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  1. My last trip was in June and I was there for 8 days......It was simply fantastic but also very expensive as you are paying peak price.....any thoughts or suggestions about what time to go in off season......the prices are so low in December its very tempting but I am sure you are risking rain. I hate rain but would be willing to roll the dice and if it rains all day I would just go to the bar Any other times in off season that are great?
  2. To each their own....all world class golf courses for sure. For some reason SV just doesnt do it for me and I prefer MD over SV. The views at Bandon Dunes are out of this world. To be honest the top 5 courses I have ever played are all at Bandon and that says a lot for me since I have played places like Whistling Straits, Erin Hills, Streamsong, Kingsley Club, Oakland Hills etc. But they are all fine courses and I am sure some people would agree with you. We are just so lucky to have great golf courses in the U.S.
  3. Just got back from SV and MD.....it was my second time playing both and I had a blast....the courses are in amazing shape and they are def fast and firm. SV has amazing customer service....I played 18 this morning on SV and played 9 holes on MD and then a tornado warning made everyone get off the course. They told me I would not be charged a dime for the 9 holes I played.....Excellent customer service. On a side note they also have junior caddies there for $60 plus tip. Mine was a 14 year old kid and he was amazing
  4. Bandon is such a special place....to put it into perspective I just got back from Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes today and although its a great resort and probably my second favorite in the world Sand Valley doesnt even compare to Bandon Dunes. Bandon is just that good and that is not a knock on SV I took my first trip to Bandon in June and it was simply amazing. I would not hesitate to go by myself to a place like Bandon because the people you golf with are super cool people.
  5. I am heading to SV and MD tomorrow for my second time....cannot wait
  6. My profile picture profile picture is actually Treetops Masterpiece Par 3 # 6. Its one of the best par 3's in the world. On a side note Treetops offers a 2 day unlimited golf package and a nights stay for $200 during the week during primetime season. this includes a $25 food voucher as well.....If you go in spring in fall their unlimited package is like $120 for 2 days plus lodging....silly prices considering there are 5 courses on site
  7. My profile picture profile picture is actually Treetops Masterpiece Par 3 # 6. Its one of the best par 3's in the world.
  8. Northern Michigan is one of the best golf destinations in America and its cheap....its remote....and has some amazing golf. The best golf courses in Gaylord are as follows 1. Treetops Signature 2. Otsego Club Tribute 3. Treetops Premier 4. Treetops Masterpiece 5. Threetops at Treetops Par 3 (only nine holes) 6. Treetops Tradition Just south of Treetops is Forest Dunes which is amazing as well. Just North is Bay Harbor and Black Lake Lots of world class golf in Northern Michigan but Gaylord is outstanding because its cheap
  9. I will be teeing it up at SV and MD tomorrow for an epic 36 hole day. I played it last year early in the Spring but I am excited to see how the courses matured. I played Bandon earlier in June so I am excited to see how it stacks up against those courses since I my mind is kind of foggy since last year. Are the greens rolling fast?
  10. You probably cannot go wrong with either. If you play Bay Harbor and Belvedere you have Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and Charlevoix to cruise around and enjoy. These are amazing towns with a lot of nice places to eat and some amazing scenery. Forest Dunes is also fantastic but its basically in the middle of nowhere....but you have it all in one location so if you plan on partying like a rockstar then its nice to not have to drive.
  11. Sounds like an epic trip. Please let me know the conditions of the Tribute and Hawkseye.....I want to head up there this year and those two were on my list since its been over 4 years since playing both
  12. Now that we have determined that you are an absolute golf nut here is what I would do. Monday - play Dunes Club and Arcadia Bluffs. Consider staying in Onekema or Manistee if you want to save some cash on lodging as they have a lot of cheap options. Tuesday - Arcadia South Course and then drive and hit a Bay Harbor Twighlight Round. There is plenty of lodging in Petoskey that is reasonable and the drive from Bay Harbor to Forest Dunes is about 1.5 hours. To be honest I would get a room in Gaylord Michigan as thats about 45 mins from Bay Harbor and then your morning drive to Forest Dunes is about 45 mins which is not bad. Wednesday - Play the Loop and Forest Dunes and add in the bootlegger. The bootlegger is cool but as I mentioned before I easily played in under a hour both times I played it. Thursday Play the loop and Forest Dunes again. Bay Harbor is a must in my opinion and the links nine is probably the best nine hole stretch I have ever played. It has view that will blow your mind and reminds me a lot of bandon. I also left out Black Lake but that course in my opinion is also a must if you want to play the best in michigan. Its so different as its cut deep into a woods just like Bandon Trails and it has been in the top 100 best public courses multiple times in golf digest. If you would consider playing there I could offer some cheap places to stay and a different itenary. Pilgrims Run is also great but not not on the level of Bay Harbor and Black Lake but I would still add it if you can.
  13. First off....I like your style....you seem as crazy as me when I look at your drive times and although some will say you have to much driving I think your doing it right and hitting the "big courses". My advice might draw some criticism which is fair but I am also a guy who usually drives 6 hours (one way) to sand Valley each year and play 53 holes and drive 6 hours home right after to keep my wife happy. I usally make a number of 3-5 hour drives (one way) to play Whistling Straits, Forest Dunes, Arcadia and then drive the same time home to keep my wife happy. Understand that I dont mind driving and I enjoy playing the best of the best courses and I dont need alot of relaxation time as others do. My buddies think I am crazy but I am just a golf nut....Recently played 16 rounds of golf at Bandon Dunes in 7 days. You have an amazing trip planned and I am lucky enough to have played all the courses you have listed Your Monday is a pretty busy day and you are looking at about a 3.5 hour drive from the Dunes Club to Arcadia. I am guessing that is the only tee time you could get at Arcadia since the place is basically booked a year out so that might be why you have your trip set up that way. In the event that you could change your Tuesday to a 36 hole day to Arcadia Bluffs and the South Course then I would do it. I will assume that is not an option but if it were then it would be worth trying to play Lost Dunes after you play Dunes Club on Monday. Lost Dunes is a Tom Doak Private course that is 15 minutes from the Dunes Club and is an amazing track if you can get on. Its not as good as the Dunes Club in my opinion but its still pretty sweet and would make your 36 hole day easier. Back you your original Agenda .....I have actually played Arcadia Bluffs and Forest Dunes in the same day and have made that drive. Its not a bad drive and will prob take ya 2 hours so its not terrible. The bootlegger is a great little course but its really short and you will be able to play it in around a hour if you are by yourself. Forest Dunes has a great scene and has a great bar outside and fire pits with a sweet practice area and putting green....dont hesitate to try and play 18 at Forest Dunes as well. A quick suggestion for Forest Dunes and the Loop is to wear pants and a hat. There are some black flies that will get ya if you wear shorts so plan on wearing pants as it will save ya alot of swatting at flies. I have wore shorts plenty of times but each time I swear on pants. Buy the bug spray they have in the shop (special stuff) as it will be a game changer. One last crazy idea...you are already driving a ton so I am guessing you are crazy like me. This advice will probably get slammed but again as I posted above I drive alot for golf and usually do it all in one day. Forest Dunes and the Loop are outstanding but if your goal is to play the best of the best in Michigan maybe consider Drive from Arcadia bluffs to Bay Harbor (play links quarry) and you will see some of the best scenery that Northern Michigan has to offer. I would also suggest if you did that to play Black Lake Golf Club in Onaway Michigan. Its a lot of driving but if you did not want to play FD and the Loop twice then you would be adding two legendary courses in Michigan and both are far different than the others you played. You would have the trip of a lifetime. I actully did a trip in two days where we played Arcadia Bluffs, Forest Dunes, The loop, Black Lake and Bay Harbor and it was an unrealy trip so seriously consider that if you are up for driving and seeing the best Michigan has to offer. It would be alot of driving but its really not that bad...if you are on a mission Is Forest Dunes and the Loop worth 2 rounds each???.....absolutely as you dont want to be driving all over the place and that will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip. Arcadia Bluffs Should be a priority to play twice as its the best of all your courses but assumuing that is not an option I would play both Forest Dunes and the Loop twice. The courses are unique and Forest Dunes is the better of the two courses but the Loop is plays as firm and fast as Bandon Dunes and Sand Valley. Some guys dont like it but it plays as a true links course in terms of firmness and the greens on both courses will be smoking fast. Kingsley is a must if you can get on and I would at least try and play it. Give them a call and hopefully they will let you but plan on spending around $300 (includes caddie) if they let you. I would skip bootlegger and play Kingsley the same day as Arcadia as its not that far from Arcadia...prob a 45 minute drive from Arcadia to Kingsley. If you need a friend to join you at Kingsley PM me I have played it twice and it also plays fast and firm. Lastly, I think Pilgrims Run is worth a play if you are flying out of GR. It is far superior to Tullymore and Stoatin Brae so if its between those three then Pilgrims Run is an easy choice. The great thing about Pilgrims run is its cheap compared to the other courses Lastly, The courses we mentioned on here are as follows: Arcadia Bluffs Arcadia South Forest Dunes The Loop The Dunes Club Lost Dunes Kingsley Club Bay Harbor Black Lake Pilgrims Run These are the best of the best in Michigan and you really cannot go wrong with playing any of them. If you need a sidekick hit me up There are alot of great guys on this forum like Knickerbocker and others who will chime in and all of them know the golf scene in Michigan and although we may disagree on some courses they all have good info and suggestions that you should listen to
  14. Yes I would agree with that statement above. To me Lost Dunes is more of a pure golf place but that is just my opinion
  15. Agree with Knicker...both are great courses but I prefer Lost Dunes as well as I just feel the course and atmosphere is better. Point is still a great place though
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