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  1. Old Town Club in Winston-Salem. Perry Maxwell- Renovation by Coore & Crenshaw. Heard Crenshaw say it was one of the best properties he had ever worked on. Can be very hard to get in.
  2. I am not against Bubba's look, but I wonder if a member would be allowed to play with an untucked shirt?
  3. I would want to be the natural that grinds. I think Phil may have taken his ability for granted for awhile when he came out on tour, but you don't win that many tournaments or majors unless you put in the work.
  4. Where are you located? I'm in NC, and late October was the latest I've seen, and it took quite a long time to heal. I have also seen courses skip the fall aerification after a very difficult summer, and the greens were good in the spring.
  5. They bought some land from Augusta CC, so they sure can go back on 13.
  6. Mike Whan will soon become the CEO of the USGA. Previously, he was the Commish of the USGA. Under his leadership, he pretty much rescued the LPGA. The women don't hit it far compared with the men, so I don't believe Whan will want to hurt the LPGA. This whole discussion just might be moot under Whan's leadership.
  7. I worked at Raleigh CC back in the late 80s-early 90s while at NC State. The club was not doing well financially , and the conditions were ok, but it was a great layout, and a blast to play. I'm very biased, but if I lived there, that would be at the top of my list. I enjoyed Mc Gregor, as well.
  8. Have they said he was using his phone? I must have missed that.
  9. If he is finished, we've all been pretty darn lucky to have been able to watch him.
  10. Oak Valley and Tanglewood Championship are just west of Winston-Salem, and just a few minutes off of I-40.
  11. I wear a 10m in DryJoys, and I tried on some Traditions, and 10m was a perfect fit. They felt light and comfortable. I bought a pair of the blue and white saddle for my father for his birthday. He thought they were almost too pretty to get dirty.
  12. That has me considering going back to cable. YTTV dropped the Fox Sports channels, so I am missing the Carolina Hurricanes games. Hockey without fans is just not the same, so I don’t miss it that much, but I might have to go back to cable next year. Also, the navigation between channels, and channel guide are a bit better with cable. Kind of minor complaints considering YTTV is close to half the cost of cable.
  13. Also, the GC and ESPN don’t cost extra.
  14. I have YouTube TV, and I'm watching the CBS coverage right now. I also have the Golf Channel and ESPN.
  15. I can't comment on the R&A vs PGA organizations in the rest of the world, but it seems like the PGA of America has a lot more common sense than the USGA.
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