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  1. I have tried the 919 but was not a fan of the large head size. I went with the 519 but I have not hit it yet. Just blindly went with it as it’s one of the few smaller driver head offerings on the market. Will let you know my thoughts when it gets in.
  2. Around 230-240, I was getting close to the same carry distance with driver but driver had more roll out.
  3. 90% of the public courses in Metro Atlanta will fall into this category. So yes I had to play them growing up and will when I am in town
  4. mountain hardwear kor strata jacket. it is made for climbing and has the loose fit and stretch needed
  5. To keep these bucket list courses at bucket list quality costs money to run. With the amount of play they get they need to first make a profit. Then they need to provide a product that will meet/exceed visitors expectations. It is not cheap to keep greens and fariways in good shape when they get about 2-300 golfers a day.
  6. There is a huge market for high end public golf courses in the US. Look at Scotland for example. All of their high-end daily rate courses are geared towards the American market. I am not talking about the old course and Carnoustie type courses that have members and allow guest play after certain hours. Im talking courses like Kingsbarns which is marketed towards American golfers in general. I dont even think they opened this year due to Covid as no one could travel to Scotland. We want high end courses that are bucket list worthy and can pay about 250+ on for a amazing experience.
  7. I think sand valley is better. The weather is too unpredictable at Bandon. Someone mentioned the only place that compares to Bandon is Scotland. It actually takes me the same time to get to both so I choose Scotland when possible. With the flight plus the drive Bandon is a pain
  8. in my opinion Bandon was over rated. Im not a fan of resorts to begin with. It took me 8 hours to get there. It also took me 8 hours to get to Scotland. Being in Scotland I got to experience a new culture and the courses were just as good. Costs was about the same. The weather, now I got terrible weather at both places. Bandon I got the worst weather ever.
  9. 5 Iron has trackman and the simulator just ask them for a trackman bay. Half of them have them
  10. @Dashfast yes from my understanding you do have to pay the remainder but whatever dues you pay goes towards it. I would double check this, I tend to skip words when I read. I understand it is a bit of a drive, still though I would recommend checking out all the clubs and getting the full tour they will even give you a round of golf. Ask about the assessments, monthly minimum(which is very easy to reach) there are other fees like locker room, bag storage.
  11. under armour gore tex are slim fit. I bought mine for about 100 bucks a couple years ago.
  12. Depends if you are 30-34 or 35 and up. Huge difference in price. Most the places mentioned have a higher initiation fee too. If you are looking for something with not such a high initiation fee I would check out Flossmoor. Awesome course and a solid group of members all age groups. Best thing to do is just email the clubs, most are more approachable than you would think. Let me know if you have any questions I live in the same area/same age group and went through the same process a couple years ago.
  13. Heard the announcement will be made in a week or so
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