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  1. Not to sound ignorant but who cares what others think. I wouldn't be embarrassed at all. Play what works for you.
  2. Nice to read about a good transaction for a change.
  3. RH82

    Sim2 max 3w

    How does it sit at address? Closed or square?
  4. Must be like new or in new condition shipped to Canada. Let me know what you have.
  5. For sale is a Cleveland Launcher FL 14T fairway wood. There are some minor cosmetic nicks and scratches on the head and shaft but nothing that affects performance. Shaft is a Miyazaki stiff with a new midsized Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. A non matching headcover is included. $120usd shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a picture but I'm curious if anyone has experienced bag wear marks on their steel shafts? My (3) Nippon Modus wedge shafts appear to have wear marks right where the shaft makes contact with my Sun Mountain bag. It looks like a scratch but when you run your finger over it it feels smooth. Perhaps just the chrome plating wearing down? Thoughts? Thanks,
  7. Yes they take care of you but what I’m not a fan of is waiting weeks for even months for a replacement so it is an issue.
  8. I’m a decent iron player and I find hitting my ZX7 4 iron 50/50 in terms of hitting a solid shot. I’m leaning towards a hybrid or a beefy 4 iron as a replacement.
  9. I had a Rogue and an Epic SZ do the same thing. For the price you pay this is unacceptable.
  10. For expensive putters I use a blank AM&E cover. It doesn’t prevent theft but it’s a deterrent.
  11. For sale is a 36” (no extensions) Spider X Tour Putter. (2) 12g weights installed and I will include the (2) 2 gram weights as well. With the 12g weights installed the total head weight is 363g. Grip is a new midsized Winn. Putter was used for one 18 hole round only. $269usd shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S. No trades.
  12. For sale are (2) driver and fairway headcovers that were made to order straight from Dormie. $210usd shipped from Canada within the country and to the U.S. Will not split and no trades. Sold.
  13. I wonder how it sits. I’d be very interested if it sits square or open.
  14. SBST for me. Any bit of toe hang messes with my stoke. Tried toe hang putters in the past and it was a disaster.
  15. RH82

    Cobra drivers

    Love my Speedzone driver w/ the weight back. Absolute bomber.
  16. That's what my gut feeling is telling me as well. It would be impossible for me to hit both side by side so it would be a gamble for sure.
  17. Just curious what your opinions are on this one. I currently have a set of Srixon ZX7's (4-PW) that are +1" over standard. I've been struggling w/ my 4 iron as of late and want to replace it with something more beefy and forgiving. My custom 5 iron length is 39" and I would like to replace my 4 iron w/ a Srixon utility iron that is also 39". Basically I'm trying to buy a utility iron off the shelf without having to go the custom route. My question is would my 5 iron be somewhat closer in distance to a 4 utility iron at the same length or does it not even matter because of the loft difference (23* vs. 25*)?
  18. Love a Winn midsize grip. Always come back to it.
  19. Looking for either shipped to Canada.
  20. Kinda disappointed to see the X strap system gone on the 3.5.
  21. It really shouldn't be this hard to purchase a milled Ping putter.
  22. I find it so maddening that PING does not make these easily available to the public.
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