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  1. We just started competing in Summer, but already took second half of Fall tour off and skipped winter tour that's slightly farther from home - just not convenient for me. Been playing on soccer team and training Jiu Jitsu... But break from competing is not always break from golf...we just eased back. She's still got a lesson weekly and we play together on weekends...but its because she likes to play. We also are always trying to go play rounds for fun with girls we met at USK and events like DCP. Personally I think younger kids playing multiple sports is better for their long term athleticism and will help them in being better golfers in the future (Go read the book Range). Nevermind the burnout factor. I've just seen a lot of kids at 8-9yo here in LA that are pretty good, but I can already see that they hate it out there with parents pushing them to compete. Even my daughter feels bad when she's playing with a kid that's not really being allowed to goof around with her and the other girls. I guess we are lucky that I am not teaching my daughter to play golf so she can win a D1 scholarship or play on tour...but so that she can be a confident and happy young woman. IF any of that other stuff happens its just gravy...but not part of the 'program' @ncalgolf where are you guys based?
  2. We have tried all the usk SoCal courses. Sticking w those just because it’s fun to caddy for her as we get to hang. Really dislike Los Robles though…some weird tee boxes for younger kids.
  3. We only play courses if its convenient for Dad to get to...and in Los Angeles that's not many. Most USK events are in the burbs and the SCGA events are no caddy for my daughters age. I am not trying to stand around at some dog track for 5.5 hours.
  4. So stupid. NDC release doesn't even have full size runs on the grey, but I already bought white and shadow at Roger Dunn 2 weeks ago. only one I want I can't get...
  5. We are keeping it simple for now w the Flynn driver shafts. They seem to work great for her…and it’s easy to just order the next size up when needed versus buying and cutting down ladies shafts to hope they work out.
  6. I have to disagree. Once kids have a fairly repeatable swing and are strong enough for the OEM heads its a HUGE game changer. We went from a USK driver to a ladies Cobra (6yo) and then to a Callaway XR a few years ago (7yo) and the distance jump was noticeable on the first swing. We just switched to a sim max2 with 12.5 loft and my now 9yo daughters carry jumped almost 15 yards. The added loft and draw spin she puts on it with the better fitting head makes a world of difference. If they are competing, then you know how important that extra distance is against bigger and older kids.
  7. I had to get a slightly taller 'no show' sock, because they will def rub you raw until they break in. More outside of ankle than the achilles for me...
  8. I better get mine up for sale then... They honestly are a little stiff. ADG3 significantly more comfortable. The all white is a bit boring too. I might have my buddy paint them for me, otherwise eBay. size 11.5 for 500? bargain compared to StockX apparently...lol
  9. roger Dunn north Hollywood….still had some this pm. I need the wolf grey tho
  10. My local Roger Dunn has the whites. Apparently they started selling the wolf grey over the weekend and sold out quick. The stock lady said that no one from Nike told them not to release...as per usual...so they just started selling. I scooped the whites. Really wanted the Grey tho. Fingers crossed on NDC release.
  11. I’m the opposite, if I have to drive far or it’s at a dog track I’m not even considering it. I could care less if my kids getting tournament reps in, it’s not worth a s*** Sunday. I tried that a few times early on and never again. I would rather take her to eat a nice brunch at the club and let her kick my a** for 9 holes…
  12. Maybe a bit different than what you are looking for, but I had same question to a buddy for my 8yo daughter. How come one day is lights out and next week like she’s never played before? He asked me if she was growing…and then it dawned on me that she was in a spurt. We talked about how kids hit these moments and growth spurts that are subtle and their coordination takes a minute to catch up. Might not even be a week or two, but now, every now and then she can’t hit the ball…and I don’t even worry about. Like a week later I’m giving her too much club because she’s hitting it better and longer. literally 2 weeks ago we went out to play a few with our club pro/her coach and she couldn’t get an iron in the air. Yesterday she shot 91 from ladies tees (5200yds) at Mayakoba. Longest she’s ever played a course. Growing pains = lack of consistency. Anyone else experience this?
  13. I am heading up to that area as well...late November. Any thoughts on places to stay in St. George? Entrada / Ledges / Sand Hollow? Anyone have any experience staying at these resorts? Would rather pay a few extra dollars for nicer accommodations... thanks in advance for feedback.
  14. One of my daughters coaches just told me that a bunch of the top kids (girls in this case) are being home schooled so they can practice multiple hours a day. This is crazy to me...but I guess makes sense when I see some of the low scores these girls are putting up. Is this a regular thing for people?
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