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  1. Will there be another release of air 1 lows or is it a one time only kind of thing?
  2. I have wide feet- do I have any chance of fitting in to the AIRMAX 90?
  3. You don't know what kind of deals the guy is getting from the supplier. You also don't know that he might just need some cash and is looking to liquidate even if below cost.
  4. Ha! I'm keeping mine but I have thought the same thing to myself. I think there's just a high amount of people on here that are going to try something for a couple of months and move on.
  5. $20-$25 is what it costs to ship and insure. I get all of the secondary costs but build those in to the cost of the clubs. But hey it's PXG what should I expect.
  6. $60 shipping? Kills the deal
  7. Like everyone else I've got a few items left over from the season. All prices are shipped CONUS. Only trades are for plumbers / L neck putters. Ventus Velocore Red Stiff w Ping 410/425 adapter. Plays 45.25, ordered from Carl's at the beginning of the year, used for about 30 rounds and is in great shape. $225 shipped TaylorMade Hydroblast Bandon 1 35". Very good condition comes w headcover $175 New Callaway Mavrik driver 10.5 Reg $220 comes w headcover
  8. If you want to get the worst value possible, ya.
  9. I know there was a 10% Jones code going around. Anyone know it?
  10. How do we get to this deal? Seems like the original post says 42.99
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