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  1. Ping g25 irons 5 thru sw(8 clubs total) black dot 5i=37.5 8=36 pw=35.5 cfs stiff shafts ping grips purchased these early spring to try. think i played a few rounds. not my cup of tea! been sitting in corner since. 398.00 shppd paypal sold trades considered
  2. thanks for the info...I have similar results as i tend to fade or miss right with the obans. tough time trying to hit even a little draw. I do play modus 105x soft stepped in apex pros.. different feel and can work them. Could be the ping i500 heads? Need little more course time with them to figuire out if they need softstepped. may need to find monitor to actually see what i need to do with them.
  3. Looking for info on actual flex of oban ct115 shafts. I know they can be fitted and trimmed to many sub flexes. I just want to know if the standard stiff plays a little stout.
  4. good set of dynamic gold s400 tour issue shafts .355 t 4-pw golfpride zgrip cord with align 120.00 shppd paypal SOLD possible trades. ping g410 3wood, ping g425 stiff driver shaft(non stock) cobra amp cell 3-4 wood stock fujikura fuel regular flex no wrench or hadcover 85.00 shippd SOLD
  5. looking for a oban ct115 4 iron shaft standard length .
  6. mw8 Moon Woods 21* 25* lofts stiff 75gram shafts no headcovers not familiar with moon woods... plenty of online reviews . prefer to sell as a pair 130.00 shppd paypal SOLD
  7. Callaway apex 19 irons 5 thru pw. ( Green dot ) 5i=38" pw 35.75 Nippon ns pro 1100gh shafts( callaway uniflex)I'll call these stiff.. definitely not typical uniflex. I 575.00 shppd paypal. SOLD Trades( ping irons... i500's, g425's,g410's ,710's
  8. Looking for any info on a set of nippon ns pro 1100gh uniflex made for callaway shafts. Looking to possibly use them, may need to hardstep. Whats the gh mean? Any other specs or info...
  9. Can Anyone give me the length tip to first step for a dg s300 stiff parallel 5 iron and wedge. Thanks
  10. Can Anyone give me the length tip to first step for a dg s300 stiff parallel 5 iron and wedge. Thanks sorry wrong section to post
  11. One item today....you know you want to try them.... Project x catalyst 100 6.0 graphite iron shafts 5-pw .355 taper 5i =37.25 believe they played .25 over callaway apex 19 standard. Professionaly pulled 175.00. OBO shppd paypal l
  12. Thanks for the info. Gapping could be an issue, need course time to find out. Need to find a good shaft combo as I tried the 5 iron at the range ,hit low awful shots. Shafts I believe are a light and weak. I have a few parallel s300 shafts along with xp115 stiff .355 tips I'll experiment with today
  13. Picked up a nice used Set of tour edge exotics exs irons. Backup/tinker set They have the stock max 80 stiff shafts which probably wont work as I tried to hit the 5 iron and no!!!! Anybody have experience with these heads or any shaft advice theve had luck trying.
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