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  1. Excellent, value adding input! I do not use graphite in my wedges. Hence the build experiment.
  2. Inspired by the 'Franken wedge' video by TXG, plus my love of garage tinkering bore out this 'thing.' Scratch 60* DD Paderson kinetixx ballistic 80 S wedge shaft Pure Combo grip (their version of the "plus4" BB&F junior mint ferrule 35.5" D-5 I wanted to leave it a bit long as I prefer to grip down often. Playing tomorrow, so I'll give it it's chance at earning a bag spot. First impressions are good... looks great. Feels nice and head heavy. Can definitely feel the shaft during a light waggle. Should be fun... building it wa
  3. Saw a few review videos on the YouTube... this driver looks great, (allegedly) sounds incredible, and bombs! Right up my alley. 1. St. Petersburg, Fl 2. 8 3. Maltby KE4 tc 10* 4. Want to outdrive my buddies! 5. Absolutely... can test the day I receive it. 6. Yes. I have a sweet Polaroid camera and can mail in photos with the review (my typewriter is aging but works fine) Thanks WRX'ers! Looking forward to the reviews by whomever gets the pleasure of testing this puppy!
  4. 4-P taylormade forged 300s Refinished by The Iron Factory Std L/L/L (original specs) DG s300 GP Z-Grip align These have seen the course maybe 10 times since I received them back from Jim @ the iron Factory. (No hosel stamping to indicate Miura forged) SOLD
  5. I know my fellow WRX'ers can help me here... I'm experimenting with a set of old MX-20s and need some help reshafting. Looks like they came in 2 different hosel diameter? I have a set with steel shafts (.355), however in researching their specs I see that the graphite offering has. 370. Did Mizuno make different versions for graphite v steel? Will I find shims? Trying to determine what shaft diameter to order. Any help would be awesome! For those who are curious about the experiment... found 3-P in decent shape for <50. Plan on pulling the r300s. San
  6. They are awful... I should have known better than to try something so roundly disliked here. They sent me an EMPTY tube! Cap on one end, only tape on the other! Claimed it was carrier theft. Ha Sent me another fairly quickly.... I received a 84g 46" 3 wood shaft. I'd ordered their raw driver shaft listed at 66g. Now I have that thing sitting in the garage awaiting their reply. Ive contacted them countless times now with no reply or a reply to the effect that 'we're going thru ownership changes.' Pathetic. I made my mistake on Jan 11th and have yet to have my original o
  7. Considering reshaft on these but I can't find info on i.d. of hosel? .355 or .370? Kbs rev 2.0 in currently... I don't think they made that shaft in .370 but I'm not positive. Thank you all
  8. I'd like to get these out of the garage.... entertaining offers! Let's get these beauties back on the links.
  9. Update and (I think) upgraded! Added.... Maltby KE4 tc driver -ust v2 R (tip'd 1.5") 44" Srixon z745s 3-9 - C-Taper R+ (hardstepped) Scratch 8620 47* & 60* Rife Antigua 34.25" Switched most everything to the Pure grips DTX So far I'm really enjoying the C-Tapers, and the new driver (my first adjustable driver) has been incredible! Not sure why I shunned the new tech for so long. Thanks men!
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