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  1. Cause why would you “feel” an exaggeration that you already do? Especially for the masses?
  2. It’s because his “feel” is what the large majority of golfers already do. His “feel” is for a small portion of golfers who do the opposite (like he did). He never shows videos of doing it the other way (the way it actually happens in good swings).
  3. He might just not want to coach you anymore. It’s a two way street so it might be a way of telling you.
  4. Camera angle way off.... don’t need to sign up for stuff just get online lessons instead.
  5. All hand paths are some amount down and out. It depends where BS is as to how much of each. For example if hands are high and not much depth in BS it’s probably not a good idea to have them travel out much in transition.
  6. Of course there is a ceiling. Hand eye coordination, athleticism, mobility etc. play a role. To go from 9 to scratch in a year is very unlikely. It’s not impossible but not likely. If you work at it you will more likely see a very slow gradual improvement over a longer period of time.
  7. He actually does a few drills where you don’t straighten the arm at all. Calls it “no throw” or something like that. It’s exaggeration to open body at impact.
  8. No idea what Monte has you working on but second swing looks way better. If you trust what he’s saying keep working on it. Huge improvement from first swing!
  9. Swing isn’t bad but hard to tell cause camera angle looks off. Too much on the ball/target line.
  10. I only looked at the video briefly but you need setup (posture) and BS work before you worry about downswing. Of you don’t want to change that then don’t worry about it and work on Rhythm and timing.
  11. Nobody will give you any useful information without a video.
  12. I went from really strong to less strong/neutral. Def not weak but much weaker. If we want to move the wrists into more flexion in transition as so many advocate, it gives me more freedom to do that without getting the face too closed.
  13. You don’t have enough depth in BS. Technically you can increase depth in transition if you lack it in BS, but IMO, you need more in BS.
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