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  1. At this point, if they do anything, they really need to rebuild the greens. The greens have so much slope, there are only two pin placements on many greens. The club has been consulting with some golf course architects, and trying to get a long term plan. I think the greens are the biggest thing that needs fixing. The owner of the course really prefers Bentgrass, but he will do what’s best for the long term.
  2. I really think the switch is a long shot. Right now, we have bentgrass greens, with a ton of poa, that were built in 1954. They have a large amount of slope, and very few pin placements. We are a lower level private club, so the labor involved covering and uncovering Bermuda greens would be an issue. We do have a couple Bermuda greens in our short game area that we’re covered for a week while the Bent greens on the course were playable. We are all Bermuda, except the greens, and when our fairways are at their best, our greens are at their worst. They are going to have to do something, and I’m trying to get them to consider the new heat tolerant Bentgrass.
  3. Our course is thinking about converting from bentgrass greens to Bermuda. We are located on north central NC, and get some cold spells during the winter. I have read that Tiff Eagle and Mini Verde are more cold tolerant than Champions, but the courses that have converted in the area have installed Champions. Are there negatives to the TE and MV vs the Champions? Also, I have heard there are some new, very heat tolerant Bent out there.What do you know about them? Thanks
  4. We were thinking about looking at the Landings, but it is surrounded by water with an elevation of 10 feet. A big storm at high tide, with a full moon, might be a bit dicey.
  5. I worked a Drive, Chip, and putt qualifier last year, and a couple kids used the divide ball in the putting area. It gave me the heebie jeebies watching it flash the different colors. I like Srixon balls, but I won’t be playing this one.
  6. We only got about 3 inches, but then we got a bunch if sleet that compacted it into a sheet of ice. We probably won’t get a quick melt, and next week is supposed to be pretty cold, so I might not play for a couple weeks. That is very rare for here.
  7. I wish I was in my 30s, but I’m in my mid 60s. We are kind of thinking about moving south, and we don’t really have to be in a city, but we would like to be close to a city. We have been to HHI on about ten years worth of summer vacations, and really enjoyed the bike riding, kayaking, and the beach. We did not like the crowds the last time down there. We have gone to Beaufort several times, and really liked it. The thing that makes us most nervous is the increasing frequency of hurricanes, and possible evacuations. My wife has one sister that lives about 5 minutes away, and another about 20 minutes away, so the reality of a move south is probably pretty slim.
  8. The weather forecast here has me thinking about a move south. Is Hampton Hall the most reasonable private option in the are, or are there others? Also, I know that HHI got hit pretty good by a hurricane a few years ago. Would I just be trading one bad weather event for another?
  9. If this guy was a marketing genius, he could have listed it as a tee remover/ ball mark fixer, and probably got $20.
  10. Brookgreen Gardens is a beautiful place to visit after golf. We stay at Litchfield. There are a lot of room options. We really like the Hot Fish Club in Murrells Inlet. Very good food, and they take reservations.
  11. I really think they don’t look too bad in person.
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