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  1. Just one item today... my gamed Scotty Cameron Concept CX -01 putter, 35” length. Original grip with a small tear in the backside of the bottom of the grip as seen in pics. No dings, great used condition. Head cover has been used as well but Velcro still works. $350, which should be fair based on value guide, but shoot me an offer if you think I’m off. No trades.
  2. 4 items up for sale to clear the closet and accumulate funds for new irons...Prices listed are OBO, paypal only. 1. Sold!! Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder, excellent barely used condition. Fully functional. 2. NOW $100...TaylorMade M4 driver head only, 8.5*, great used condition. Some sandy areas on face as you can see. $125 shipped and paypalled. 3. NOW $70...Oakley Prizm Half Jacket 2.0, very gently used. Lenses are pristine. Hard aftermarket case included. $85 shipped and paypalled. 4. NOW $60 FO
  3. This x 1000! A drop or 2 of soap in an old time mustard squirt bottle filled with water, douse the painters tape, squirt a little in the grip master grip, and use a tire inflate. Easy on, easy off. Biggest issue I see after a little over a year - the rubber underlisting where it wraps over the butt and down at the shaft are wearing out way faster than the grips. Probably from getting jammed in my walking bag... But I'm never going back to rubber grips. SC humidity used to be a problem, but not with the leather grips.
  4. Near Kiawah, the closest thing is the Charleston Muni. It has 4 holes on the marsh, but is otherwise uninspired. Best bang for the buck near Kiawah is Links at Stono Ferry. Very cool back nine along the waterway.
  5. I'm out of town on the 16th and 17th, but could host you at The Dunes Club on the 18th . Just PM me if interested... I will be playing as long as the weather is decent. Mike
  6. Dunes member here, and I think what am I am saying is still true... I believe the greens fee for the Dunes Club is an all day fee for unaccompanied play, making replay rounds cart fee only. I know this is the case for accompanied play. You can easily check with the pro shop. Might make the greens fee more palatable for your group. Imo the Dunes will be the best course you can play on the trip. For other courses, everyone here is spot on. South end Caledonia and True Blue are the best options. If you end up on the north end, big cat courses in sunset Beach are great and affordable. Central are
  7. For the months of January and February, accompanied guest play is $100 for #2 and $75 for #4... If you live that close, a last minute trip when the weather is good is a no brainer. Just need to find a member (I may be able to help ?).
  8. Here is my wrapup, keep in mind my body is still hurting...my brother and I carried our own bags for all 4 rounds. The quality of my golf was suspect, but Jamie and the twosome from Portland we were paired with (Ryan and Chris) amazed me at how focused and fluid they remained all day (I'm cashing in my old man card at 45, Jamie is 40 and the other 2 were late 30s). Quick numbers : -Tee off Bandon Dunes #1 at 545am -Finished and arrived at Pacific Dunes at 915am -Finished and arrived at Bandon Trails at 100pm -Lunch while driving and finished on first tee of Trails, teed off at 130pm -
  9. No caddy for us... It won't be the weight of my bag that wears me down, 26 miles is a brute but I can't wait!
  10. Anyone get any new info yet? I didn't know if we get pairings/tee time info before arriving or not. It just can't get here soon enough, and the weather looks fantastic...
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