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  1. Bomber! I have a mint one sitting in a backup bag on standby. Glws
  2. SOLD Ping G410 LST 3w w/ Ping Tour 75 x flex. Comes with headcover, no wrench. Never gamed hit on range 2 sessions. Outside of one sandy ball on toe, pretty mint. SOLD shipped in US. Add $5 west of Mississippi SOLD Vokey SM8 52 F grind and 58 D grind. Vokey wedge shaft. Played 2 rounds and a couple range sessions. Sticking with SM7’s until Glide 3.0’s get here. Standard length, 2* up lie. Midsize Lamkin UTx cord grips. Selling as set. SOLD shipped in US. Add $5 west of Mississippi Ping Ping G 3 hybrid 19*. Stock/standard everything. Evenflow blue 6.0 85h shaft. Includes headc
  3. I ordered 2 Glide 3.0 wedges stock shaft but upright and asked Ping to ensure swingweight. Ordered through DD's on June 12. Got tracking Monday (1 month later). Shipping from west coast now showing Monday 7/20 arrival date. So ~5 weeks from order time to having clubs in hand.
  4. Moving on from 0211, mostly due to my dislike in launch from elevate tour shaft. Still gaming i15's. Looked at a set of t200 and loved the feel of PX 6.0 LZ shafts. I'm not even sure you can custom order AP3's anymore. Didn't know if t200 was worth extra coin though.
  5. Scammers/hackers should be executed. Maybe that would deter them. If not, at least they can’t do it again
  6. My only concern is QC. If that’s there it’s a no brainer
  7. They’re great clubs. I bought the 0211 irons and really like them. I do not like the elevate tour shafts in them. So they’re sitting in backup bag after a range session and one round and my i15s are back in the bag. There’s nothing revolutionary with most any club nowadays. It’s all about what you swing best
  8. Honestly I don’t notice the turbulators much at all anymore.
  9. I agree with most everything you said. Simple truth is Wilson has a product (from my small sample of testing) that stands up with anything on the market. Problem is the brand may not have the luster anymore to garner the price point it deserves. I’m not big on the subscription deal but I LIKE the ball. Not sure many golfers will give it a fair shake though. Really really good product that I think is priced very fair if given the chance, but agree a lower price point may bring more prospects that otherwise would overlook the ball. They need to really market this ball and get some pros gam
  10. asumnerdawg

    Vokey SM8

    Worst Vokeys I’ve ever had. Just ordered glide 3.0 set and will play my sm7s until they come on. Harsh feel and never could get in rhythm with them.
  11. I just ordered a set with the Z-Z115 from DD. I've tried to like my SM8's but cannot. Loved SM7 and SM6 were good. I did request SW to be confirmed.
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