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  1. Buy the tacos on craigs porch.....they are a steal of a deal. Enjoy.....its a spectacular place and I will be headed back in August
  2. My game is all over the place but I’ve had some nice rounds early. I’m still trying to get the driver figured out and need to commit to my swing. Hopefully my putter stays hot. I played Hampshire last week and could not miss a put on the Dogwood course. I’m heading to Bandon for the first time in the end of June for my 40th bday present so I’m pumped about that
  3. Do they shutdown any of the Streamsong courses in the Summer? If so which ones will be open?
  4. Love lulu.....but I am to cheap....I bough 5 pairs of Targets complete knockoff pants and they lookd and feel almost identical to my lulus. I bought 5 pairs at Target (all season) for $35 a pair
  5. Can anyone speak about using your putter around the greens. My chipping is pretty suspect and I have started using my putter on most shots inside of 50 yards on courses that are firm and can handle that type of game. Will this be an option on the bandon courses and is it wise or should I really start to work on my chips prior to the trip. The thing I love about putting is I can usually at least get it on the green with a putter and I avoided skulling one across the green. Any advice on using a putter would be greatly appreciated
  6. Good to know about golf balls.....I am not a super long ball hitter.....considering playing the senior tees as it appears these courses can be tough in the wind. Any reason why I should not play the seniors? I am playing a ton of golf out there and the closer I am the easier it will be on my game right? I usually hit my drives between 230-250 if I really smash one. I also really love using my putters around the green and often times am not afraid to pull it out from 50 yards or more on courses that are firm and allow for it.
  7. Ill be heading there around June 20th.....do you think Golf pants and golf shirt on most days will be fine as long as I have quarter zip etc. in case my upper body gets cold? I am starting to wonder if shorts will even be in play with the temps I am seeing and wind
  8. I trust what you are telling me. I plan to play the senior tees and will bring 30 balls.
  9. The other big issue is guys playing the wrong set of tees....to many guys try to play the greens when they should be playing the seniors. They would enjoy it that much more
  10. I am playing 13 rounds.....so I was planning on 4 a round
  11. Tullymore is a nice course....I have nothing against it and would gladly play it anytime.....but with that being said.....I have also never understood why it gets ranked so high.
  12. Did you lose alot of golf balls? Trying to figure out how many to bring. On average how many did you lose a round.
  13. How many golf balls did you lose? I plan to bring 50 balls on my trip
  14. Great post....keep it going
  15. Can you rank the conditions of the greens on each course? Which course had best greens and which had worst?
  16. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. I would love to know how you would rank the current condition of all the course greens. Which were the best greens that rolled well and were any bad? Were they fast? Slow? Also would love to know about current condition of sheep ranch. I would also like to see how you rank your favotire course to least favorite
  17. I just got 4 of them in store for $19.99 in the midwest....ya cant beat $5 a glove and they are really comfy
  18. Great point...After watching the hole by hole vlogs of all the courses I think that Pac Dunes and Bandon Dunes are the winners.....It appears I cannot go wrong with those as they have some of the best holes on the entire property
  19. Great points by everyone in regards to which courses I play 3 times. I’m fef going pacific dunes and have now eliminated sheep ranch because of everyone’s input and fear course still needs time to mature. More than likely I’ll do Bandon Dunes but I must admit that Bandon Trails is gaining strong consideration since I’ve always love wooded courses
  20. I’m curious how the Sheep Ranch is holding up? Is it in decent condition? Are the greens rolling well? I travel to Bandon the first time in later June and have two choose which 2 courses that I want to play three times. I’m def doing Pacific Dunes and am trying to decide if I play Sheep Ranch or Bandon a 3rd time. Any suggestions?
  21. The Bear is a very tough golf course and the wolverine is another nice course. They are resort courses but they will be in good shape with fast greens. They are in tough company in Northern Michigan as Michigan has some of the best public courses in the U.S. With that being said they are both worthy of being in the top 25 public courses in the State and I always enjoy playing them. You will have fun and the TC scene and resort is fantastic.
  22. I like the look of no show socks....the problem in the past is I always find myself having to put my sock back on my feet. Any suggestions for walking golfers that use a no show sock that does not give them any issues?
  23. I think its safe to say that Sand Valleys location is ideal to people living in Chicago, Twin Cities, Milwaukee, and even Michigan and other surrounding states. People have shown that they will flock to play good golf courses and Sand Valley is simply amazing. Good for them....good for the game of golf.....and good for the surrounding communities around Sand Valley. Its a win win for everyone
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