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  1. Moved to a push cut type shot off T. Committed to it. Finally got it down. Won a long drive in scramble to boot.
  2. I just ordered 10 tour wraps from an authorized online dealer. Got them in 2 days. Grips 4 Less
  3. 0 issues from a playing perspective IMHO. The 6" between your ears? Whole other ball game.... Might have to buy a single iron and go for a spin, see what you think.
  4. I took a year off and away - from golf and the site. Just needed a break. My back did too. Anyhow, when logging back in, the first thing I noticed was my feedback was back. So not sure why people arent seeing that.....
  5. Tell the pro to stand there next time. Sucks, but yeah, on you to repair.
  6. Frogger towel or something like that. Nothing else. A tee if I need it. Dont overthink it.
  7. Complaining about golf and DSG is like sending your sirloin back at Denny's for not being the right temperature.
  8. Dayton? Butler County here. Just south!
  9. Does the shaft from F9 work with RAD head?
  10. Long time V1x user. Tried out sleeve of new Bridgestone x and TM Tp5x. Did not like B'stone. Felt and sounded weird off driver. TM ball was nice. Real nice. Love it off the putter, not sure why. Driver, its longer than V1x. Irons too. Doesnt spin as much as V1x off wedges, but I control my shot with trajectory these days. Its only $5 cheaper per box so meh, who knows what I will play next.....
  11. Thank you sir. Not my first rodeo lol. Had back surgery in 2009. Lucky its been a decade. Surgeon who did the procedure told the wife that he would be seeing me again lol. He was right.
  12. Im probably done for the year. Staring at Back surgery. Had 1 steriod injection already. Felt good for 2 weeks. 2nd one cancelled, thx covid19. Now I cant move without help lol. Fml
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