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  1. Some good advice above. Realizing we need to get better as parents and caddies is a big one. One thing that we started a few weeks ago and has really helped us as a team...My daughter (8) and I started to recap after every round - tournament and practice. Always start off with what SHE thinks she did well first...then what she needs to work on. I will typically just support and maybe gently add some things. I always follow that up with what I can work on and what she thinks worked for her in my role as caddy/coach. It is pretty eye opening when you ask them for feedback on your performance and what you can improve on as a parent/caddy. You can't allow yourself to get defensive...but just absorb what they have to say and take it and adjust moving forward. Allowing them to feel comfortable telling you what works for them really helps (this is where you have to resist the urge to get defensive or explain your methods) They need to be able to be open in trusting they won't get in trouble for verbalizing their issues. This recap of each of our performances has been tremendously helpful for both of us. I will give a concrete example that I am sure we are all guilty of: Before shots I would kind of offer multiple things to think about "check your line, setup your feet, make a good turn, follow thru...." In a recap she told me it was too much to think about and threw her off. More than anything it was annoying to her. Now I offer one thing only depending on what's happening and she can process that one thought easily. A lot of times I don't even give her info...just 'rip it'. The big thing is SHE told me to say 1 thing...so I am following her direction and she never gets upset anymore at my support or assistance. I try and let her take lead and now she's asking me for advice rather than me talking too much at her. But all of these things came from us recapping each others performance. It has really helped in attitude in tournaments for us both. Attitude has been great the last few tournaments and scores are matching good vibes as they tend to do.
  2. Trying to go to their site to buy some clubs and it’s gone. Anyone know what happened or where they went? Literally just ordered from them a few days ago…and now site is gone and no email replies. weird?
  3. This was a bull shot raffle. I am sure a few people got them in whatever small quantity Eastside actually raffled...but I have multiple friends in the golf/sneaker/hipster world and friends with Earl. They all seemed to magically 'win' the raffle. This was definitely a friends/family/homie giveaway first.
  4. It is really amazing how different a player reacts in tournament golf and playing around golf. My daughter gets down on herself if she has a bad hole and she's only 8. Not any pressure from me as I am all 100% good vibes and positivity out there. I know how hard this game is and already super impressed my 8yo is this good! Love the advice to have them watch some players like Rose Zhang that are stone cold.
  5. Ok, so we just wrapped the local tour as the tour champ this past weekend. Reading the status page, it looks like that gets her a priority 9 with two rounds scoring 40 or lower. Should I feel safe planning ahead with that for what will be a 9YO girl? Reading that stuff books up so I kind of want to lock up a nice house rental for us and another friend who I think is in close status level.
  6. We are still using the Flynn shafts for my 8yo. Just played with a 9yo top 25 worlds player and she had the Sim Max w the cut down Aldilla 45L in there. Actually felt really light and my daughter hit it well with a few cuts. Might try that out... With the lower swing speeds are the shafts making that much of a difference? I honestly don't know...but will be happy to tinker to just play around.
  7. So my 8yo daughter has four USK local tour top 3 finishes in a row. FOUR motherf'ers. She is definitely skipping college and hitting the LPGA at like 14. Maybe 15 if we try and give her an extra year of strength training so we make sure she always hits driver at least 320. We have achieved all this success by making sure she practices at least 6 hours a day...but we do break it up into 2 - three hour training sessions, plus weight and strength training every morning at 5am. When she loses focus she really appreciates us being there to yell at her and snap her back into game mode. My wife is so good at this...just in our daughters ear at the top of her lungs. Sometimes our little girl cries, but when we make her do push-ups that always gets her to stop. Problem solved and getting stronger at the same time! Another really good technique we learned is that if she doesn't go under par every 9 holes during her afternoon session she doesn't get to eat dinner. Knowing she won't eat if she plays poorly gets her dialed in. Try it with your kids...they'll love it. I got all these strategies from the Russian olympic gymnastics manual and along with a detailed anabolic steroid schedule we expect nothing less than to create a dominant player. FML. I am bored and don't want to do any of the work piling up on my desk...
  8. This Summer is our first experience with USK or any tours for that matter. My daughter has been playing a few years and my goal was to get her to actually meet other girls her age playing. There are literally none at our club... For nothing else USK has been a huge success here in SoCal. after only four events she now has a group of girls she likes playing with and we have played with some of them outside of tour events already...hosting two at our club this week alone for afternoon rounds. I think it goes back to what we as parents are expecting out of these tours for juniors. Having fun? Meeting new friends? Learning a sport? Checks all around for USK. Turning your 8yo into next LPGA/PGA phenom? Thats not a tour's responsibility, and frankly that's going to be more genetics and an individual Childs drive than anything a parent or tour can provide. I am curious though @jkpgolf - what specifically are you referring to that gives juniors a 'warped sense of what golf/ golf tournaments are all about.' By no means am I trying to discount your opinion - you have clearly been doing this longer than me - but I want to understand what I should be looking out for as an issue? What is the disservice I should be looking out for? I am sure/hope that we continue to play other events and tours in the coming years, but for the moment USK has been great in our experience. thx for your opinions tho...I am really enjoying learning all about the junior programs and tours.
  9. As in all youth sports I am sure this is a problem somewhere. so far our experience with USK has been the opposite. really friendly parents letting kids learn, play and have fun. I know we all have heard stories of terrible parents - and seen it too - but I have to think this is more exception than the rule.
  10. This. seems counterintuitive to double layer but the under armor compression under a light drifit polo prevents the polo from getting full of sweat and sticking. We don’t have as much humidity but I go this route playing hot summer rounds in the desert.
  11. im with this. We just started playing USK events and my daughter and I both love it. It’s so much fun for both of us…nothing like celebrating and supporting her while on the bag. Watching the smiles a d taking those photos on medal stand. Best ever. also, you can caddy without being like one of those short game dads. I offer up some course strategy options, help her decide a club and that’s about it. She picks her lines, chooses her clubs and picks her outfits. Even tho this is golfwwrx and we are all elite athlete 300yd bombers w +2 indexes, almost zero of our kids will play professional golf. So don’t worry about their development as much as enjoying time with them.
  12. ok, so if we win local tour/top points list at 8 we are pretty good for next summer? that will be good to know so I don't feel the need to keep playing every single event... dad needs some Sundays so he can play.
  13. Ok, so we are pretty new to the USKG tournaments but doing really well and currently leading our local tour in points (this is our first season so its all new to me). My daughter decided she wants to qualify for world Championships in Pinehurst next summer so that's the new target. The qualifying levels are really confusing to me and I'm trying to get a sense if its easy or hard to qualify? If we win our local tour/top the points standings are we pretty much set for an invitation? That would get us Status level 8 - but I have no idea what that equates to? She's going to keep playing in Fall and Spring tours as well and I am sure keep collecting qualifying points, but what does it realistically take to qualify for Pinehurst? I looked at scores in her age ranges for the recent WC's and bottom half of the field didn't look that hot...
  14. To me this is a straight up parenting issue. Not saying you aren’t a good parent but kids feed off of us. It’s not just sports…but when my daughter - now 8 - would get irrationally emotional at anything I remind her that she will never get her way when having a tantrum. I always focus on telling her that in a totally calm demeanor. If I’m hyper/frustrated/angry/agitated it only amplifies her emotions. It’s hilarious to me when I see a parent literally yelling at their kids to calm down. Like that has ever worked. we need to stay calm as parents and tell our kids that emotional outbursts are not ok and not acceptable behavior. Kind of hard to preach that lesson if we are amped up in our own emotions. This is not just a golf or sports thing here. This is for them everywhere. we just started playing tournaments and my job as caddy is to be nothing but positive. Bad shot…no big deal let’s make a good one and get it back. If we show frustration at all it will only amplify their emotions. Double bogey? So what? She’s 8 and coming in 3rd at some local event has zero bearing on her future. We have to act like it doesn’t matter so that’s what they see and their emotional response will mirror ours. You will never see a caddy yelling or showing frustration at their pga player…so why would we do it to our juniors. it’s hard to do…but I’d bet that if your boy has emotional fluctuation of being excited for good shots and breakdowns after bad ones he’s mirroring your expressions to some extent. Again…this is hard to be flatline or at the very least show no frustration w bad shots. But if you can show you aren’t upset and reinforce the ability to go ahead and get bad shot back w a good one…I’d bet his reactions would turn to mimic yours. sorry. Long screed…
  15. ok, annoying update if anyone cares. New Flynn Alto's felt a tad heavy for my daughter, but within about 30 swings she was swinging them with no issues. Very interesting though that it turned her shot shape into a bit of a draw, but unlike the USK UL irons the Flynns definitely have some spin and stop after a bounce or two - unlike the ULs that just rolled out forever. thx for the recommendations on the switch away from USK UL!
  16. Dudes...It's a KIDS event. Kids can go play, have fun, meet new friends from all over. I don't think USK markets it as a PGA/LPGA stepping stone...thats all in parents over active expectations. Did your kids have a great time? Perfect. Are you annoyed by some slow play or less than tour quality 8 year old golfers? That shiz on you. I mean how horrible would it be if you took your kid down there, booked travel etc and then he/she played poorly due to slight injury/bad break/food poisoning/etc and then you got cut? I mean only a handful really in the mix for top 5 and the rest there to have fun. Go have fun. None of your kids are going pro anyways...
  17. good to know. Thx. We just ordered Flynn alto irons for her as they were actually in stock. See how it goes!
  18. Great...went to see about ordering and nothing in stock for USK or Flynn...
  19. thx @tiger1873 Probably right about UL's. I should probably upgrade to the Flynn or TS when we get the next full set...Shes hitting them too well and I can see where they are lacking. all her wedges and long clubs are upgraded...so time to do the irons too.
  20. Looking for a driving iron that’s not too clicky. I’ve tested some in the past that I hit great...but can’t get over the feel...can anyone suggest options to try that aren’t so crappy feeling?
  21. Nobody breathe when I’m putting please...
  22. I am right about with you on this for my 8yo daughter. I just ordered a Flynn alto 6i to see how the heavier irons feel... let us know what you go with and how it goes! ill do the same when I get that 6i. I think I am leaning on staying one more growth stage with the UL's though. She really is flushing her irons and it makes me crazy that the UL offer practically zero spin and just won't hold greens...but I feel like I would rather her swing a club with speed and total control than mess up the swing with something too heavy at this stage. I have to remind myself that its long term swing development that I care about more than her landing a high and soft 9i perfectly to a front pin and then watching it bounce 30' to the back of a green.
  23. So I ended up finding a ladies Epic Flash Star 7w on Callaway pre-owned for cheap and got it to try out. Figured I'd just cut down the ladies ultra light shaft in it before switching to a Flynn. Turns out its slightly weighty for her, but she is roping straight and high darts with it just cut down. This Epic star is 100 miles better than the USK fairway...highly recommend this club for smaller juniors. I am seeing a lot more eagle opportunities in the near future.
  24. This! My daughter just started USK tournaments which she's loved but has been three jacking putts something terrible. Our home club - pretty much only place she's played - has lighting fast greens and she almost never 3 putts them. Trying to adjust to slow muni courses that host the USK events has been brutal for her. She is great at picking lines and reading breaks but leaving 15' putts halfway... We have started practicing putting at a local muni just so she can get used to playing diff speeds. I am a big fan of lining up your ball - she does this on her own now and picks great lines...now its all about getting the right speed for her. To me for Juniors (younger ones at least) it seems to be all about speed and 3 putt avoidance by hitting better lags.
  25. I use vice neons and they are so easy to see. Daughter uses the vice blue hues and I’m actually surprised how well they show... it it’s like a soft blue... i cant see white anymore...
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