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  1. Long time V1x user. Tried out sleeve of new Bridgestone x and TM Tp5x. Did not like B'stone. Felt and sounded weird off driver. TM ball was nice. Real nice. Love it off the putter, not sure why. Driver, its longer than V1x. Irons too. Doesnt spin as much as V1x off wedges, but I control my shot with trajectory these days. Its only $5 cheaper per box so meh, who knows what I will play next.....
  2. Thank you sir. Not my first rodeo lol. Had back surgery in 2009. Lucky its been a decade. Surgeon who did the procedure told the wife that he would be seeing me again lol. He was right.
  3. Im probably done for the year. Staring at Back surgery. Had 1 steriod injection already. Felt good for 2 weeks. 2nd one cancelled, thx covid19. Now I cant move without help lol. Fml
  4. Do we have any Atmos Blue TS 6x shafts - TM adapter bonus?
  5. > @Flashwurks said: > Does anyone know the differences between these 2 shafts? There is no information on the website about the 2012 version. They look almost identical, except you can get the 2012 version in an SX (S+) stiffness. Does anyone know of any other differences between the two. I can get a really good deal on a new uncut 2012. > Especially helpful if anyone has hit both. UST is really great about responding to inquiries. I would reach out to them directly.
  6. > @Krt22 said: > > @jschwarb said: > > If I ever say my wife is helping me complete a sale, you'll know I'm lying. > > Interesting given you listed as BST banned. LOL noticed that too.
  7. In todays day and age - no way that is kept a hush. Someone would have blabbed it all over social media. 15 minutes of fame is the new norm, positive or negative.
  8. Can this shaft be installed in a driving iron application. Cobra F9 4i. I do not know the hosel diameter of the iron. What flexes will these be available in? And in what weights. Thanks!
  9. > @Nessism said: > > @KGilma said: > > I replied to one yesterday with exactly what he was looking for. Haven't heard a thing from the guy. Oh well! > > Guys like that go straight on my Ignore List. Yup
  10. > @Ivyguy said: > > @"Lord Helmet" said: > > Think he will throw one of these at his caddie? > > That was not a good look. Sure wasnt. Guy is a hothead who cant control his emotions. Bet he is a real treat around the house.
  11. Im in Albratosses corner on this one. That packaging was ridiculous. Completely lucky the product wasnt compromised. People are lazy and inconsiderate. i think the feedback was warranted.
  12. Yeah I got something like that once. I messaged the seller about the 'packaging' and said they were real lucky the shaft didnt break, etc. I was told to pound sand and to get over my box fettish, lol. Think it was KC. ha
  13. > @DaRiz said: > > @JD3 said: > > **Current setup**: > > TM M1 2017 10.5 NV 2KXV Green 65s > > TM M1 2016 3W HL Motore Tour 8.3s > > Ping G410 HB 19 Tensei Blue 80s > > Callaway Apex 2019 4 - AW N.S. Pro Modus3 105s > > Yururi Tataki Wedges 52.5 and 60.5 DG S300 > > Ping Anser 2 Milled > > NDMC Grips (extra wrap lower half to reduce taper) > > ProV1x > > UA Jordan Spieth 2 > > Footjoy Tour Glove (optional, often times play without glove) > > > Analysis > > Classic player's driver is a p
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