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  1. I randomly grabbed an old Cobra Phil Rogers Rusty 60 out of a friends bag today. I found the way the leading edge set, shape, and options the sole grinds presented more appealing than any modern wedges I have fondled. Any recommendations on a modern wedge with similar characteristics? My home course has a lot of tight green side areas and a grind where I can open the face and have a sharp leading edge suits my eye. The last 58 I found as appealing as this one was a Scratch 8620. Thx
  2. Scratch 8620’s if you can find them.
  3. It probably was Nationwide we used to watch him on and I was mistaken. As soon as I read the name it reminded me of my friend and I’s affinity for him due to the duel driver factor back in the day. > @golfandfishing said: > Did he play the Euro Tour? He grew up in Texas and had Nationwide status off and on, but I don’t remember him playing the Euro Tour. > > > @"Walter Sobchak" said: > > > @JD3 said: > > > Victor shwamkrug > > > > Yessss, my roommate at the time and I adopted Victor as our favorite euro tour player in our 20’s. Murder
  4. > @JD3 said: > Victor shwamkrug Yessss, my roommate at the time and I adopted Victor as our favorite euro tour player in our 20’s. Murdered it and carried 2 drivers.
  5. > @aabcuue said: > > @"Walter Sobchak" said: > > 1. Oosthuizen - poetry in motion > Has his game together and is a focused player and dad. Understands the business of golf and does whats needed. > > > 2. Hovland - refreshing to see someone visibly enjoying the game > > 3. Wolff - out of the mold and doesn’t care > > 4. Kisner - grit > > > Kisner is definitely a grinder. When others moans/complains he gets about business and concentrates harder. > Barely know the others. Only met a 1 to 3 times briefly. > > > 5. Aph
  6. 1. Oosthuizen - poetry in motion 2. Hovland - refreshing to see someone visibly enjoying the game 3. Wolff - out of the mold and doesn’t care 4. Kisner - grit 5. Aphibarnrat - affable and not your typical modern day tour physique 6. Bubba - shot making savant when on
  7. > @bspn said: > To all those saying there's no victim, tell that to the poor innocent carpet he pissed all over. Sorry, _allegedly_ pissed all over. ...rug really tied the plane together
  8. I would be shocked if this wasn’t something along the lines of taking non routine substance to pass out on the plane in combination with alcohol. One doesn’t typically go from world class golfer, no known instances of this sort of behavior, Nike sponsorship, and by the accounts we have, a well liked individual to pissing in airline isles and “sexual assault” at his age without prior red flags. Instances like this, though to a lesser depee, are becoming increasingly frequent as some have referenced. Anyone that has been to college in the past 20 years and enjoyed some partying has seen wha
  9. Poulter would be permanently cast in the role of “Verbally Abused Flight Attendant”.
  10. Thorbjorn should turn the misfortune into an opportunity. Start a transatlantic airline where passengers are given 2 complimentary ambien and 6 bourbon shooters upon boarding and live stream the flight. He and Tiger could do a Mystery Science Theater like narrative for each episode. THUUUNNDAAH B-AIR
  11. Thanks for the reply. If I have further concern I’ll send a pm.
  12. I purchased a 6.0 in this shaft and requested it butt trimmed to play 44.5 in a G Max. Upon receipt of the shaft I thought it felt extremely stout for the 6.0. After looking at the amount of visible purple at the tip I came to the realization that the vendor tipped it rather than butt trimming it. I’m assuming I now have something akin to a 6.5 or 6.5 TX based on the amount of tipping necessary to get it to 44.5 playing length. Can someone more versed than myself in tipping confirm that would be an accurate conversion?
  13. I should have stated that the BB 6 was from a Club Champion fitting with 400 Max head. I have done PT for injuries and improved swing to get more speed back since. Was throwing and lacking hip turn through at the time. I know I’m a low/low to low/mid guy. I’m aware another fitting is the best course of action and asking for shaft recs without numbers is faux pas up in here. However, it’s a 4 hr round trip drive to any fitter with variety in exotic shafts and just don’t have the time currently with work and kiddos. It’s not the ball in this case. BB 6 S feels soft in the butt end t
  14. Toolman, I am from GA we are getting firm now and get to play year round. I’m getting virtually no roll out unless I really keep right shoulder high through impact which can bring ye old snapper in play. It was a year or so since on Track Man and I’m swinging better. I wish I had numbers but just don’t currently. I know the flight I’m looking for, mid-boring. Used to get it with my old Cally X tour 8.5 and a V2 X. Was closer to it with my G LST and 757. I love the 400 Max forgiveness just hoping to find the right shaft to get a more boring trajectory. Based on reading sounds like a g
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