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  1. [quote name='speeder717' timestamp='1281227517' post='2625101'] Scotty Cameron Center Shafted Red X putter 33" inch putter, the putter was cut down from 35", putter has Iomic midsize orange grip and comes with the headcover shown in the picture $120 Shipped. [attachment=638394:IMG_0243.JPG][attachment=638392:IMG_0242.JPG][attachment=638395:IMG_0244.JPG] Adidas AdiPure 9.5 Wide, White with black stripes, brand new in box $135 Shipped [attachment=638391:IMG_0241.JPG] Taylor Made r9 tour issued 10.5 head Txxx serial and + sign, clean face, crown and bottom, the blur-ish looking thing in the middle of the picture of the crown is just a reflection. $140 shipped. [attachment=638383:IMG_0237.JPG][attachment=638384:IMG_0238.JPG] Diamana Blueboard 73x with r9 tp tip, plays 45 1/2" in an r9 I accidently prepped the shaft too much, can be seen in picture, but on the side of the shaft with the graphics so it is not noticeable at address and does not effect playability at all, just cosmetic. $80 shipped. [attachment=638389:IMG_0240.JPG][attachment=638389:IMG_0240.JPG] 18 green victory and 2 white victory grips with rib, have been sitting in my basement for a few years, $35 shipped. [attachment=638397:IMG_0245.JPG] Footjoy classics tour 9.5D,good shape, see pictures, worn 10-20 times, always polished after use. $50 shipped. [attachment=638400:IMG_0247.JPG][attachment=638401:IMG_0248.JPG] Feel free to make offers, only trade interests are Callaway tour issue fairway woods and any tour issued hybrids around 20 degrees. [/quote] PM sent on Blueboard
  2. I would like to know to and if anyone else knows how to get the stiching brighter that would be very helpful too.
  3. I use -Scotchbrite pad -warm water -barkeepers friend powder Scrub side to side making sure you don't hit the paint line or else it will scratch. Do it a few times if it's really bad.
  4. PM Sent on Altus Hybrid shaft!
  5. I have a Burner 14.5 HFS and love it with my Altus LT except for the fact that I'm fighting some diggin with it off the deck. My buddy has a Tour Burner TP and the head size in noticeably larger than the HFS when shown side by side.
  6. I'm curious as to where I can get the sole weights? I have a tour issue HFS 3 wood Burner and want to get a lighter plug put in to lower the swing weight. I also have access to the tool when I do get my hands on the sole plugs. Any help would greatly be appreciated, Chris
  7. I had the same problem too about a year ago and found that I was way too flat with my swing. Worked on bringing the club up and it really worked wonders.
  8. You might have a tour issue 5 wood then, cuz that's what came in my 07 Burner 3 wood HFS! How does that combo work for you? I'm picking mine up wednsday and I'm not sure If I'm going to pull it and throw in my Altus LT.
  9. Price Drop on Wedges, I would like to get rid of these tonight!!!
  10. Price Drop on Wedges- $85 PP/Shipped for both!!I'm looking to move this stuff out at reasonable prices. No trades please as I'm not really looking for any clubs cause I like what I have. If you have any questions or want more pics please PM me. Thanks for looking! All Prices are USPS Priority shipped and Paypalled!!! I have 100% Feedback Rating (Ebay ID: eaglesbirdiespars) 1-Scotty Cameron Scotty Dog Hat - Sold - Brand new without tags, only worn to try on and found that it was too small for my fat head, Color is Gray $85 for the pair USPS shipped and Paypalled!!!! 2- 56*-14 Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Sand Wedge - Looking for $55 OBO Used for one season and have moved onto new wedges. 8.5/10 rating w/Titleist corded grip, DG wedge flex shaft (shaft label and paint fill removed to give it a cleaner look) 3- 60*-04 Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Lob Wedge - Looking for $45 OBO Used for one season and have moved onto new wedges. 7.5/10 rating w/Titleist corded grip, DG wedge flex shaft (shaft label and paint fill removed to give it a cleaner look)
  11. Is this the buffing pad that you got from caswell to create the satin finish on your irons? http://www.caswellplating.com/buffs/brightex.htm If not which one is it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah they are fake but someone else would not be able to tell unless they took it off and inspected it. All that is needed is a better belt once you get the buckle. I bought one from this guy or someone from Hong Kong and had it within 7 days.
  13. Someone out there has to have satinized there Titleist AP2's! I'm very curious myself.
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