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  1. Any stuff I don't like (certain brands), I tend not to even read threads that don't interest me never mind post. It's very simple, if haters are winding people up on a thread, they should be banned
  2. Not a man of many words. If you know they already exist, jog on. If you like, comment, ask a question. If you hate, comment. Simple, I have nice gear that I like. If you hate it or the way I post, doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  3. [quote name='asong77' timestamp='1328651823' post='4233047'] Okkk...but still don't get what your original post is trying to accomplish...do you want opinions of it or letting people know that it exists or what? [/quote] Ahem, I think what you don't get is the two very reasons why this site exists.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yep, every single post on WRX is either looking for an opinion or letting people know what's out there. Maybe you should post this "Okkk...but still don't get what your original post is trying to accomplish" in every thread on the board.
  4. snood and hunting cap are Japan only, not available in US, Europe etc.
  5. Update to add Extremes Titleist winter package: Titleist mitts Titleist Winter hunting cap with roll down ear warmers (Japan) Titleist snood/neck warmer (Japan)
  6. [quote name='TheReptilia' timestamp='1327950234' post='4179251'] when are they coming out? [/quote] Probably the next week or two. It was up on the hugo boss UK website, no image price £385 but it's since disappeared. US site may get them in I think trendy golf will get them but you'd better email them to get on the waiting list as they usually go within 24 hrs.
  7. PVU, same as their carry bags. I've had the carry one for 3 years and it looks like the day I bought it. Well made for sure. Price, $500 roughly, I have been nagging the trendygolf guys to get them in and up on their website.
  8. Thoughts on the New Boss tour bag ? Classy but very understated.
  9. Voted for number 8, if she didn't have that hat on she would have caked this.
  10. Read previous review threads on here, some say they run small, others true, even some say they are big. Not sure what to make.
  11. how does the sizes compare to adidasHi, was wondering how the sizes of the Asics tour ace golf shoes measure up to Adidas sizes ? Thanks
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