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  1. Update with changes: Ping G425 LST 10.5, small -, Aldila Rogue White 60TX Callaway Rogue 3 wood, Evenflow Blue 75 6.0 Always seems to hit the 3 wood better with a stiff shaft vs x-stiff for whatever reason....
  2. I play a 10.5 Ping G425 LST head at 45.5 inches and D4.5 swingweight.
  3. Best shaft I have ever hit in the driver. Haven't liked it as much in the 3 wood, but I have 2 backups for the driver.
  4. Here are the specs and information directly from Aldila Customer service for the Rogue White TX flexes: Thank you for your e-mail. The specs for the Rogue White 60 TX and 70 TX, are listed below. As for the material difference between the TX and the X flex versions, the TX has a higher grade material to help keep the torque lower than the X flex version. 60 TX Weight: 68 grams Torque: 3.0 Launch: mid Ball Flight: mid to low 70 TX Weight: 77 grams Torque: 2.8 Launch: mid Ball Flight: mid to low
  5. I have tour issue 2016 M2 and OG Sim max 3 woods. Both have 2-3 degree open face angles and 16 degrees of loft. One thing to be aware of is that when the face angle is that open they tend to play at a slightly lower loft than stated. These 16 degree heads launch slightly lower than their stated loft due to the open face angles IMHO.
  6. After contacting GG customer service last week, they just informed me my order was cancelled. Not surprised, the left had has no idea what the right is doing over there...
  7. This finish is incredible! Who did the work and what was the finish called?
  8. I have the same experience as Duffner's Waggle. Loved the Titleist 915 fairway, makes me want to try and hunt one down. Not really sure why I ever got rid of it.
  9. Love that finish to the point I am considering sending a Studio Select in for the same treatment.
  10. I have both the Tour B X CB and the J15 CB. I am in the minority in that I prefer the Tour B X CB. Little more compact than the J15 CB and feel more solid/dense out of the middle. The J15 CB feels almost too soft at times IMHO.
  11. Taylormade M3 5W lofted up one click with the sliding weight toward the toe still sits open and is low launch/low spin and a smaller profile than most 7 woods offered these days.
  12. I have heard of heat and acetone working on the Nippon Modus shafts. Guys do it when spining and/or puring them.
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