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  1. Does anyone know what the tip size is on the original Scotty Cameron select Golo? I want to reshaft mine with the black KBS CT Tour. I believe it takes the .355 single bend shaft but I want to be sure before ordering.
  2. Weird, I spoke directly to a Titleist rep and CC'ed another a fitter in the company who also said they do not offer the TX. Where did you order yours from that they were able to get the TX for you?
  3. Update here for anyone who was wondering. The Tensei Raw White is not actually available in TX from Titleist. It was a mistake in their shaft guide.
  4. According to the shaft guide Titleist’s site, the Tensei Raw White TX is available at no upcharge but it is labeled an off menu item. Does anyone know what off menu means? This seems incorrect to me that the TX would be available at the stock price.
  5. I am selling a Graphite Design AD-DI 7x 3 wood shaft w/ a TM tip. It measures 41.75 inches with the grip on. $180 Condition is 9/10. See photos below and please message me if you have any questions. Thank you
  6. Frying pan sound may have been an exaggeration. More of a loud “ting.” But I feel like my old M3 had more of a “smack” which is why I was thrown off. Performance was great today on the course actually, hit it incredibly straight and just as long as normal even though I still don’t love the sound and feel.
  7. So I weighed the head and it is 203 grams without the sleeve. I want to hot melt it for the sound but I’m worried swing weight will get too heavy.
  8. Will having no hot melt affect performance such as making it spin more? Or is it just about weight and sound?
  9. That makes sense. I have not weighed it and it didn’t come with any stickers, just has the stamp on the hosel. I always see that tour heads have hotmelt so I expected this one to be quieter than normal if anything. Do you know of any way to quiet down the sound or where I can get it hot melted?
  10. Bought this off eBay. Visually everything seems in order. Seller seems reputable. 100% feedback and sells a lot of golf equipment. However, I get to the range tonight, and the driver sounds like a frying pan. Also the feel was terrible and the head felt much heavier than my sim. A little back story. I started the season with an m3 driver. Switched to a sim but haven’t been liking it so I decided to go back to another m3 head. My old m3 had much more of a “thwack” sound to it so I’m just thrown off. Performance wise it was hard to tell with range balls and I couldn’t see the landing area enough
  11. I am selling my Epic Flash Sub Zero 3 Wood 15* w/ a Hazardous Smoke 6.5. This thing is in near perfect condition. $OLD - message me with any questions.
  12. I am selling my Scotty Cameron GOLO putter 35". It is equipped with a Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability shaft that was custom built and installed (retails for $199 before install). The putter has great added feel and stability with the BGT shaft. I also slapped on a brand new grip recently for added value. Asking - $329 $285 $230 shipped Pin 2/13
  13. > @Pwood28 said: > Another vote for Mission Hills and the Dinah Shore course. Cool old school feel to it. > > > > Las Vegas has a couple of good tracks. Bears Best definitely feels artificial in the way it flows, but does have some good holes and is usually in great shape. Also winds through some ridiculously cool homes. Canyon Gate is a pretty typical CC club, but again, great conditions (after they replaced the greens) and a super friendly staff. > > > > Golden Bear’s Club at Windmere is a nice course in the Orlando area. Will play this one
  14. I had to withdraw from a tournament last season because my legs were chaffed so bad. 36 hole qualifier in 95 degrees and humid. Only made it 27 holes before I couldn't walk any longer.
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