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  1. Great...went to see about ordering and nothing in stock for USK or Flynn...
  2. thx @tiger1873 Probably right about UL's. I should probably upgrade to the Flynn or TS when we get the next full set...Shes hitting them too well and I can see where they are lacking. all her wedges and long clubs are upgraded...so time to do the irons too.
  3. Looking for a driving iron that’s not too clicky. I’ve tested some in the past that I hit great...but can’t get over the feel...can anyone suggest options to try that aren’t so crappy feeling?
  4. Nobody breathe when I’m putting please...
  5. I am right about with you on this for my 8yo daughter. I just ordered a Flynn alto 6i to see how the heavier irons feel... let us know what you go with and how it goes! ill do the same when I get that 6i. I think I am leaning on staying one more growth stage with the UL's though. She really is flushing her irons and it makes me crazy that the UL offer practically zero spin and just won't hold greens...but I feel like I would rather her swing a club with speed and total control than mess up the swing with something too heavy at this stage. I have to remind myself that it
  6. So I ended up finding a ladies Epic Flash Star 7w on Callaway pre-owned for cheap and got it to try out. Figured I'd just cut down the ladies ultra light shaft in it before switching to a Flynn. Turns out its slightly weighty for her, but she is roping straight and high darts with it just cut down. This Epic star is 100 miles better than the USK fairway...highly recommend this club for smaller juniors. I am seeing a lot more eagle opportunities in the near future.
  7. This! My daughter just started USK tournaments which she's loved but has been three jacking putts something terrible. Our home club - pretty much only place she's played - has lighting fast greens and she almost never 3 putts them. Trying to adjust to slow muni courses that host the USK events has been brutal for her. She is great at picking lines and reading breaks but leaving 15' putts halfway... We have started practicing putting at a local muni just so she can get used to playing diff speeds. I am a big fan of lining up your ball - she does this on her own now and picks great
  8. I use vice neons and they are so easy to see. Daughter uses the vice blue hues and I’m actually surprised how well they show... it it’s like a soft blue... i cant see white anymore...
  9. Our girl Rose is cold blooded. Just dispatching girls. Bummed to see Pano go out. Wish we could be watching these matches...
  10. Any insight into what the alleged cheating incident(s) were/was? I've been following these girls since they were little on those movie/shows so just more nosy and curious...
  11. I mean if we go to watch a pga/lpga event why wouldn't we want to watch our own kids play? this is such a troll argument. hundreds watch kids football/basketball/soccer games...golf no different. would you argue not to watch a football game because its for the juniors not the parents?
  12. Can someone just drop names pls? I’ve watched the doc and the tv show, but just spill already...too lazy to look them all up.
  13. Thx for feed back. I’ll see if I can find a prodi b fairway to try out. Her usk fairway and hybrid aren’t great...
  14. Reviving this thread. Any thoughts on fairway wood heads with adjustable connections? just thinking easier to swap shafts as they grow.... My 8yo daughter just going XR16 driver and then USK UL hybrid.... Big gaps... Definitely want to see about throwing a 5wood in there... thx
  15. Thanks for pointing me to your review. that's my fear of junior bags being too small...her USK 48" can't hold anything really, and waaaay too top heavy. I guess its probably an adult bag and her USK for short sets if she's carrying.
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