normal life now on the course. SURE, I still have anxieties, but going through SO much now, I am able to control the attacks.  I am able to manage the attacks.  I can live with the attacks rather than running away from them or at worse medicating them away.  Its a liberating feeling.

    Now if only I can get good at actually playing golf thats another story........ 

    I hope this story helps someone even just a little!  GL to those that struggle with this,  I truly understand and wish you peace.



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  23. @Valtiel HEY!  So I did some self reflection the last 2 days.

    I want to state, something that is obvious, but maybe not well accepted.  People learn differently and when a point is shared it may not be understood properly.  So it may take about 3 or 4 tries or someone explaining the same exact thing 3 different ways before someone understands it.

    Golf is no different, when I hear the words turn vs pivot, lag vs set,  smash vs hit, speed vs power. 

    moving on,  your explanation of 2 items stuck and seemingly finally made sense to me. (I am not going to fall in the honeymoon trap yet)


    1) Arms disconnected.   I have heard this, watched this, people told me this, But the reason and understanding never made sense to me.  (Actually sinking in) I hear it I understand what the words or, but seemed to not translate golf wise.

    1a) The arms disconnect for a reason,  I did NOT understand why, All I did know is that I needed to reconnect the arms. Many people told me this,  I have watched videos, about it. So I tried to do it (bring on the typical, drop the arms, bring the right elbow in, etc etc).  You brought a point that it should not be disconnecting in the way it was from the beginning.  And then seemingly explained WHY it was doing so, in a manner that was not good.


    2) Club head outside of the hands.  I hear this ALL the time,  On TV, on videos.  Rickie fowler does this (exaggerated) But honestly I never understood why, OR never understood many good golfers do it, We just dont see it or understand it.


    2a) The confusion then starts with,  Path from inside to out. to hit a draw or counter the slice.  so while the club had now sucked inside to get the inside to out path MORE crap starts to happen.  The club head can still be outside of the hands on the take away and still come from the inside on the down swing. I could not process this.

    This 2 points now make sense in the order of "Setting" the table.   Another member explained in some DMs basically all you have mentioned and this was like 1-2 years ago, BUT to be honest, I just did NOT get it.  The members advice was the same, Correct. BUT I was not processing it.  

    my point,  the other member told me about trying to get my swing vertical,  Back then,  so I tried (2 years ago)....... 

    I drilled getting it vertical (practice) this was a 2 years ago,  But as you we can see, it didnt stick because I didnt understand why I just did it.

    Anyways THANK YOU,  I wont make promises, but I think I further understand what I need to work on for now.  I am sure more things will pop up, but having an understanding break through is always a start.

    I willl be calling that instructor though as I have the means now to do so.



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