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  1. Currently playing with DG S-300's but would love to try something different.
  2. I'd like to game these because I haven't had the chance to get much experience with ping irons.
  3. Or maybe you can let them enjoy the game and worry about your own?
  4. Thanks for the responses. The post was created because I am in a crossroad on what major to choose. The three most important questions I'm looking at are #4, 6, and 7. There seems to be a correlation between what job you have and your happiness (maybe not in this thread but in research studies). It also seems that you could have two people that work in the same field and have completely different experiences. As of now I've decided on Computer Science but in the end who knows what degree I'll end up with...I certainly don't! Feel free to keep the responses coming.
  5. For those of you who work 60+hrs a week I have a question. Is it worth it? Is the money worth the trade off for the lack of time to have hobbies or spend time with your family? It seems like many of the 100K+ jobs come at a high cost. I'm not sure I can be happy working 60+hrs a week and making 100K+. Something like 75K and 40-45hrs a week seems far more appealing to me. Even if your not working 60+hrs a week feel free to comment with your opinion on this topic.
  6. Count me in. I'm sick of looking down at my Hi-Bore. I'd love a more traditional looking driver.
  7. I would love to game one of these putters. I've been using the same putter for a few years now and putting has always been my weakness. I'm currently using a 2-ball putter but it's time for a change!
  8. TaylorMade is a business. There looking to produce a product that consumers will buy at the cheapest cost to them. Most businesses operate just like this. As far as comparing the equipment in Japan to US a lot has to do with the economy and target audience. Every company could be producing better products / more consistent products but that would lead to higher costs.
  9. Thanks for the replies so far. Keep them coming!
  10. I would like to game the Miyazaki Kusala Silver 66x because I would like a high ball flight shaft with good stability.
  11. Count me in. I'm a new college student with no money to spend. I don't deserve the clubs more than anyone else on here but I would truly love to game them.
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