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  1. Been on the search for a wide golf shoe. I currently game 360 boost 2.0. Wouldn’t mind a lighter shoe, but looking for comfort, waterproof, and traction. Oh and must look good too. Kinda like the Codechaos, but they don’t come in wide unless you get the sport version, which seems like a step lower than the original. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  2. Beware of SM’s weak zippers. Have a 2017 SM3.5 LS and valuable pocket zipper broke about a year ago. Everything else about the bag is great, but reaching in that duct taped valuables pocket is annoying. Guess it’s time for a new bag! Hence why I’m in this section of the forums. Lol. I’ll take durability from hear on out.
  3. Regarding balance point, with the original stability shaft, would you need to counter swing weight with counter weights in the grip end of the putter? Has anyone dealt with trying to get a putter swing weight the same or close to the same as the standard shaft? Asking since mine is at Roger Dunn being installed as we speak, and I’m starting to get concerned about swing weight.
  4. I have the same dilemma. I’m leaning on the hoofer for the better drink holder and magnetic rangefinder pocket and only half a pound heavier. The price difference is negligible imo.
  5. Sun mountain 3.5 was a good bag until the valuables zipper broke. Now I’m looking for a quality stand bag for both walking and push cart.
  6. 14-way bag and car wax sounds like a solid combo. I have an ion finish mine as well. Thank you all for your input.
  7. At the beginning of the year I got graphite shafts in my irons and I play about once a month but practice about once a week. I just noticed small scratches on a few of them. These shafts were expensive and I’m wondering if anyone has had any long term with durability issues with graphite versus steel.
  8. MP5’s - 11.0 been thinking about getting a GI set as a backup. Any suggestions. Can’t look too big at address though. Not sure if I want to stick with mixing in that category, but pretty open.
  9. G410 LST 9* w/ Mitsubishi Diamana DF series was 50 stiff 45” standard settings. Btw, I’m not quite a 10, but before the covid-19 was trending down and currently 11 index. Full disclosure. Hah.
  10. Just got rid of my hybrid and switched to a 21* driving iron with a hybrid shaft. Let’s see how that works. Also inconsistent distances and dispersion with my hybrid.
  11. Got fit for all new shafts in my current gamers. 2 New wedges and adding a wedge and losing a hybrid. G410 LST driver - diamana df 50 stiff TS2 3w - Accra fx 2.0 100f m3 Apex UT 21* - Accra fx 200h m4 MP5 4-PW - Mitsubishi OT Iron 105S vokey 52.10 bent to 50 - Mitsubishi OT Iron 105s RTX4 56 low bent to 54 - Mitsubishi OT iron 105s RTX4 58 xlow - Mitsubishi OT iron 105s SC Futura X5R
  12. I did go to Club Champion. As for choosing the fitting order, I think they like to do their fittings in this order, as told in the beginning of the fitting by my fitter. But if they see that you need a break in between they will throw in the putting and pick up where you left off. It's really hard to do the whole bag in one day, but if you have a busy schedule, they have a formula to find what you need and base it on your budget and if you can get through it, it's worth IMHO. IronsWedgesFairwayHybridPutter
  13. Clean Scotty Newport 2.5 34" barely used midsize matador grip (half a season). Took all the stickers off, because i hate stickers. I bought is used from Roger Dunn less than a year ago and only changed the grip and had the stickers removed. It wasn't for me, since i need a face-balanced putter. Comes with one of either the two headcovers being offered in this post. The red and grey one is new and the black one is used but plenty of life. First come, first serve. Bought it used and I only gamed for about 6 months. Always had the headcover on when it wasn't being used. SOLD818 H1 19* Adil
  14. Just got done with my fitting and you guys weren’t kidding. Must have hit over 120 shots. It’s a marathon. Thanks to all the responses, I was able to pace myself and barely get through it. Below is my experience and thoughts. pre fitting: I got an email a week prior to the fitting asking about my current gamers, goals for fitting, brand preferences, and budget (this is very important since they will design the fit around this answer - do your research around what you are looking for and price it out prior to answering this specific question.) My goals were to get all new shafts and new my hea
  15. im Sure there are threads regarding how to prepare for a club fitting. Can anyone whelp direct me or give me some pointers? It’s a 3.5 hour session and I want to be sure I get the most out of it, as it will be my first professional fitting session. Thanks!!
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