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  1. Just hit the 220 EXS at PGA store. It was the clear cut winner over all the other drivers I hit(all the major new drivers) The feel, sound ,length and consistency on the sim were outstanding! I liked the Fuji Ventus Stiff shaft. Worked well for me. Love this club and will buy it.
  2. How about the younger crowd? Any on here? I'd be thrilled if a few youngsters were against music on the course!
  3. Music of any kind eliminated, even for casual rounds.
  4. > @Soloman1 said: > The problem isn't everyone in the group being onboard, it's the group of ignorant, obnoxious, clueless morons that play it so loud that people on adjoining holes and tee boxes get an earful. > > I think I'll start carrying an airhorn in my bag. If you're going to play music that loud while I'm on a tee box and you're on the green behind me, I'm going to shoot a blast at you just before you make contact during your putt. (insert evil grin) > > Or maybe I'll retaliate with some really loud polka music! aaahahahahah!!!!!
  5. You guys made my day, week, Year. I have been battling this in my leagues quietly, but finally spoke up. The reaction was juvenile from the music guys. like fk off, who are you, etc. Guys in MY leagues I been playing with for years! And these aren't kids! So good to hear it's a problem for the majority in here!!
  6. > @MountainGoat said: > Former musician talking -- I hate it. Wow! Finally! I play guitar also, and pretty much every day, and hate it on the course! Can't for the life of me figure out why, but on the course it's just not right at all!
  7. So what is the consensus on this? I find it extremely distracting on the course (and I love music and play guitar). Fellow golfers seem to get really pissed when I say I don't want to hear it on the course. Most rounds I have to bite my tongue and suffer through, the whole time wanting to throw the damn speaker in the lake!! lol
  8. DF Rossi II for over 20 years and plenty wasted $$$ trying to replace it. Still the best!
  9. A dude in DSG raved about them, and he looked and sounded like a real golfer. lol Might have to try for grins...
  10. A buddy of mine plays it, I think it's the hardest ball to find anywhere. I told him he has to switch.
  11. Can't see any drastic improvements from here in quite a while
  12. They might go under, as would all if there were more people like me. I think the only new club I ever bought ( I'm 58 lol) was a wedge maybe 10 years ago. Never been fitted, no desire to. Play to about a 10. I love changing and trading equipment, but am just too cheap to buy new. It will be 1/2 price in a year. But I love my Cobra Bio Cell Driver.
  13. A big fan of NXT Tour S. Have played Chrome soft,(and everything else) and it just doesn't feel as good or predictable to me. NXT may be over priced, but still my go to ball.
  14. I personally find Yellow easier to find unless the Orange is in fairway.
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