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  1. Probably the best way. He obviously has multiple accounts / paypal address. That's why I don't buy/ sell to anyone under 5 selling feedbacks
  2. When I messages him a couple days ago (cpech) he gave me a different paypal. Deleted the convo but wish I didn't now
  3. Black/ black. Still for sale! Make offers
  4. If you want clear pics just ask! Oakley flak jackets! Had these for a couple months but getting a different pair. Comes with hard case! Lenses are clear when looking out of! If you have a magnifying glass you can see faint scratches on outside of lenses, just want full disclosure. By no means can you see them when wearing the glasses. $80 obo
  5. Yes don't pass that up. New ones here might sell for $140 but majority 120-130
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