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  1. With all due respect I hate you lol. JK, kinda....What a putter!
  2. If money was a wash then Olympic gold all day every day.
  3. Looking for a Spider Vault headcover shipped to Canada.
  4. Looking for a blank headcover set. Can have #'s but no golf courses. Shipped to Canada.
  5. For anyone who has installed the weights, did you tighten with the TM wrench until it clicked or are they basically just tightened until there's resistance w/o a click?
  6. I absolutely need a sight line. I hate looking down at a putter with a site dot or naked. Even a 2 ball doesn’t look right to me for alignment.
  7. Looking for a 36" putter. No extensions or Ping adjustable shafts. Must be a one piece shaft and shipped to Canada.
  8. If I were you I would just call Cleveland for this then at least you know for sure.
  9. For sale is a mint Stitch alignment stick headcover. $36.00usd shipped with Canada and to the U.S. shipping to the states will be small packet air with no tracking.
  10. I've used 50*/56*/60* for years but my 60* rarely gets used. Only on tight chip or bunker shots. I used to go with a 52* instead of a 50* but it left too much of a gap between my 46* PW. TBH I could get away with just using a 50* and 56*. Years ago I tried a 50*/54*/58* but I hated chipping with a 54* Much prefer using a 56*.
  11. Picked up a double wide and I have to say these look great in person. To me it feels slightly firmer than a white hot insert which is what I prefer.
  12. I have a Speedzone driver where I was going to swap the weights and I was wondering if the torque wrench needs to click when changing weights? Do you run the risk of cracking the weight?
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