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  1. Easily one of the best threads I’ve seen on golfwrx in a while. Thanks for this journey. I have putting green in the backyard but it isn’t nearly as receptive on chips. Great for putting. Congrats and I’m sure you’ll get many years of enjoyment.
  2. Thanks so much for providing this...shoes aren’t my favorite but new players plus 4 stadry bag looks nice
  3. City, State? Jupiter, Fl Handicap? +2.6 Current hybrid/utility iron head? Titleist ts2 19 Current hybrid/utility iron shaft? Kbs prototype 95x What flex Nippon Modus3 Hybrid GOST shaft do you want to test? X Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes!
  4. I’ve played most iterations of the titleist muscle back offerings; going back as far as the 681’s. I recently went to the t100’s and after hitting the 620 MB’s today I realized why I played blades to begin with. These irons are so easy to elevate and work both directions. I wouldn’t say they feel super soft but when struck well they feel great. Amazingly I didn’t lose any distance coming from the t100, maybe other than the 4 iron; but I hit the t100 4 iron much farther than any other one I’ve ever hit. I think part of the reason for my epiphany is that with blades/MB’s I focus more on center strikes and with cavity back irons I know I can get away with a toe wipe here and there.
  5. How To Apply: Answer the following in a post below. What is your handicap: 0 Current putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 timeless Are you OK with shipping your putter into BGT for installation (Usually 24hr install time)? Yes Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Of course
  6. Got fit yesterday at true spec, really wanted the cb’s but after hitting the t100’s, it didn’t make sense to get the cb. They look almost identical from above and the feel was extremely similar. I used to be a high spin guy but after shallowing my swing a bunch in the past year I would say I’m now a low spin player. The spin rates were great with both heads and my dispersion was actually a lot better with t100’s. I should also add I’ve played every iteration of the AP2 irons and mixed in a few sets of MB’s. I was fit with the modus 120 x shaft. The one thing that was eye opening to me was the apex, I was hitting the ball rather high (115 feet on average). The other thing I noticed was that the leading edge wasn’t as preworn as the 718 ap2’s..turf interaction was better for me. Anyway this is my 2 cents, thanks for reading.
  7. Call Titleist (18002258500) and inquire about the serial number. At first glance the serial number print looks off.
  8. Any other experience with the long irons in the apex pro ‘19?
  9. Hey guys, I recently switched to Callaway (apex MB’s) and I’m in the market for a driving iron (can’t hit hybrids). I’m deciding between the UT and the apex pro in the 3 iron. I will mostly use it off the tee on shorter par 4’s and some approaches into par 5’s. I’ve hit the x forged ut 21 and didn’t think it felt great-kinda low and knuckle ball. Any advice would be appreciated as I have no opportunity to hit the apex pro.
  10. I play c taper stiff plus in my irons and went with an atmos x flex in my hybrid...good transition between the two shafts.
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