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  1. For sale is a 35” Odyssey 330 White Hot XG with the XG tour insert which is slightly firmer than the standard insert. It also has the tour butane finish. A new Winn midsize grip has just been installed. An AM&E blank headcover will be included. $275.00shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S. No trades.
  2. The back is outstanding but that leading edge is way to rounded. Hate the look at address.
  3. Looking for a clean driver w/ the stock Diamana stiff shaft shipped to Canada.
  4. Looking for either model with a Miyazaki 61 stiff shaft shipped to Canada.
  5. Looking for a 16.5*. Must be stiff flex and shipped to Canada.
  6. You sound like a pleasure to deal with.
  7. Every time I see a post in here I'm hoping someone has a link to an official announcement but I'm disappointed yet again.
  8. Looking for a stiff shaft for a G410 Plus shipped to Canada.
  9. For sale is a 9* Ping G410 Plus Driver. Plastic removed from head but never hit. Shaft is a Tensei Orange Stiff. Grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize. Matching headcover included but no tool. $340.00usd shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S. No trades.
  10. Looking for one shipped to Canada.
  11. Higher launch w/ the KBS shafts for me. KBS was a no for me because of bending at the tip.
  12. Best one I've used yet is the Callaway Apex (2016) hybrid. Sits perfectly.
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