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  1. I think there is an embargo on them until feb, so probably not much that can be said until that's over
  2. I have a second set of similar wedges with shafts and grips, Sm6s vs Sm7s ( gamers) 54 grind is a bit different S vs M grind. I do use them if I am going to hit a full bucket with wedges and work on some flighting and distance control to save some wear on the gamer wedges. I only do it 4-5 times a season not every range session
  3. Only range clubs I would consider is maybe a set of older wedges wedges to try and preserve the gamers a bit. I’d only do that though if they were similar
  4. The only way to really fix it is to simply randomly allocate them to people via email or online queue, however as we have seen with adidas and Nike releases neither method of fool proof. I think your point is fair, though
  5. Alot of flippers from the sneaker world were actually selling shoes before they even got them. They would post pictures of their confirmation and tell people they'd ship as soon as they arrived at their house. Most flippers do it under the table although some of the big guys do have LLCs to run them through. As you said, it will be interesting to see how many do end up getting caught next year as my guess is many arent aware. We also might see more forum sales with people trying to collect money from alternative money transfer companies to avoid getting caught.
  6. Agreed, got in to sneaker collecting but every popular release got ate up by bots. Reselling has become huge over the last 4-5 years and people who were only in the sneaker industry have started to use their methods in other industries that aren't as used to their tactics and have less bot competition. It's also become a huge secondary source of income for people who lost jobs during the pandemic.
  7. You could also try different grips. The z grip is one of the firmer offerings on the market which is great if you like feedback on the strike but wont dampen much vibration wise. Could try something like the CP2 which is a bit softer or the Tour velvet 360 soft which will dampen vibrations as well and see if that helps. Another option would be the Winn Dry Tac grips. They have pretty good shock absorption.
  8. I usually play my S55s but I played a set of P730s for 1 round this year. Scoring wise it didn't make a difference since I end up hitting a lot of short irons and wedges on par 4s. Only place I got concerned was a few long par 3's. I had a good ball striking day so they didn't impact my round, but they did impact my confidence over shots in subpar lies.
  9. Modus 3 120X in irons,modus Gost in my hybrid, MSI white in my 3 wood, and Ventus black Velecore in my driver.
  10. Interesting, mine has a pretty healthy stock of vokeys in multiple colors and pretty much every combo bounce and grind. Same thing with MG3's and Callaway. Only things they are light on are Mizunos and Pings. All of them were gripped and the golf pride grip bins were as full as I have ever seen them in about 8-9 months
  11. I picked up a set of s55 heads on here and dont regret it. I too am tempted by the I59s but for the money, it may be worth sticking with the S55s
  12. Iron wise: maybe Driver: probably overlooked
  13. Based on the youtube live, it sounds like it will give them a chance to bring more TXG stores to other canadian provinces. That's certainly a good thing for Ian and TXG. Also, a lot of big and interesting CC ambassadors for them to potentially work with: Bryson/ Jordan spieth/ Lexi Thompson. Could be interesting in that regard. I think you hit the nail on the head about formalizing the agreement with Matt. Matt likely had a lot of freedom to come and go as needed without any contractual obligation. I think the formalization would have just led to headaches for him and more stress. I think Ian has done a decent job trying to allow Matt to control his own narrative and not trying to speak for him. I think that's a good sign of respect, and likely why we dont have more clarity, and that's ok.
  14. The value in TXG is the brand perception among consumers, Ian, and YouTube channel. Club champion is in the US but doesn’t have the same reputation. There is a crowd that would never get fit at a CC but might consider a TXG location under the CC umbrella depending on what changes they make TXG. we won’t know much until TXGs vid tomorrow but you are right, TXG is probably a better op for CC to stick a toe in the Canadian market vs the other way around
  15. I am really hoping this acquisition is more about expanding the TXG brand to new markets, maybe the US. Probably a huge opportunity to bring that brand to markets that want it. However that only works if they keep the professional and knowledgeable for experience TXG is know for. Anything less would be devastating to the brand Hoping for more of a Scotty Cameron/ Titleist situation vs Taylormade/adams golf.
  16. D-75 3w-85 hy-101 irons-120 Wedges-130
  17. I really only change mine with the irons and woods because when they get slick, I lose grip in the rain. I havent changed my putter grip in about 6 years, but I like the way it feels on that club.
  18. I actually had Ping authenticate it before I brought it to the golf store for warranty. Only issue is that it was during summer 2020 and so it took around 6-8 weeks to get a replacement. As someone who lives in a northern midwest state, that was almost 75% our season haha.
  19. I have the 120X on my main gamers and the AMT white S300 on my back up ping s55 set. Really haven't seen much difference between the two aside from feel. My 7 iron carries about 165-168
  20. I mean both would be worth a hit in my opinion. Looks are extremely subjective but I have learned from past experience, something you dont love the look of may be the best performing club for you. Gotta approach clubs now a days with an open mind
  21. Yes, Last year I bought a G410 fairway off ebay. After 4-5 rounds the head cracked. Brought it to my local Ping retailer and the sent the 3 wood back and ping replaced it with a brand new club.
  22. I have always wanted to try one of these but I have owned a few TNF ventrix jackets that work really well. They are also a bit cheaper
  23. For me the big concern would be waterproofness.
  24. I really like 32 degrees polos. They are really inexpensive like $7-16 but they feel awesome and have lasted as long as my big brand polos. They also have an excellent slim fit. I also really like that they have no logos or crazy patterns. Worth a try if you ask me since the price of admission is so low.
  25. Yes because I want different things in a driver and 3 wood. I use the sim 2 driver and I want my driver to launch lower with less spin which is why I spec'd it out with the shaft and head I have. My 3 wood is the g 425 max and the reason for that is with the 3w I want to hit it a certain distance with good launch in order to hold greens, as well as forgiveness when hitting it off the deck. I know the sim 3 wood is a rocket, but I dont want max distance from 3 wood. It would be nice off the tee, but it would hurt my ability to hit it off the deck. Would much rather have consistency and give up a bit of distance off the tee, to get a similar shot shape, height, and result both off the tee and off the deck.
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