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  1. If you are having blister problems, don't overlook socks. I wear wool socks, mostly Kentwool, and haven't had a blister since wearing them.
  2. I got a Sun Mountain 5.5 to get away from the 14 slot cart bag. I think it weighs more than 5.5. It's pretty heavy.
  3. A local shop ordered a 425 5w last Tuesday. Dec- Jan delivery.
  4. #15 Oak Valley Golf Club in Advance,NC. 551, second shot plays downhill.
  5. I think I could beat Tiger, too. I just need to be 40 years younger, 60 yards longer, a better iron player, and better putter, but, really, that's all that's holding me back.
  6. Forsyth CC , in Winston-Salem, is a "Ross" course. Some old timers have told me of significant changes through the years. Some holes were rerouted, and new holes created.
  7. It's real hard for me to like this guy. If he does play in the Ryder Cup, I'll be singing OLE.
  8. The guys at a local shop said Callaway was the best, with about a 2 week turn around. They called me this morning after ordering a Ping 5w for me. Ping said Dec or Jan.
  9. Usually , you can tell there is a potential for a lost ball when you hit it. Hit a provisional. Sometimes, you lose one in the rough, but that really doesn’t happen too often.
  10. Just have to accept it, and do the best you can. Same course for both teams.
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