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  1. If he was in a fitting, he'd be hitting the heads with the same shaft. This shows absolutely nothing, other than the Kai'li in the Stealth was spinning off the planet and is obviously ill suited for his swing and release. That's why a review like what Valtiel did is legit. Apples to Apples. This was like Apples to Apricots
  2. Your Stealth+ has extra chrome on the bottom. Not fair Nice review. How much lead tape did you add to the Stealth+, and what was the total head weight?. Do you have any LM data/grafts to show dispersion/carry/totals?
  3. I've read this entire thread. I think it's longer than War and Peace now. From my hitting of it, and others here too, the tech seems to be in the mishits. More forgiveness, less spin and loss of distance. More of a cavity back miss as opposed to a blade.
  4. Didn't one of the earliest reviewers on this thread say he took a sharpie to the face and blacked it out?
  5. I come from the inside. Years of baseball. I don't have the flexibility that I used to, so I'm trying to work on my swing path. Kinda late in the game to do it, but getting stuck blocking to the right is becoming more common as a miss. I'm getting over an injury, so I really shouldn't be swinging at all. I'm compensating, and swinging like garbage. But it's a shiney new toy so...
  6. Not really. I don't hit off LM very often. I am trying to hit more up, get that ideal carry and flight. I've moved the ball more towards my front foot. I used to have the ball in the middle and hit low bullets
  7. I'm 6'5, and they had the mat right under this low level structure beam. It was a first for all involved
  8. I have a high follow through at times, and at CC I whacked the beam above me on my first swing and dented my M1. Maybe that could have happened? My dent wasn't near the face like this Stealth was though
  9. The tee was low, the top of the ball was barely over the crown, so hitting high knucklers was not an option. I don't mind a lower tee, and no one wanted to hit with it, so I used that bay. Also the balls were beat up Q stars, so I'm sure all that contributed as well
  10. Okay, thanks. I'm not very techy on these systems, so don't know what is what, and how they measure. I know my swing, and usually know by contact what it's going to do. Also a weird thing is that it's hard to feel many times where the miss was on the Stealth face. Could be the carbon aspect. You can't look on the face for the ball mark, it doesn't leave one
  11. I know all factors must be looked at. The 2nd one could maybe be explained away, but there's no way a lousy contact pull draw with super low spin carries 302. 183 ball speed perhaps, but not 163. I still have pretty good SS at 53, but come on, that's not reality. My M1 had no such tracking issues. That's why I asked had anyone who questioned numbers inside, hit it outside and got clearer data
  12. Has anyone hit the Stealth+ indoors and kinda scratched their heads at some of the readings, but then were able to hit it outdoors and it provided more consistent feedback/results? I went back to Seal Beach Roger Dunn tonight. I brought in my tz5 shaft. My back was a bit better tonight, so I went after it more. On some shots that were flush, they went nowhere. Others that were poor strikes went too far. These 2 for example. 1.41 efficiency, 163 ball speed, pulled draw 1684 spin that carries 302? Not. A. Chance that equates. 1.48, 171 ball speed, 2800 spin that carried 15 yards less than the other? At one point I hit 3 in a row solid that felt identical, and they were all different... Sometimes by 1000rpms. I thought "this doesn't make sense". I'm not sure what they use, I think they have gc quads there, and it seems like it's having a hard time reading it. I put my M1 in at the end, and it read it just fine. The good shots went as normal, the bad shots went like I expected at contact. I'm kinda conflicted at the moment over this club, and wish I could hit it and compare outdoors. Am I alone in this?
  13. I'd be curious to see that too. With today's graphics technology, I wish these companies would make it so we could see exactly what our custom choices would look like. It would only entice and further custom orders if they made it as dazzling and realistic on screen as possible. The mystealth site gives us a decent idea, but if I'm dropping 780 with tax, I want to know EXACTLY what my custom choice is going to look like, especially with all the choices you have. In certain ways, you can't. For instance like the crown you mentioned. I'm in the minority where I love the gloss carbon finish, like on the M1. Absolutely love that, sign me up. If it's more like the Sim2, maybe. If it's just gloss black like a tsi3, not interested in paying extra to look down at that. I know this is nitpicking, but that's kinda the reason people would opt for mystealth. Buyers remorse with this purchase would extra suck
  14. What's wrong with a Steve Buscemi head? Just put a headcover over it
  15. Agreed. I swear the Kai'li stiff felt like an R flex. When I waggled it I just thought "hmm", but okay let's hit it. My swing was crap, but even injured I'm adept enough to make decent contact after a swing or two. I have a late release, and just couldn't find the center. I could feel the club face lagging, and the face felt every bit the 4.1 torque. There is zero chance Xander is hitting anything that resembles the shaft I swung. I think Mitsubishi's answer to the question of all shafts having mr70 was very cryptic. They acknowledged all shafts have it. They weren't asked, nor volunteered if all shafts have the same construction/make up/amount. Like you mentioned, the TX version of Ventus vs non is night and day with the Velocore. I'm no expert, but I'd put a lot on the line to say the TX Kai'li has way more of whatever mr70 is. Also, if it's not available really as an upcharge, then their claim of all of them being equal is kinda true. I find it odd that they don't even offer the TX anywhere. It's like it's a unicorn that doesn't exist
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