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  1. Installed the Ventus Velocore Blue 5-Reg in my Callaway Epic driver. No contest. Hands down the finest feeling, performing, etc shaft I've ever gamed. Driver SS of 90 mph consistently. I believe that getting the correct weight series in the Ventus is the key. 6 series was a tad to much for me. 5 was perfect. Considering replacing my Hybrid Tour AD-DI with a 7 series Ventus Blue R as well.
  2. These heads are legendary. Arguably the finest players' CB's Mizzy ever forged. Someone's got to snag these and put them into play immediately.... just sayin'
  3. Re-Kickstarting this old'ish thread on these irons. I have 4-9 CB and MB PW in my bag. the 2019 models with the Tungsten. And of course ... black DBM finish. I have NO idea why these didn't get the fanfare they deserved (and still deserve). Let's see: 1. True forgings 2. Compact - but not too small - CB design 3. Perfect top line - not too thick - not too thin .... just right 4. CB 'muscle' design stolen from the legendary MP-64's (that's right ... compare the backs of the CB's with the back of the 64's) 5. Looks like Cobra 'stole' (borrowed) the profile from the legendary 716 CB from their sister company under Acushnet 5. Perfect sole width 6. Perfect sole camber (not too flatish ... not too scoopy) 7. MINIMAL offset (this is the key ... I challenge anyone to find a forged CB with this perfect offset) 8. and of course, the beautiful DBM finish. 9. Tungsten plugs in the toe and sole for just the right amount of help/technology. oh well ... I love mine. Perfect iron. There's a full CB set for sale on BST right now ...I think. I play these as well as a full MB set of Callaway 2018 Apex MB's .... Cobra's are my favorite.
  4. You all have forgotten about the all time worst golfball ever manufactured ... from a major manufacturer as well. Taylor Made Inergel golf balls. They were packaged in those tupper-ware'esque 'air-tight' sleeve containers for a reason ... remember? once exposed to 'air', you had about 1 hour before they turned into complete mush. No joke. Early ball experiment by Taylor Made that went horribly, horribly wrong.
  5. Agree with those replies. I also can hit a shovel or GI iron ... just as poorly as my current Apex MB's. OP - what you are referring to is known in golf iron design as "Toe Relief" And I'm with you, have ALWAYS been attracted to and preferred moderate toe relief irons. Get a 2nd hand set of Blue Prints. Moderate toe relief is there. As well as heel relief (no chunking).
  6. Love the Callaway Supersoft. I switched from Tour BRx 2 seasons ago and never looked back. Before I go out and buy a dozen of the "new and improved" 2021 version, has anyone here who plays the Supersoft tried the new 2021 version yet? Prev version pretty much suits my game/swing perfectly and I've got several dozen stashed in the locker, so no urgent or pressing reasons to jump to the new offering. With that said, if someone has played both, and has any info or opinions to share, I'm always open minded. Interested in feel, distance, trajectory findings fyi. thanks in advance
  7. Those CB's are Miura forged. Those specs posted above are correct. These babies are unicorns, pure and simple Retief won a couple of US Opens with these, if I remember correctly. Worth every penny. GLWS
  8. 801

    new Soft Feel

    ahhh ... okay ... so solid filled in black background SoftFeel side stamp. so yep - shop sold me prev version. So I have NOT tried this ball. dern.
  9. 801

    new Soft Feel

    I think I've tried this ball (2020 Soft Feel), but I'm not sure. Can someone tell me a unique identifier that is either on the box (dozen) or the ball itself? I bought a dozen Soft Feels at a local pro shop prior to a round last week ... but I think it was the prev gen. Looking at the box (dozen) from prev gen and 2020, I can see no new markings/promo/anything that says "this is the 2020 ball" ... Can someone help? I'd really like to try this ball ... it's targeted directly at me, but I honestly don't think it's for sale anywhere locally???
  10. So I finally figured out that I'm the type (and age) of golfer who plays best with the newer surlyn low compression balls out there. With my 85ish mph driver swing speed, I truly benefit (distance-wise) from the forgiveness and low spin of these types of golf balls. Worth noting that I'm an extremely high-launch/high-spin player. Right now, I'm driving the ball fairly straight ... with about 210-220 carry ... playing the new Callaway SuperSoft golf ball. Don't mind the limited green-check-up with this ball - I actually prefer the nice roll-out that I get with ALL clubs with the SuperSoft. As an obsessive tinkerer though, one thing I'd like to glean more information on .. is how the major brands' offerings in this segment, stack up against each other. The big name and big budget golf ball tests/comparisons don't even consider these types of balls for their studies/research. I really like the SuperSoft ... but it's the first and only surlyn low-compression ball that I've tried. So if ANYONE has any head to head info / comparisons on Callaway SuperSoft, Srixon SoftFeel, Titleist TourSoft, Bridgestone E series or Taylor Made Soft Response, etc etc ... post your findings here.
  11. Anyone here know if there are aftermarket or OEM HYBRID replacement weights for Callaway Epic Flash hybrid? Not even sure of the exact weight of the stock sole weight that this hybrid comes with ... but I'd like to try something lighter. I've searched in vain. Any assistance would be appreciated. thx in advance.
  12. Ger21, you are correct. We count on droop to further flatten out the lie. My issue was with no droop, I had to go 2-3 deg flat to avoid the hooks/heel chunk.
  13. OP - here's something else to consider. I too suffered badly from chunking my iron shots and/or hooking on occassion. You are correct with your assessment that this is a lie angle issue. But also consider the heel grind of the irons you are using. Here's what I found relative to my issue. I rarely RARELY take a full 100% swing with my irons. I'm an average club-head-speed guy and can swing/fit into S flex irons or R flex irons comfortably. For reference, my Driver SS is usually just under 100mph ... more commonly around mid 90's. Anyway, back to my point. There's something called shaft/club "droop". This is a natural swing phenomenon that occurs during the downswing of a golf club. Droop will actually cause your lie angles at impact to be much more upright. Here was my problem. Again re-iterating that I rarely take a full swing with irons ... I simply do not generate or create ANY "droop" at all. This causes my correct and proper lie angle to be/require between 3 and 4 degrees flat. But ... I also noticed that along with the lack of droop, almost every set of irons that I have played/tried ... had a very sharp heel grind. This simply compounded the problem of the heel digging in and causing me to chunk (at worse) or hook (at best). I found this really occurred with half-swing short irons. Total heel dig chunkage. I've remedied this recently by a couple of things: My current irons (Callaway) are bent 2.5 deg flat (by a pro on a Mitchell digital). And ... my current irons have an incredible (and rare) very smooth rounded heel grind which is totally rounded off (aka, heel relief). Those 2 "adjustments" have completely eliminated my hooking and heel-dig chunking. Some PING model irons are also famous for and purposely 'ground' for heel relief. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Might be your swing as others mentioned above. Listen, my swing ain't perfect either ... but I like it and I'm sticking with it. Couple of adjustments to my irons did the trick.
  14. Rookie question, but kinda want to be sure, thinking about purchasing this shaft. Is this a Callaway Optifit Hosel Adaptor (as advertised) ? Doesn't look at all like my current EPIC optfit adaptor. If not Callaway, anyone know what brand adaptor this is? thanks in advance, all.
  15. 1999 Hogan Apex irons. To this day nothing feels like these. Ever strike a big bass drum right in the sweet spot? there you go.
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