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  1. Anybody know if the device is geographically locked? I.e. could one purchase the device in the US and use in another continent?
  2. Selling a set of Nike VR Pro Combo, standard length and loft, lie 2 degrees upright. Grip is standard Golf Pride CP2 Pro with 1 extra layer of tape. 3-iron and GW are newer and bought separately but fits perfectly into the set. Heads: 3-5 iron: Pocket cavity 6-7 iron: Split cavity 8-PW: Blades GW: 52* Nike VR Forged Shafts: 3 iron DG Pro S300 4 iron - PW has Dynamic Gold S300 shafts GW: Wedge shaft Price: $250 shipped Pics: Entire set Shaft/grip 8 iron head 3 iron face 4 iron face 5 iron face 6 iron face 7 iron face 8 iron face 9 iron face PW fac
  3. Around a 2hr drive up towards the mountains you have Saddle Creek Resort. Rent a house at the course. Affordable and pretty nice course.
  4. It sounds like you want a mix of good practice facilities, easy access to the course and don't really care for location. Easy access to the course and sub-5 hour rounds disqualifies most public courses. Some public courses have decent practice areas for an annual fee, though. A lot of the older private courses lack good practice facilities and ranges where you can hit 200+ yard shots. It sounds like Richmond CC might be a good choice for you. Great driving range, good practice area and decent course. If you chose to reside somewhat close, it's with Bay Area standards an affordable area to live
  5. Oslo Golf Club is close to the city and a nice newly renovated track by the water, https://www.oslogk.no/ Miklagard Golf Club is usually ranked no. 1 in Norway. About a 30 minute drive from the city towards the airport, http://www.miklagardgolf.no/ Kongsvinger Golf winds through a pine forest and is probably one of the best values (price vs. quality) in Norway but it's about 1.5 hours away, http://www.kongsvingergolf.no/
  6. ​-Current USGA handicap: 4.6 -What are your current irons and shafts (be specific): Nike VR Pro Combo, 3-PW. Dynamic Gold X100, 2* upright. -Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when?: Yes. 2011 at store similar to Golfsmith using Trackman but with a pretty inexperienced fitter. I was originally fitted for the S300 shafts but have been tinkering around lately and the last move was to put in the X100 shafts. -State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: After playing a little bit as a kid I picked up the game of golf again after college
  7. I would definitely walk the Poppy Hills. Even if you cart it, I think it's cart path only, which makes it kind of pointless to cart it. Plus, by walking the course, it will enrich your experience in this amazing course. At Bayonet, we played from the Blue, which was 6641. I didn't really think it played longer than 6600 yard. But I hear you on the fairways being narrow and how it can be challenging if you are not having the best day with your driver. Let me know if you would like to anything else. I recently got an email from Poppy that starting this month they're removing cart path onl
  8. Played Saddle in May. Rough was really up and tough after all the rain this winter. Course was in great shape, nice and fast greens, yet receptive. Layout was pretty OK in my mind, not the best but definitely a nice course and conditions were really good.
  9. Haters are gonna hate this one.... Even par 72 with a Kirkland Signature. This will still be the last round I ever play with the Ksigs. Simply don't like the feel and get enough spin around the greens for me. Great way to retire these suckers tho!
  10. Signed up. Have some struggles to get the ball up in the air from the deck, would love to try the AD-F. Tour AD F-75 X would be awesome in my M1 3 wood.
  11. Great thing, really need to work on those stretches! 1. Most important stretch in my life 2. Structure 3. Sutton
  12. I'm comparing them to the 2015 ProV1's i regularly play. I've only played 3 rounds with the Ksig but on two very different courses and weather conditions. One on relatively soft greens in cool weather and one with very firm greens and nice and warm weather. Got a lot less spin on my approaches than usual on both courses. I'll continue to test them out for a while and I'll probably play them until I've lost or worn my supply out but as it feels right now I wouldn't change and make this my gamer for the rest of my life. Still a great ball at a fantastic price.
  13. Played two more rounds with the Ksig this weekend. Three takeaways: Very durable, two full rounds with one ball and not one scuff. Some regular wear and tear but still playable Great ball flight off the tee and on longer iron shots Still can't spin it enough with my shorter irons
  14. Is anybody a member of a club and also a member of the Palmer Advantage program? I'm looking to join a private club and one of the clubs I'm interested in is offering membership in the program. If it's a tie between what club to join the Palmer Advantage might be the deciding factor but is this really a factor that should be considered when choosing what club to join? Do you actually use the program and the credits etc? Thankful for all information!
  15. how did you quantify this? maybe its because I rarely break 80, but I don't see how amateurs can figure this stuff out Maybe similar methodology to how you quantified that the Prov1 "flies better"? Haha! There's no way to quantify, all is based on feel and visual of ball flight. I hit it better than usual off the tee, which obviously helps to reduce sidespin (yeah yeah, spin axis....) but even when I accidentally hit a small cut with wind from the left it still didn't move as much as I expected. I will keep testing the ball, next up another two rounds this weekend, with the weather expe
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