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  1. Closing the thread. Going to decide between eBay and just keeping it. Just send me a PM if interested.
  2. Title says it all, one of the best drivers ever made. I used this forever and love it, but getting older, don't play as much, and need something easier to hit. I am the only owner. Took really good care of it, but after many years and it shows some normal wear and tear, visible in the pictures. Everything is cosmetic, driver plays the same as it did brand new. Shaft was installed at Golfsmith before they went out of business. LH FT-Tour, 9.5*, 45", Aldila Protopype 80x tipped .5". $150 shipped OBO Thanks!
  3. Got some new irons, so these have to go. Even though I lurk most of the time, been with GolfWRX since 2005. Hope to sell this great set to another member. Ping G15 irons in excellent shape. 4-U, white dot, +.5", matching Ping grips are gold color code. Only flaw is small chips on the sole of 6-iron which can be seen in the pictures. These are only cosmetic. $270 $255 shipped or best offer. PayPal only. Thanks!
  4. [quote name='tesnve' timestamp='1293613340' post='2863687'] can you get 8* or 8.5? [/quote] Sorry, this is all I have. I got these through the "Win with Phil" promotion, and my Dad decided not to take either. I just now got around to having enough time to post them here.
  5. [quote name='PixlPutterman ' timestamp='1293468135' post='2860796'] trades on the 510? [/quote] Just sold the r510 TP. Thanks again to dproc0219!
  6. **BIG PRICE DROP** - FT-IZ Still in Plastic!!For Sale - Brand NEW Callaway FT-IZ Tour and Classic TaylorMade r510 TP drivers... 1) Callaway FT-IZ Tour, Brand NEW still in plastic, 9.5*, Aldila Voodoo 60-S...Sold!! 2) TaylorMade r510 TP, in great shape, standard cosmetic wear, 9*, Fujikura Speeder 757 S...SOLD!! Thanks! John
  7. **BIG PRICE DROP** Brand NEW and still in plasticFor Sale...two BRAND NEW Callaway Drivers... 1) Callaway FT-Tour, Brand NEW still in plastic, 10.5*, Aldila Voodoo SVS6...SOLD!! 2) Callaway FT-IZ Tour, Brand NEW still in plastic, 9.5*, Aldila Voodoo 60-S...$230 $190 shipped - OBO Thanks!! John
  8. r510 TP driverHello everyone, I just picked up an r510 TP from callawaygolfpreowned. I can't believe I haven't had this thing in the bag for the last 5 or 6 years!!! It is amazing! I found going back to the smaller head actually made me focus more and hit the ball better than the 460cc drivers, and the sound is sooooo much better! The condition was "average" and it only has cosmetic damage, basically just a bunch of paint chips. If I get this thing refinished it will be just like new again! So, I was just wondering if you guys had any recommendations on where to get this done, especiall
  9. I'm a righty, who play lefty, just like Phil! He has been my favorite golfer since I was around 11 years old. I would LOVE to have this putter!!!!!!!
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