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  1. No, there is not. He is a wealth of information and a true asset to this forum. Had helped me via PM multiple times.
  2. I am no engineer, but I think the slightly toe side inertia generator weight is positioned that way for aerodynamics as TM has stated it offsets the angle of the club on the downswing to minimize drag. On the Sim Max, the sole toe side is carbon fiber (presumably lighter) while the sole heel side is metal (presumably heavier) to offset the toe side inertia generator weight resulting in the Golftec measured CG being nearly centered from a heel-toe standpoint.
  3. I purchased a Sim Ti 5 wood from Global Golf that had this same issue only the entire adapter was covered in white residue. Contacted Taylormade and they just sent me a brand new replacement, no questions asked.
  4. IL2AZ

    Vokey SM8

    Completely agree with all of this. I, too, live in Phoenix and would never have thought the D grind would work given that I am a natural sweeper and play on firm turf. I have a SM6 M grind 60 that on paper should be a better fit, however, my technique has to be much more exact with the M grind. The D grind is so forgiving through the turf which leads to much more consistency while still being functional when I need to open it up a little.
  5. PXG Gen 2 hybrid is absolutely fantastic. I would add the Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons to the list, as well. They were in the used rack at Vans golf shop, took them to the simulator and couldn't believe how soft yet dense they felt and how consistent the carry distance was. Purchased them on the spot and they haven't left the bag since.
  6. This is with both weights installed, seems like there had to be a mistake with the weights they installed as I believe the Rogue White is counterbalanced.
  7. 186 with the 2g and 5g weights installed. I selected standard length, not sure what that length is as I don't have a way to measure accurately. Going to go to Cool Clubs and have the swing weight checked and buy a weight to get to D4+ as it feels light. I play my M2 at 45.5 @ 199g head weight without the adapter with the Tensei Pro Blue 60TX which has some counterbalance to it.
  8. Fairwaygolf off the custom section as they had taken down the actual link to the driver on their main page. FWIW I am located in AZ so the shipping was probably quicker than if located farther East.
  9. Received mine today. Ordered 6/17 completely stock with Aldila Rogue White 60X. It is interesting that it has a cor test dot on the face yet a TA serial number. Head only came in at 186 grams with a 2g and 5g weight.
  10. IL2AZ

    Left Hand Low

    I went LHL about 18 months ago. Much better from short distance, struggled from long distance, always was short. Watched a few Utley videos where he promotes a little wrist pop and that has added speed to my long putts which has helped a ton.
  11. Ordered on the 17th, was told the same 2-3 weeks when I called this week. They did say they hope to have them drop shipped by July 1st FWIW. I did order completely stock with the Rogue White to try and expedite the build...
  12. I would bet the Mavrik TD will sound significantly better if you prefer a more muted sound. I loved the performance of the Epic Flash TD but I couldn't get past the sound, even with a bunch of yarn stuffed into the head.
  13. City, State? Scottsdale, AZHandicap? 1Current driver and shaft? 2016 Taylormade M2 w/ Tensei Pro Blue 60 TXWhat would you improve with your current setup? Higher launch with lower spinWhat Tensei AV RAW shaft do you want to test? Blue 65TXDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and quality photos? Absolutely!
  14. I love the PXG 0311X. Great look at address if weakened a degree or two to pull out any offset and match up better with iron set lofts, great feel and very forgiving.
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