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  1. I walk with a white nike sport lite bag. super comfy straps, extremely light in its carry and plenty of storage and then some. its a keeper...almost want to buy another as a backup.
  2. Ok thx. F1 ladies driver shaft it is.
  3. thanks, good idea re eBay/recoil shafts. Sorry, maybe dumb question, but since I have to cut down shaft for her anyways, I can get a ladies hybrid shaft and go from there yes?
  4. whoa whoa whoa....easy fellas! if you go back to my original post, I FOUND a XR head on my clubs tee box. it was FREE, so its not about spending money. I just wanted feedback from anyone who had used it for juniors as I had read that it was a good light head FOR juniors. putting/chipping/hitting straight advice aside (my girl already works on all that stuff) I just wanted to know about the XR. (plus...for her playing par 4's at 150yds and hitting to pw range really helps, so we will take the distance. 5-10 extra yds for an 8yo is huge) Tiger...OEM heads do make a huge d
  5. Thats the wrx attitude I’m looking for!
  6. Good advice, but my kid already has no issue making center contact with her driver. Frankly, when we moved her nearly a year ago from a uskids driver to her cobra fMax on a Flynn shaft she gained noticeable yardage (15+ carry). so looking for thoughts on the XR as a junior head as I've read its a solid option for better junior players - especially as she's picked up some swing speed with natural growth and strength. Now, I'm not trying to measure swing weights and put her on trackman to get perfect launch conditions, just looking for feedback on an XR head we picked up gratis courtesy of someo
  7. ok, might be worth just picking up a Flynn shaft to play around with it. Head was free and going to need the next level length shaft for her soon as it is...they just keep growing...
  8. that was a joke. my kid is barely 48" tall, so might be tough for her to swing a 48" Xstiff driver a la dechambeau.
  9. she's already swinging a women's Cobra FMax with a Flynn shaft really well. you thinking its too heavy? maybe ill just eBay it or trade in at Roger Dunn...
  10. Some schmuck snapped his driver at our club and left it in the 2nd tee garbage. Callaway XR in great condition. I had heard this was a good driver for juniors...anyone with experience with their kids? Debating trying a Flynn shaft in it for my daughter, but don't want to just waste $90 ordering a shaft if reviews are poor. She's playing a Cobra Ladies FMax currently... Worth a flyer?
  11. im putting my 8yo in a 48" 70g X driver. she gets some serious carry if she can manage to lift it and swing it...
  12. I just played La Quinta Mountain course w my 8yo daughter. It is actually fairly challenging, but we had course pretty much to ourselves. the back 9 up the mountain is awesome and she loved the scenery... she's a stick tho, so can keep it in the fairways (wide enough out there for kids). played a few private courses as well...check underpar.com. They usually have some PS deals, and most of the resort courses are pretty wide.
  13. I got one of these as well. Great bag, material is really cool. Integrated tech is cool, but the bag by itself is really sharp looking in person. I got lots of compliments on it. The phone holder is really cool. Allows easy video of yourself at range or on course. Highly recommend
  14. my challenge with SCPGA is that they dont allow caddy's and part of this is for my daughter and I to have bonding time. I'm not sure why they dont let caddy's still assist the younger players... ill check out OC USKG. thx
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