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  1. Well done KB! I was curious to hear everyones rankings of top 10 PUBLIC golf courses in Michigan. I'll give ya mine. 1. Arcadia Bluffs 2. Forest Dunes 3. Bay Harbor (Links Quarry) 4. Greywalls 5. Black Lake 6. Arcadia Bluffs (South) 7. Treetops Signature 8. Forest Dunes - The Loop (prefer Red over Black) 9. The Tribute - Otsego Club 10. Eagle Eye
  2. I was able to get in contact with Streamsong on my first call.....they allow singles to make tee times 21 days out and Since I am golfing in late March the 36 hole rate was $310....which I thought was pretty fair considering its spring break
  3. I am also a single and was hoping to play sometime next week on the Black course....hopefully they will take my money
  4. Straits is simply fantastic....BW is the toughest golf course I have ever played
  5. I agree that the standard fee should be paid in most cases.....this example would clearly be a time where I would not pay a dime but this sounds like something that rarely ever happens with caddies
  6. Its been a while since I have been on this thread I remember when OW ended the 1st thread and started the 2nd. I think its time for a new thread Hit em straight and as for me Ill be playing Streamsong this week for my first round of the year....gonna tackle the Black course and see what its all about. Cheers!
  7. I am talking about what the total cost for a caddie (fee and tip all in total dollar) The vast majority of places have people pay directly to Caddie....I remember Whistling Straits was different where the clubhouse got a fee etc. But to make things easier lets just assume all payments go right to Caddie
  8. I am lucky enough to have used caddies quite of few times at places like Whistling Straits, Erin Hills, Sand Valley, Streamsong, Kingsley Club, Dunes Club, Lost Dunes etc. I have had some amazing experiences with some of these guys and its always nice to have one of the best on your bag. I have also have just few times where my caddie was bad and I mean pretty bad. That leads me to the question of how much pay does a caddie deserve? I feel we live in a society where everyone feels they are owed something even if they do a bad job. I have always considered myself a generous tipp
  9. Ive taken my fair share of caddies at places like Oakland Hills, Dunes Club, Lost Dunes,Erin Hills, Whistling Straits, Streamsong, and Kingsley Club and have a wide variety of caddie experiences. This is just my opinion and take it for what its worth. We live in a society where everyone feels they are owed something. You will have caddies who are outstanding....so they deserve a great wage....you will have some that are lazy....they deserve the basic $100......maybe in rare occasion $80 for a guys that is just rude and lazy Basic Rules.......$100 is bare minimum to pay a caddi
  10. I am curious when Whistling Straits and Sand Valley will be opening up???? Any idea about these? It will be interesting to see if Whistling Straits waves the mandatory Caddie again in the early spring....If so I might have to take another stab at that course.....it was a tough one
  11. Great points by everyone! I am just gonna spring the extra $$$$ and go with a caddie for all rounds. Who knows when I will get back to Bandon and I might as well live it up! 2020 has been a pain for all of us so time to have some fun in 2021
  12. I Plan to bring my staff Bag as I dont have any other bag but I totally am planning on them changing it out to make things easier.
  13. You guys made alot of really good points about my trip next June. I am with a group of 16 guys so I dont think we really have the option to switch tee times around as they were almost already booked for next June and with our group the size that it is we are kind of stuck. You all made some great suggestions but after thinking about it again you guys are right. I waited a decade for this trip and who knows when I will get back so I am just gonna pay the extra $1200 and get a caddie for all rounds. I think it will help me conserve energy and it will also help me play better out
  14. Gents, Getting ready for my first Bandon Trip in June and I am very excited. I have wanted to make this trip for over a decade and finally will be able to make it happen. In reality I probably wont get back out to Bandon again for another decade so I decided to go BIG and golf for 6 days. I am 40 years old and am in good shape but playing golf for 6 straight days might be a bit of a challenge. The question I have is in regards to fatigue and if taking a caddie is highly recomended or if I can pass. I dont really care about what I shoot or advice on how to play a hole....my big
  15. Gents, Hit my second career hole in one today on # 12 Angels Crossing. Was pretty sweet and those are the shots that keep me playing :) On a side note I have played All of the following courses this year: -Sand Valley -Mammouth Dunes -Forest Dunes _The Loop _Bay Harbor -Black Lake -The Lynx -Angels Crossing -Stoatin Brae Angels Crossing is as good of shape as any of the courses mentioned above and its as firm and fast as Sand Valley.....the course is in the best shape I have ever seen it and the greens are really
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