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  1. Before this gets out of hand, I am the seller in this God forsaken transaction. I did not lie and forget to this the irons. The irons were paid for on 10/2/13 and they were shipped via USPS priority mail on 10/4/13, TRACKING NUMUBER [b]9405 5096 9993 9303 9297 59[/b]. The irons were delayed by USPS stating that the postage was a few cents short and I paid it. After numerous phone calls and countless headaches dealing with USPS, they assured me that they irons had been delivered to the buyer. In fact they were sent out for delivery twice and actually delivered on the second attempt. I am
  2. Thanks for all the offers, but not looking for any trades.
  3. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/931396-steer-clear-of-twgolf/ Got some Mizzy irons up for sale. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority mail with confirmation number to CONUS only. Payment via Paypal only. Please contact me via PM with any questions you may have or offers. PMs will be received in the order they are received. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME!!! First up is a new set of Mizuno forgeed MP4s 3-W. They have OEM installed KBS Tour stiff flex shafts and they are Mizuno standard L/L/L. They are brand new except the plastic has been removed from the heads. Asking$750 OBO s
  4. I joined a private club two years ago and there is a great group of guys to play with. The course is well maintained as well. The main reason I joined was to get away from 5+ hour rounds at the local public courses. We have some nice public courses in my area, but just fed up with over crowding and slow play. Fast forward to present day. Again I like my club but they just increased the cart fee to $20 per round and with the $40 minimum per month I'm not sure cost wise if its worth it. I usually play at least six times per month so that equates $220 per month for golf and that's not incl
  5. It's not exactly the same. No retailers are selling the Hex Black for under $30 and that should tell you something. Its a great ball for under $30, but it's no Pro V1.
  6. You sold it for $120, so by doing so you got what you wanted out of it or you never would have sold it for that price. Anything past that transaction dealing with the range finder should have no bearing on you at all. I have had guys flip items iI have sold for more money, but I got what I wanted for it or I never would have sold it in the first place. It's not like he beat you way down on price and he is making a living off flipping your range finder for profit. As in the post above, it would be interesting to find out how much you had it listed for in your BST ad.
  7. Match today went down to the last hole and I made a 15 footer for par to win 1 up. The funk on the back nine yesterday is gone.
  8. Our club championship was today. I was in the 1st flight and I'm current holding an 8.2 index. The format is one round stroke play, then the top 4 from each flight make it to match play. I was the defending champion. Well things started good, I was even through six and made the turn at a one over 37, 6 pars, 2 bogeys, and a birdie. Made bogey on ten, then the wheels fell off! Over the next eight holes I proceeded to shoot 15 over and I made par on two of the holes'. Carded a ten on a par five a snowman on a par four and two doubles just to round out the meltdown. Ended up with a 52 on
  9. [quote name='12tamale' timestamp='1376105770' post='7645762'] The dt solo is the straightest ball off the driver I've seen. [/quote] +1 on the DT solo, but I would add the Titleist Velocity. It has been the longest ball I have hit off the tee I quite some time.
  10. twgolf

    rich beem ?

    PGA is just like the Masters and Open Championship, all past champions get invited. The US Open is the only major that past champions do not get an automatic invitation. They still have to qualify to get in.
  11. People are constantly starting threads about you on websites that do not pertain to anything related to your golf game.
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