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  1. Any idea how they fit for wide feet?
  2. They are 4% cash back on Capital One shopping too. I bought a ton of stuff through them this winter and it all shipped super fast and was exactly right specs.
  3. Not that you guys want to hear this but I had good luck with mine ordered through Carl's. Not a ton of customization, a couple loft changes but got them in about ten days.
  4. I got an engraved single prong delivered from Oregon in no time...three days.
  5. Does anyone have a great system for rangefinder walkers? Something easier than opening and closing the range finder case every time?
  6. How long are they taking?
  7. No I mean any additional savings available...aka a promo code for 20% off. There were a few last year.
  8. Anyone know how long custom titleist build outs are right now?
  9. Looking to make up a combo set zx5 and zx7, some of the lofts seem odd to me. 5 degrees between the 8+9 but only 3 between the 5+6? Anyone mess around with these gaps and anything I should be cautious of?
  10. It was Carls and that was after they told @cardinal22 the opposite. So I called Ping and they basically told me they don't use anything but the real deal and it would be velocore.
  11. After purchasing the ventus red, I emailed them today and got this response "That does not look to be the one with the velocore as it is not stated on their website"
  12. You're braver than me. Seems too good to be true.
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