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  1. Is Morning Drive done? I've seen that GC is re-running recent tournament rounds, and not showing MD. Is this related to the studio moving north?
  2. What are the yardages from the whites and blues? Based on your driver yardage, I would think the whites would be all you would want.
  3. I don't think I would ever wear a hoodie on the course simply because I would never use the hood. If it's that cool, I'd probably wear a stocking hat.
  4. If you buy that, along with the Squairz shoes, there is no telling how far you will hit it!
  5. Don't like to think about the mental game.
  6. I am thinking, very seriously, about getting JPX Long Iron Replacements to replace my 4 & 5 irons. Really though, I haven't hit my 5 iron in weeks, and only used the 4 for lay ups.
  7. Just switched clubs, and the new club has very fast greens with a lot of movement. Hitting the ball fairly well, but having a tough time adjusting to the new greens. Currently using a Stroke Lab V Line putter, and I'm thinking about going back to an old, lighter Ping.
  8. I would go with Ping or Titleist, and not worry about any clubs. Really, if properly fit, I wouldn't worry about going with any of the big club companies.
  9. Pro Sl are a lot cheaper, and I have never paid that much for any of the Ecco shoes I have. All my shoes are leather. I bought some FJ fabric spiked shoes several years ago, and they were not good. I also bought some of the FJ Versaluxe, with the cork footbed, and they were great for me, but they were discontinued.
  10. The catalog listed these at $220 for a spikeless shoe. No thanks!
  11. That is the same as mine. We have a small graveyard on the left side of 18, and an old log structure by the 6th tee. Our course was the first solo design of Ellis Maples after serving as Donald Ross's right hand man. We have some greens complexes very similar to Ross designs. One hole has been changed due to a green that remained in constant shade, and some additional tees have been added, but that is about it. The course is not long, but the greens can be very difficult. Maple Chase Country Club in Winston-Salem, NC. Formerly called Pine Brook Country Club.
  12. I played Tot Hill Farm shortly after it opened, and I thought it had the goofiest greens I had ever seen. There were multiple greens where you could be on the green, and the only way to get to the hole was to chip. I have never been back.
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