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  1. Must be 35” and shipped to Canada. Looking for one that someone isn’t trying to flip for a crazy profit.
  2. For sale is a 36” (no extensions) Spider X Tour Putter. Putter is face balanced. (2) 12g weights installed and I will include the (2) 2 gram weights as well. With the 12g weights installed the total head weight is 363g. Grip is a new Garsen Max. Putter was used for one 18 hole round only. $280usd shipped within Canada and $300usd to the U.S. No trades.
  3. Where's the preferred area on the lead forearm where the top of the grip should hit? A few inches below the crease of your arm?
  4. This is a long shot but I’m looking for a 36” Newport 2 shipped to Canada. No extensions, must be factory length.
  5. For me its the driver and a 60* wedge.
  6. For sale is a 50*, 56* and 60* custom wedge set right from Cleveland. Specs are +1” over standard length and standard lie angle and lofts. Grips are new midsized Golf Pride New Decade. Wedges only have around 10 rounds on them. $250usd shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S. No trades and not splitting.
  7. I haven't owned a Nike golf shirt since the 90's. How do the shirts nowadays fit? Are they more of a slim fit or do they run large?
  8. Looking for a 4 hybrid at 23* shipped to Canada. Must be stiff flex.
  9. If he's been active then there's no excuse. Does it show that your message was read? Release the name so we can all update our block list. That's unacceptable.
  10. Custom Srixon ZX7 5 iron +1” and 2* upright over standard ordered straight from Srixon. Shaft is Modus 120 stiff and grip is midsized Golf Pride Tour Velvet. The iron has only hit about 10 balls. $150usd shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S.
  11. Always thought this bag looked sharp from Aaron Baddeley.
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