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  1. The apex are a distance iron, the MMC is a players iron with a little bit of help. I would guess that the ball speed on the callaways is a bit higher, but I would also guess the spin is lower as well. Additionally would you say you are an excellent ball striker? The MMCs are going to be a bit less forgiving on misshits as well so you'll lose a little bit of distance as well. I think the biggest factors are going to be ball speed and spin
  2. There is perpetually a " club in the mail"
  3. I am in the same boat as a bogey golfer and it usually doesn't matter so much what I use but I have noticed when I consistently use the same ball all season, my scores get much better by the end of the year. I don't think it matters what we use as long as we use the same thing consistently
  4. Cheap is relative, but I thought the old top flight gamer was a steller cheap ball.
  5. 100% I have had the ap2s and the spin like crazy compared to any other club
  6. So I am someone who dropped the 3 wood for a 5wood. I dropped my ping g410 3w after it cracked for a callaway epic flash sz 5 wood. I have played with a 3 wood most of my life and as someone who has struggled with the driver I have used it a ton off the tee. The biggest issue I have had with 3 woods is I could never consistently get enough launch off the deck or out of the rough. I have good swing speed and even though I got good launch off the tee, couldn't get consistent playable launch off the deck and would hit alot of low hooks and slices. I also never felt like I could contro
  7. What "standard" length were you basing the length on when you ordered your clubs and what standard length were you expecting?
  8. My understanding is golf pride is probably having issues keeping grips in stock. My local golf shop is out of most golf prides
  9. Glad to hear they are working out after the lesson. Had a sneaking suspicion that getting fit towards the end of the season last year, and not picking up a club for a few months your swing probably isn't quite it tip top shape from last year. I assume once you get the rust fully shaken off you'll be striping them just like you did before and will be much more consistent.
  10. Agreed, I am in MN and had a package from Under Armour get lost in the fedex Rogers, MN " black hole". Ended up having to have underarmour send another package. USPS has been about a day or 2 late from OG delivery date and that is far better than I have seen from other shippers right now
  11. I would say a titleist U500 or U510. I would use whatever shaft you have in your irons
  12. You could try the K grind as others have said, however usually if you are chunking shots, you would want more bounce. Since you are already in a fairly high bounce wedge in the D grind, the K is the only other option for more bounce. I have a 58K and I really never use it out of the fairway( just bunkers and rough). The amount of sole and bounce on the club usually leads to blading the ball over the green and I never feel like I can get the leading edge under the ball. Excellent out of the rough and bunkers though. I would also as you said, look into technique. If you are
  13. As someone who had their OG sim crack on the slider track like many others, I am guess that it was an area of weakness in the OG and prone to issues. It probably made sense, to get rid of it just for the financial impact if they are getting a ton of warranty claims
  14. I really like the titleist U510. Very forgiving and gives me good launch off the deck
  15. I would try out the apex pros. As an 8 handicap I imagine your ball striking is pretty decent and you can find center. They have good distance control and are pretty forgiving
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