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  1. I have a 2 plane swing do you need to shallow you swing? thanks Ed
  2. I am 75 yrs and I was look at G700 form Ping any feedback Thanks Ed
  3. tacks123

    Ping g 700

    Has any got a set of these and playing with them Ed T
  4. Thanks for the reply. I 75 yrs., had a stroke, don't know how too post videos. I thought fly right elbow would cause steep down swing. Thanks Ed
  5. I looking for lesson, can you recommend someone Thanks Ed
  6. Is the downswing and under hand motion? Some mention throw a football under hand to get the hips clear. I did that and it works fine and kept the right elbow in. So what do you think? Ed
  7. When I was younger I shot 68 par 72. With 9 birdies Thanks Ed
  8. Tried that, didn't close the face. I've always had a strong-ish grip. I'd rather work on release. Pretty sure it's just gotten too hold-offish thru impact. One thing I did note, when I dropped the club a bit more in the transition the face closed a bit, but not consistently to where it was closed to target. May a closed stance Ed
  9. I like what you said. Thanks Ed
  10. I live in Fairfield Ct for 50 yrs. Moved to Fl. Welcome Ed
  11. I tried to playing with that swing today. It was pretty. I did hit some good shots and longer. I give sometime. I have a stoke and that the way my mind work, just sort sentence Thanks Ed
  12. Has anyone looks at in site? I find informative. I will try it. Thanks Ed
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