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  1. I change irons when my game has reached another level or I needed more from my irons. Right now I am trending down in score and I have had my current set for 6 years. I am looking to update my AP2s to something similar to the MP15s. I want control but a little bit of forgiveness. I'll probably switch again when I have kids and likely need to back off my practice and playing and will need something more forgiving as my ball striking may not be quite as well
  2. I have a mizuno sunday carry bag and I carry all 14 clubs. I dont think the weight savings would be worth it. I just prepare for the weather as I dont carry anything else but balls and tees in the bag. If it's a hilly course on a hot day I might swap out my AP2s for my MP15s. In bag my MP15s weigh significantly less so if its going to be a long day i'll play with them instead.
  3. I hope you hit a ton of fairways! probably easy to see on a sunny day or cloudy day in the air but once one of those bad boys finds a think patch of rough, she gone
  4. Out of curiosity, were you a low spin player before the T100s?
  5. That's true, but he prefaced that with the fact that titleist's claims were based on a very specific ball speed which was 140 MPH or a mid speed golfer I would guess. I watched his review and I thought he was extremely honest with the fact the ball is not made for his swing speed or numbers which is why he likely didn't get the performance. Not enough people read into claims of ball makers or even club manufactures and understand that they don't blanketly apply across the board. This ball performs better than all the rest in a specific window. Not sure why I would make a blanket cl
  6. I dont use a set gap wedge since I use my 50 degree for alot of shots and pitches around the green. I wanted the control I feel I get from a dedicated wedge over a set one
  7. As others have said, I would be jumping on a new shaft relatively quickly. What you got is way to soft and probably causing you a ton of issues. I am not a fitter but something heavier maybe 70g and something probably X flex would be something I would try. It's going to feel like a rebar compared to your current shaft, but I think it will work out much better.
  8. Its strange, I have similar numbers to you with a 7 iron. However my driver ball speed is in the high 160s to low 170s. Where are you hitting the ball on the face? It's crazy to me that your ball speed is down so low given I spin my Sim driver similarly but I see about 280-290 carry.
  9. I think you can get away with them on most public courses as long as you're wearing a polo up top. I think the key is wearing shorts that are pretty plain with minimal logos that still look nice. I have seen a few guys play in lulu lemons T.H.E short shorts before and they are pretty presentable. Obvoiously with athletic shorts you cannot really tuck in so as long as you are playing somewhere where that's ok I think you are probably good. Adidas sell these golf shorts which I own that are essentially athletic shorts https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/adidas-mens-adicr
  10. For the price give them a try, especially the indoor soccer shoes. The women's softball shoes make me a little worried about the spike marks they would make on a wet green though
  11. You make a good point and I agree. I just dont think Mandarin collar is quite as catchy as blade polo or henley and from a marketing stand point it probably helps them sell more. Especially to younger golfers who many not know what a Mandarin collar is
  12. That " appropriate size and fit" is always very subjective and fairly hard to enforce from what I have seen. I have also seen it's tough to enforce the sweater vs golf sweatshirt at times especially when you have brands like nike and adidas making golf sweaters that definitely blurr the line. I have found that as long as you don't negatively stand out, no one really pays much attention
  13. I think as you said, it mostly comes down to people "looking the part".
  14. I think if they called them Henleys they'd sell less since most people search for golf polos over henleys so adding polo to the name helps with search optimization. A henley is simply a collarless polo.
  15. 90% of recreational golfers should not be playing from the standard "mens tees" and would have a much better playing experience from the forward or even " ladies tee". Also in my opinion, there should be no mens or ladies tees, but each tee should have a recommended avg driving distance or iron distance associated with them to help the avg golfer better gauge what tee box they should be teeing off from. Fitness should be a fundamental part to golf instruction
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