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  1. Love the fitting at Club Champ, not a fan of everything after that. Would rather purchase the parts on my own and build. Way quicker and cheaper imo.
  2. I don't think they've been hidden, I think they've had a hard time coming up with something better then the i210 they have out right now. Curious to see if these actually are announced early 2022 or get pushed out further. I'm a gigantic Ping homer and for the first time in a long time I've put a different brand in my bag. Went from a G410 LST to a G425 LST and now game the Titleist TSI3. I honestly think I'd have to rank these drivers Tsi3, 410, then the 425. Felt the distance fell of substantially from the 410 to the 425. Tsi3 is longest I've played and just as forgiving as Ping. That being said, game the i210's and will not replace these until the next gen come out. Once they're out, I'll give them some time on the market and test them before transitioning to them.
  3. Like those that Hickok has on. The lacing system definitely looks different on those.
  4. Sick clubs. Black dot here. GLWS. Waiting on those the next version of the i210.
  5. As title states, selling my Ping G425 LST 9* driver head. Club is in mint condition. SOLD.
  6. Selling my AV Raw White 65 TX fitted with Ping G425 adaptor. Shaft weighs 67 grams, uncut. Shaft is untipped and cut to play at 45.25" with driver head on. SOLD.
  7. Swapped my AV Raw White 65TX for Diamana ZF 60TX tipped .5" and will not be looking back. Love the feel of the club compared to the Raw. Can feel the load and release much more substantially, launches the ball higher, and easier to swing then the Raw. Super happy with the switch.
  8. Can you provide some feedback? What iron did you come from? Going back to?
  9. This comes with Ping adaptor (G425 3 hybrid) and Golf Pride multi compound black/white standard grip. Per Ping's shaft details on their site, actual weight of this shaft is 77g. With grip and adaptor, length is 39.5", which is standard ping length. Flex of shaft is stiff. Sold. Please close.
  10. Ping hats are the best. That being said, they are more of a structured fit then low profile.
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