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  1. Location Oregon Illinois Handicap 10 Have you tested equipment for GolfWRX before? No What ball do you currently play? Pro V1X Which color would you prefer to test: Both (2 sleeves white, 2 yellow) Since it's still winter, are you in an area where you can do on-course reviews? Yes Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Titleist Tour Soft golf balls and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Yes I will do on course testing by playing rounds as well as go to practice are to se spin and putting. I would also go to the simulator to see spin results.
  2. TM Name. qvirgil22 Driver Titleist 917 D2 11.5 degree Shaft Diamana Blue 60 stiff Hadicap 9.3 RH
  3. Does anyone have any information on either one of these swing training aids? The Bluestrike Haney endorses and the Impact Slot Breed endorses.
  4. Just wondering when the arrival of the 718s will happen for the people who preordered them?
  5. 1. Colin Sheehan 2. Light (Orange) Medium (Blue) Strong (Red) 3. Lauren Thompson
  6. Which irons do you feel are better?
  7. Have stores started to receive the demos yet? Will they before the release date?
  8. qvirg

    Nike 2016

    Does anyone know when the Fly or Origin will be in stores to demo?
  9. Is Nike coming out with new ball for sure? If so any idea when. Thanks
  10. i am looking at buying one of these. Any thoughts on pros and cons on each.
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