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  1. Absolutely agree. I like to hit the little bleeder and the sim 2 just seems to want to draw a little bit. Could just be me. Definitely more forgiving and doesn’t spin a ton just more than I prefer to see. Can see how it’d be great for many people.
  2. MG 2 is still in the lineup for 2021 and will not be seeing a change.
  3. I have multiple pairs of the adipure and they are by far the best pair of golf shoes I’ve ever had. Stylish and really comfortable. Highly recommend.
  4. Yeah I think you are correct. Will have the details at the end of the month I believe.
  5. Where can I find the tour 360 knits that DJ was wearing today?
  6. Nike just released a statement that they are done with clubs, balls, and bags. Not joking either
  7. Do you guys think it's possible to grind the sole of a putter to make it a tri sole? I've always wanted one and it seems there aren't many available so I was wondering if I could do it myself. Thanks
  8. Can someone link me to Justin's Thursday polo? Thanks
  9. How do those that have the origin putters feel about them? Considering buying one.
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