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  1. Thanks. For starters I'm just a tinkerer...I love trying out different stuff. I've also got some spare heads that I can throw on an MMT to try out if I can find a single shaft somewhere. In the last few months I've also spoken with two guys that know their stuff and they both said they switched over and aren't going back. A recent herniated disc diagnosis makes it a little more appealing as well haha
  2. I tried contacting Mitsubishi directly and replied in another thread...but does anyone have experience going from PX 6.0 to the MMTs? Any thoughts or suggestions for weight and flex? I hit the ball pretty high even with the PXs...111-112 driver speed and I believe 91-92 with 7i. Thinking about building one iron up to give them a try before committing to an entire set change. Thanks!
  3. Well I tried contacting Mitsubishi but no response. Any thoughts on someone looking to try the MMT stuff coming from a PX 6.0? I launch the ball pretty high and spin it plenty with the PX's. Driver SS around 111-112. 7 iron around 90 or so. Thank you!
  4. Thanks PGood! Appreciate the insight
  5. It looks like I'll be relocating to the area in the next 12 months or so. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the private options in the area...Wakefield Plantation, Hasentree, Heritage (semi private I think?), or any others I may not know of. Any opinions on the courses themselves, practice facilities, amenities, overall vibe, etc would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Would prefer to trade for a Ventus Blue 7X if possible. Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X. Full Velocore. No tipping. Brand new MCC Plus 4 Standard sized grey grip. Logo down at standard. Measures a hair under 44" from adapter to grip. 2* TaylorMade adapter/tip. $270 (would still prefer a straight trade for a blue 7X)
  7. No trades. Just replenishing PayPal fund. Cost includes USPS Priority shipping to continental USA. $250 $OLD - Ping G410 LST 9* RH Head Only. Great condition. No marks on the crown or face. Some tee marks on the bottom but nothing out of the ordinary. Headcover included $270 $OLD - Fujikura Ventus Black 6X Full Velocore with TaylorMade +/- 2* adapter. Measures 44" from grip cap to tip. Golf Pride Midsize MCC Plus 4 in like new condition. Logo down at standard setting. No tipping.
  8. The raw finish should be available in the next 7-10 days and the black/satin in mid-March I believe
  9. The raw finish should be available in the next 7-10 days and the black/satin in mid-March I believe
  10. Any thoughts on what weight class to go with for a 3 wood? I have a SIM with Ventus Blue 6X and a 3 iron with a Ventus Blue HB 9X. I like both. I'm just trying to decide between a Blue 7X or 8X for the fairway wood...just not sure what difference there might be in performance. Swing driver around 111-112. Will play at standard length so I think the 7X would be around D3-D3.5 while the 8X would be more D4.5ish. Going to just boil down to personal weight preference?
  11. Any thoughts on what to try for someone swinging driver around 112 and 6 iron around 92-93? Intrigued by the MMT idea...but I already tend to hit my PX 6.0s pretty high and with moderate-high spin rates. I've been hesitant to try anything graphite due to my high launch and high-ish spin rates but maybe it's worth trying something out. I've played DG, PX, C-Taper, etc. Slightly different performance/feels but typically the same issues with all of them.
  12. Yeah four of us are going down and I think two of us would have no problem playing as singles and getting paired up with others. The other two guys would probably rather play together and just play a different course if they have that option. Looks like I may be making my first trip to Pinehurst and not even play #2...we'll see what happens. Thanks for the info though!
  13. Just wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on this and possible solutions. I'm in the same boat. My driver, fairway wood, 3 iron are consistently in the 0-2* in-out range. I get down to wedges and short irons and it's 7-8* in-out. Everything in the middle floats in the 3-5* range. Obviously with the wedges and shorter irons it leads to poor contact, shanks, etc. I had never really noticed or thought about it until today. Could I simply be standing too far away from shorter clubs and in reaction throwing the club out and away to get to the ball? I've got an instructor so I'll see what his thoughts are the next time I see him...but wondered if anyone else has come across this and if there is any conventional wisdom for what might cause it most often.
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