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  1. Niblick is 100% legit. Have bought 3 tour issue 2016 M2 heads from him.
  2. Just went through this with Ping. I bought the G425 LST driver and Max 3 wood and those grips are borderline unplayable due to the flexing in the butt cap if you play near the end of grip as I do. I live in Phoenix so I went to the factory and showed them and they told me it was within spec. Had to pay for a new shaft for the driver because they wanted to add an extension and regrip with non Arrcos in the driver. Pretty disappointing. The 3 wood I just told them to regrip as I don't mind a little shorter 3 wood, but wanted both clubs to be the stock swing weight. How on earth they feel i
  3. Mizuno MP 64 Mizuno MP 18 SC Bridgestone Tour B X-CB
  4. Tour 65S tipped 1/2 in a G425 LST 10.5 in the small minus. Have always played X or TX. The Tour 65 feels surprisingly stiff and stable with a touch of kick that seems to time up well and provide a little extra speed off the face. Pretty nice shaft IMHO.
  5. One thing that stood out to me about this test is the driver lengths were all over the board and swingweight varied from C9 to D8.
  6. I am in Phoenix and am slightly worried about how it will react to firm summer conditions as I am more of a sweeper.
  7. Just won an ebay offer I did not expect to win. Zx7 4-PW with Project X LZ 6.0. Was contemplating P7MC and PXG 0311Ts. Interested to see how this V sole works off actual turf.
  8. Unless you can make a living playing golf with what you "should" play, play what you "want" to play with.
  9. Titleist TSi2 should fit the bill. Flat lie angle with the ability to adjust flatter. If you go 16.5 and open it up to 15.75 and flat you should have exactly what you are looking for.
  10. Go through Taylormade's online warranty claim on their website. Follow the instructions and they will replace the entire club. They replaced a Sim 5 wood for me with the same issue and sent me the new one with return postage for the defective one. You can even order custom specs on the new one. Really solid customer service.
  11. I don't play the 6.0 in a driver, these were just two clubs I grabbed off of the used rack to compare. I do, however, have a slow backswing and smooth transition. Definitely a sweeper/swinger vs a hitter/digger. IIRC, I was swinging between 112-115. I typically pay more attention to ballspeed as swing speed numbers can vary depending on the launch monitor used.
  12. Great to hear coming from a fellow 16 M2 guy. Will hopefully be able to report back on Monday after some on course testing.
  13. Purchased a preowned Tsi3 9 degree with AV White 65 stiff shaft this weekend. Was seeing 3+ mph more ballspeed than my 2016 M2 and a Sim Max which is the first time I have experienced an appreciable increase in years. An added bonus is the look, sound and feel are second to none. Hoping to get it out on the course this week and see if the preliminary gains are real.
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