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  1. Just get a Ping Max driver with the proper shaft. These are fairway finders, and they are plenty long. Also, I will not play anything less than a 10.5. I used to have a 12 degree driver, and the higher lofts make finding fairways much easier.
  2. As one who holds a turf degree, Old Tom is like the Patron Saint of greens keeping. Happy Birthday you old geezer!
  3. Was Sergio using Callaway when he won at Augusta?
  4. Had a similar dealing with a TM rep at a demo day. I wanted to try a fairway wood with a stiff shaft. I'm in my mid 60s, and not very big, but I'm a pretty good player, and still hit it well. His response was " Stiff? Really?". I got a 5 wood, and striped about a dozen balls, and all of a sudden, he was my best friend. When he asked me what I thought, I said it was ok, and just handed it back to him.
  5. My driver is one, if not the, easiest clubs in my bag to hit. I struggle much more with my 3 wood. It's to the point where I tee it low, and hit stingers with my driver rather than hit the 3 on tight holes.
  6. Last time I checked, playing a little game on the course wasn’t one of the Commandments. If you have investments in the stock market, isn’t that gambling,too?
  7. I really liked that the course had no tee boxes. Just mow everything the same, and move the tee markers. I don't know if that is a new practice, or a very old practice, but eliminating a mower is a great idea. Also, it was nice to see a course that really tested the players without thick, deep rough, and crazy looking greens. It looked like a course that would be fun for regular play if played from the proper length.
  8. I would think a Sun Mountain bag would fit well on a Sun Mountain cart.
  9. My thoughts exactly. I had a Sync bag that was a couple years old, but got rid of it. Did not like the 14 way top. If they make one with a 4 or 5 way top, I would not hesitate to get another.
  10. We had several members of the NC 4A Girls Championship team do their remote learning classes at the course. Between classes, they would putt, or hit balls if they had a longer break. So, find a course with good Wi-Fi.
  11. I live about 10 minutes away from WF. Did you do this in Winston-Salem?
  12. I'll pick up a couple cheap ones just for this reason.
  13. My feet were sore and tired after walking 18. Got some Adidas ChodeChaos, and they are the most comfortable golf shoes I've ever had. They are a bit flashy for me, but the more I wear them, the better looking they get.
  14. He showed some real promise when he first hit the Tour. It's a real shame it has come to this.
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