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  1. Hit a friends Ping G410 driver and hit it 10-15 yards further that my Titleist 917 D2. has anyone compared the Ping G410 to the Titleist TSI ? I have seen some of the youtube video's but consider them Biased hipe. (Ive had tittleist drivers since the 983K.) Comments anyone?
  2. WOW! I haven't looked at this thread for 4 years! I ended up with AP3's with the Nippon Mod 3 105 r shafts. Higher ball flight that the stiff shafts I was hitting. The lofts are set up hotter that my old AP2's. so I hit the ball the same distance but higher.... a good thing. Now looking at replacing my Titleist 917 driver. Ping G410 or Titleist.......
  3. This thread brings back good memories! I bought my first set of Redlines in 1988, ordered 1 iron threw equalizer. The 1 iron took 3 months to get. Apex 4 shafts. I remember the redlines ate golf balls. The cover of the ball stuck in the grooves. The Hogan rep called it threading because the golf ball cover stuck into the groove and when removed it looked like a thread. Almost sent them back but the rep said that it was because it from the sharp groove but really it was the square groove that Hogan used. Anybody experience this? Very good quality control too. Faces didn't blacken like the newe
  4. thats 58 * K 14* bounce in Florida soft sand.
  5. in Florida I use a 5* K 14bounce for soft sand and its useless in the firm sand up north. I'll try the 58* m grind. Thanks
  6. What Vokey out of firm sand?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I can increase the ball speed with a new driver. Tried the Epic flash and Ping G410 with tensei pro shafts and gained 10 yards. It didn't really mater if I hit the center of the face, toe or heal, they all went straight and about the same distance. I want to to increase my swing speed too. Yes Im greedy. So with that said excerise, stretching, palates or what can I do increase my swing speed? Any senior had any good results? If so, what was the answer? Thanks,
  8. I think one of the biggest mistake made is using clubs that are too long. Not only are longer clubs harder clubs harder to hit on the sweet spot the balance and overall feel will be altered too. Hitting clubs that are too long can also make you swing differently . Isn't that what golf is feel? I would go to another fitter before making any major change.
  9. Any senior golf has had proven results? What should my expectations be realistically ? I'm mid 60's and have a SS of 90 mph. My driver distance is 230 - 240 with a standard titleist 917 driver. I hit the driver on the button most of the time. Every year loosing distance...... What really works? Dave ForesightReport.CSV.xlsx ForesightReport.PDF
  10. Anyone of a good method of cleaning the scuff marks on the white section of the Footjoy classics? Some of the white brush-on polish's look pretty ugly. Thoughts? Dave
  11. I struggled with this too. I just changed from AP2's (710) to AP3's. The wedge in the AP3's is 43 degrees, so I ordered a 48 degree AP3 gap wedge. The reason is because I wanted the same shaft as the other AP3's.
  12. Arnold Palmer Tru-matic irons 1-SW circa 1968. These made todays "blades" look like shovels.
  13. +++++++ Add-- Macgregor 963 persimmon driver with #1 Propel shaft
  14. Just to update my post. I had the AP3's reshafted with Modus3 105's regular flex. Tremendous difference! Played 2 rounds with them and really like the feel. Gained a full club length and has a better penetrating ball flight compared to the 880 AMC shafts and AP2's. Glad I made the switch to the AP3's and the Modus3 shaft. Thanks all for the responses and special thanks to SUNBELTGOLFER .
  15. What grind do you recommend from thick bermuda rough around the greens? I am leaning towards the SM6 58 K grind. Dave
  16. Similar clubs. Really not many changes over the pat 30 years. Hogan 88 Redlines 1 iron thru SW from 1988 -2010 I think i went thru 3 sets. The last set i sent to a guy in Colorado Springs to be rechromed- still have them. Ap 2's from 2010 - 2017 AP'3's now 983K until 2013 913D2 until 2017 917D3 now Otey Chrissman HB7 for ~30+ years. Added two Hybrids replacing long irons.
  17. I bought a set of C16 irons with the Nippon 880 shafts this season. I do club work for the golf course where they were ordered from, and had the grips left in the bi]ox. When they got here I ran them on a frequency analyzer and was quite surprised that they cycled very soft to flex with the longer irons a full flex soft. We had our rep contact the Director of shaft development for Titleis. He sent me an email indicating that the clubs cycled as they intended from the factory. I tried them on the range and golf course and could not get along with them. After switching and experimenting with a f
  18. The Nippon guy said that on paper it's good science to use a lighter shaft but more often that not it changes the feel and balance at least with a 25-30 gram change I tried. Nice to hear Mizuno has the Modus3 105 shaft in there fitting cart. I still have MP 32's I can play around with. This may sound weird, but I think a can swing the MP 32's faster because the 32's has a smaller head that the AP2's or AP3's. So, this brings up a good question. Maybe get fitted for a iron shaft first then the irons heads.??
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