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  1. Looking for a SIM 9⁰ head only. Thanks
  2. Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has insight on the following... How early can members make guest tee times? We are heading down to Pinehurst but not staying at the resort. I have a friend of a friend that is a member and I' think he'd be willing to make us a tee time or two if anything is available. From what I've read they allow unaccompanied "guests"...I'm just curious if anyone knows when those guest tee times open up for members so that I'm not bothering him about it too early. Thanks!
  3. Thanks man. Watched as much video as I had access to before I got it last week but I'll revisit that. Thanks!
  4. I've been putting it on myself and the only mirror I can get isn't great...so I may not be getting it lined up seamwise or it's even sliding a bit as I go. I typically have the bottom of the gbox belt slightly above my actual beltline but maybe I should move it up a bit. I know it's generally more "difficult" and probably productive the higher you go...so maybe I'll put it a few inches higher and see what happens. Definitely averaging 7-8* in to out at the moment. Hitting the crap out of the ball but have to just play a 3-5 degree push to get it on target
  5. Couldn't find a recent thread so I'm reviving this one... Just got a gbox and seem to be picking up a little speed, lowering launch and spin...but my swing path is more in-out than it was before. I'm talking 7-9⁰ right now. Anyone have any ideas for how I can use the gbox but get more manageable club path numbers? Maybe move the trail side hip box closer to my front?
  6. Price includes USPS Priorty shipping. Continental USA Only. No trades. Callaway Triple Track Ten - 35", stock jumbo grip, head cover included $190 $OLD Sub 70 699U Pro 3 Iron - Ventus HB Blue 8S Velocore, 19.5*, 2* upright, +1/2". grey Std MCC Plus 4 grip. Great condition...hit 25-30 balls and went to the same shaft but the X rather than the S. $OLD TRUE Linkswear Black Eco Knit Size 12 Shoes - Brand new, never worn $OLD
  7. I'm sure this is 100% the case. Pretty amazing how you can play well all year then get indoors in the winter and go "how the hell was I playing like that with these numbers?" Unfortunately I have a difficult time getting my hands lower and I'm wondering if I've learned to close the face more aggressively to make up for any toe contact/face opening I had a chance to really quickly hit one 5i, one 7i and one 9i with the vertical sharpie. Excuse my trashy heel shot on the 9i...but seems to get pretty visibly worse as I work into the shorter clubs
  8. Yeah I just meant I haven't recorded my swing in quite a while haha. Probably almost a year ago now. I'll do some further research and see what else I can figure out
  9. To be honest I'm not sure...I think it's relatively vertical even with a good downward angle of attack. That all sounds very likely though
  10. Yeah every swing was in-out and had left sidespin on it. It's definitely a strange combination of things taking place. If I can find more GCQuad club dots I'll try and hit a standard lie angle fitting club today and see what happens. I'll also try and do the sharpie line to see what the results are...just need to find somewhere I'm not hitting into a projector screen
  11. I think a closed face toe down combo situation is definitely the case. My grip is already very neutral...but maybe I'm in the minority that can/should have a weaker grip to prevent shutting the face down
  12. Definitely agree that at some point it has to be an issue even though it works for the most part. It's not like I play actual rounds and ever hit a shot where I go "man the toe really dug in". But then I get on a launch monitor and start wondering if there's a way to level it out and if that would be beneficial on the course as well
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