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  1. Can only use "The Hammer" on the straight par 5's, also leaves a flat spot on my Top Flites, they stop better but are hard to putt
  2. Yes all priority mail has free tracking, the insured # is also tracked along the way. Even though I work there I never tried to track by an insured #. They only use that label when a signature is required because of the value of the item. Call the local Post office and talk with someone, don't use the 800 #
  3. I work for the post office, they either misunderstood you or you didn't ask for tracking. You can send packages insured with no tracking, it isn't done very often anymore. It's a blue and white stick on label, if you call the post office and give them the # they can track it internally if you're lucky enough to get a decent clerk on the phone.
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