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  1. Added Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5 in 35". Used one round. Simply cannot bench my Phantom X7 at this point in time and this is just collecting dust. $320 shipped. PM with any questions. Won this at an event and have no use for it. $460 shipped. Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G Stiff shaft and 9 degree head. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  2. LOL'ed at this. So true. I have and love the JPX 919 Tour's but am obsessed with Ping and will be getting the i210 replacements.
  3. Thankfully Crystal decided to grow the rough out on their courses again this year so Crystal and Bally have some teeth again. Played Bally today. Phenomenal shape. Greens aren't up to speed yet, but they're getting there. Turkey is in great shape too, but greens are slowwwww.
  4. Now a days, you hear about all the top studs coming up because of our access to college golf now a days. DeChambeau, Patrick Rodgers, Adam Aaron Wise, and more recently Colin Morikowa, Wolff, and Hovland. All amazing golfers...none can sniff TW and that upper tier of golfers...even Bryson, who has yet to sniff a major. I'm happy to see so many good golfers now a days, but I think it's harder then ever to win at the top level right now. That only makes TW and the fact he's still winning and consistently in the top 10 even more impressive.
  5. I usually roll with replacing my irons ever other release. I have the 919T's now...but I don't even know if I'll purchase a new set even 2 years from now. The combo of the 919T's with the C-Taper Lite's for me in X are next level. Best combo I've ever games. Simply can't see myself getting any new irons anytime soon.
  6. Have the non-waterproof version and love them. Great traction and extremely comfortable. Will be picking these up for a waterproof version.
  7. Haven't tried those but heard good things. All the Spieth models have been so damn stiff.
  8. TGW just cut prices on Ping's G410 line. Hopefully an announcement in the coming weeks/months?
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