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  1. Stumbled upon personalgolfnetwork.com (or PGN) a month or so back on facebook. I joined and it seems like an interesting and useful connection tool. It's synced with GHIN so if you can post scores thru the website and also verify other users handicaps. I also got my GHIN handicap thru PGN this year. I used it for a golf trip I did to Myrtle a month ago. I made a private group for the 8 guys going to coordinate plans for the trip and also some friendly banter. It worked out well and was way easier than using group text messaging or email. Just thought I'd see if anyone else is on it or uses it. It was totally free so I figured some wrx-ers may want to check it out.
  2. great seller, i can personally vouch for these irons, you will have a tough time finding out if they were even hit at all
  3. i was at the tournament and saw a bunch of the guys wearing these belts. my guess is that they were for a charity and cost say $5000? the belt is a sign that they donated a good amount to this foundation. thats my guess
  4. PX 6.03-pw set of Titleist 735 cm irons. They are in good-very good condtiton overall with no notable dings or dents. They are shafted with project x 6.0's in the new chrome finish. They have titleist cords on them as well. Face picis of the 7 iron. It is the most used and its not bad at all. The 3 iron is basically brand new. Standard LLL. $365 shipped and paypaled. PM me with offers. -kevin
  5. my friends get free stuff. tour titleist equiptment. circle t cameron and tons of wedges, irons, woods, classic shoes, boxes of golves, balls
  6. glad to hear because when i played there in july 2005 i was extreemly dissapointed. Paying $125 to play on conditions that were not even close to my muni was aweful. The greens were long, bumpy and filled with ball marks and the fairways hadn't been mown in about a week. It was a real dissapointment. Glad to hear its in championship condition like a championship course should be. Bethpage was perfect last year when i played, which is what should be expected of these high end muni's with national attention.
  7. Had the chance to play there back in 2006 and really loved it. For a modern golf course, it was very fair and a great test. The course was in mint condition and the only thing i disliked was the 2nd green, the par five, i thought it was too unfair and didnt fit with how nice the rest of the course was. The monestary is really beautiful and the back tee on 18 sits almost in it, really cool. Also, be sure to check out the extensive practice facility which has a nice 100yd area. I read recently on their website that padrig harrington played there last summer (2007) and loved it. Really a cool place if you can get out there.
  8. suck it up. adults get attended to first because they have the money, the taylormade guy doesnt give a crap that you can beat your dad, big deal!. hes the one with a job and a bank account with cash. And they hand you a big club because in general, kids arent as good as they think and a game improvement iron or something of the sort is what they really need. They are just doing their job, suck it up. and if you cant get out at your course, just be nice to the guy. at my course im always friendly to the older starters and even buy them a coffee once in a while. just treat people with respect as said above.
  9. i go with pleated and cuffed. i dont know but i just like the look a lot better. Flats are real tight on me because im not a thin person and have big legs. the pleats seem right for me and my body type. When i see a 6 foot, 150 kid wearin pleats it looks weird because they have a small upperbody and then it looks like a dress for pants. I think it depends on body type.
  10. its by far the best infomercial on tv. When me and my friends shake hands now, we do it just like Jack Hamm. When he is in the studio introducing himself is when it happens. Guy: "With us today is Jack Hamm", then puts hand out Jack: shakes hand and says "hey pow" its halirous. I also like how he uses the shame shaft as everyone else. The smart shaft. I also love when the smart shaft talks in that corney accent. the entire thing is priceless. I feel compelled to buy one just to support him so the infomercials are not take off the air. -Pow
  11. those are i506's correct? i want to that to my set real bad. I have raw wedges and love them. Bigkidneys: i was going to buy that set when you had it for sale. they look so sweet.
  12. get a job at a course. I work at a public muni in my town. its the best. get paid well, free range balls, flexable hours, and $340 a year for all the golf you can play. Im not leaving!
  13. havent played either, but its a no brainer to go to sawgrass. My dad has played Doral and says its nothing special, just a florida course with some yardage. Sawgrass is were its att
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