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  1. MG 2 is still in the lineup for 2021 and will not be seeing a change.
  2. I have multiple pairs of the adipure and they are by far the best pair of golf shoes I’ve ever had. Stylish and really comfortable. Highly recommend.
  3. Yeah I think you are correct. Will have the details at the end of the month I believe.
  4. Where can I find the tour 360 knits that DJ was wearing today?
  5. Nike just released a statement that they are done with clubs, balls, and bags. Not joking either
  6. Do you guys think it's possible to grind the sole of a putter to make it a tri sole? I've always wanted one and it seems there aren't many available so I was wondering if I could do it myself. Thanks
  7. Can someone link me to Justin's Thursday polo? Thanks
  8. How do those that have the origin putters feel about them? Considering buying one.
  9. I was wondering what everyones opinion was on the leather of the Tour 360 Boost. Tried them on in store and they seemed to be stiff.. Maybe all they need is a little break in time as some has suggested? Love to hear your guys thoughts on the leather and the shoes in general. Thanks
  10. Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Ottawa, KS How many rounds of golf do you play each month? 30 Do you typically wear shorts or pants on course? Why? I typically wear shorts because they are more comfortable and easier to wear than pants. What golf apparel brand do you typically wear most? What is the most important factor in buying golf shorts? I typically wear Nike golf apparel. The most important factor for me is overall performance (fit, comfort, moisture wicking). How do you discover new golf apparel products (i.e. social media, Tour, TV ads, etc)? I mainly discover
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