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  1. Lanny speaks as if he never hit a bad shot. Lanny was a good player, but he talks like he was the best.
  2. I used to be a member at a semi private club, and I heard the pro tell guys about punched greens many times.
  3. Have you ever tried one? It takes a lot of practice to use one well. I have no issue with anyone using a legal club.
  4. I would think $50 would be a very generous tip for a fore caddy.
  5. Since he has used the long putter, it’s really a moot point.
  6. We play year round in NC, but I’m not looking forward to the wet and muddy conditions when the Bermuda goes dormant.
  7. I switched to graphite several years ago due to arthritis in my hands. They have helped a lot. I went with Recoil 95 stiff in Mizuno 919 Hot Metals. I would think a fitter would have demo graphite shafts for just about any club.
  8. Every time I've tried one, it looks like the blade is wide open. It looks like everything is aimed way right of the hole. I decided I just can't use one.
  9. Has anyone tried the spikeless version of the Premier?
  10. Lob wedge. I've never hit an average shot with a lob wedge. It's either very good, or very bad. There are some chip shots around some of our greens that would be easier with a lob wedge, and we have a drivable par 4, that I can't drive, where the 2nd shot would be a lot easier with a lob wedge.
  11. I got a pair of 2021 CodeChaos, and I haven't had much difficulty cleaning them, but I have been very disappointed in their waterproof claim. I bought them Sept.2, and by the end of Sept., my feet were wet. I only used them a few times. The pro at my club is not getting quick responses from the Adidas rep, either.
  12. I've played with plenty of slow low handicappers. We have a guy in our group that is like a human rain delay with his pre shot routine.
  13. Unless it goes directly in my bag, I don't want any old clubs.
  14. We're the Red and White from State, and we know we are the best!
  15. I switched to graphite a couple years ago due to a bit of arthritis in my hands. I was playing or practicing almost every day, and a teaching pro recommended that I make the switch to ease the stress on my body. I was playing Ping irons with stiff steel, and I switched to Mizuno JPX HMs with stiff Recoil 95s. I looked for clubs with the heaviest stock shafts. It really didn't take long to adjust, and it has helped my hands. If you do some research, and find the correct shaft, I think you would be happy with graphite. Also, try to avoid hitting a lot of balls off the mats. That really take a toll on my hands and arms.
  16. Last I heard, Tot Hill was in bad shape. Plus, it’s at least an hour from Pinehurst.
  17. Take a par, and congratulate the couple on the way by. Gosh, people need to start taking themselves a bit less seriously.
  18. I’d keep calling Pinehurst, and possibly be open to getting one foursome on a different resort course. That might make it easier than finding two tee times together on the same course.
  19. Ballyhack is in the middle of nowhere.
  20. This is shoveling the manure with the edges of the shovel.
  21. I have had the 919 HMs in the bag for a couple years. Not going anywhere anytime soon.
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