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  1. I hit the Epic Max yesterday, and it was very impressive.
  2. It has to be awful to mess up like that, especially such a popular player with such an easy name.
  3. Rickie played so early, he might not have had his coffee, yet.
  4. I know Gamez is a past champ, but you really have to question why a guy that doesn't play would want to put himself through that kind of misery? They must have a killer buffet in the clubhouse.
  5. Gosh, I hope Alice Cooper, and Justin Timberlake don’t leave! Call away must be falling apart!
  6. Get a sleeve of each, and try them. That would be the best way to figure it out.
  7. Being here in NC, i don't expect much sympathy, but it's been a very wet winter. The last few years, when a front comes in, it stays for a bit. It used to be that we would have a rainy day, now the rain comes in for 3-5 days. I think we are in for a good stretch of dry weather, and we really need it.
  8. For a long time, Rickie always was close, but just didn't finish enough. He had that great year when he had all those high finishes in majors. He won a Players. Played good enough to be a fixture on Ryder and President's Cup teams. Made a ton of money, and was on tv all the time. I just don't understand why a guy with a really good career would want to change a swing that has achieved so much. I think the winning would have come if he just stayed the path.
  9. After watching the putt, that might have been Billy's inner voice speaking out loud. He seems to be wrapped just a bit tight.
  10. Got replaced with Captain's Wafers.
  11. We have a guy that has to look for balls a lot, and he takes a lot of time. I help for a bit, and go to my ball. I've only been a member at my club since September, so I don't really say anything.
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