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  1. Not that outrageous. Even as a scratch golfer I'm super envious of the guys that can flight an 80 yard wedge shot low and have it bounce once and stop. For the life of me I can't hit that shot.
  2. It's not the notch that bothers me, it's the thickness of the hosel itself. Thicccc like my wife after our second child.
  3. They're back in my bag for the 100th time. A fresh set just sold on the Bay for $550, didn't even last 1 day. How many other major OEM's have an iron set from 2012 commanding that kind value? That being said, I'll be demo'ing the i59 as soon as possible.
  4. The Peter Millar medium is noticeably larger than the RLX medium. I think the RLX shirts also taper more towards the waist. They're not terribly different in the shoulder's but I'm 6'2", 175 and the Millar M ends up pretty baggy around my waist while the RLX fits well. RLX also have shorter sleeve length, if that is something you take into consideration.
  5. Definitely a low drop shoe similar to the Ecco's I've worn in the past.
  6. I've now played 3 rounds in my Payntr's and am extremely impressed. I've been wearing Ecco's exclusively for the last 5 years and have been wearing the Biom Cool Pro's for the last 2. I'm a 46 in Ecco's, ordered a size 12 and they are definitely snug. I took the insole out all together and have actually found them to be very comfortable without it. I suppose the other option if you prefer a supportive insole would be to order a 1/2 size up and then put a more substantial one in there. The first two rounds I played were early morning and the grass was soaked with dew, no issues at all in terms of waterproofing and the grip was excellent. Yesterday was a hot/dry/firm day and the shoes were excellent again. They seemed to breath pretty well and again no issues with slipping. I actually find them to be a little better in terms of grip than the Ecco's. They are a more flexible than the Ecco's but the larger heel makes them feel very stable despite the added flex and you really feel connected to the ground. All told I think this is a great shoe, I hope they do well and continue to produce golf shoes going forward.
  7. Good Morning, two putters on the block today. At the moment only looking to sell, no trades with the lone exception being either a Tour AD DI or AD IZ 6x with a Ping G410 tip. Shipping will be either UPS or FedEx, buyers preference, will not ship USPS. ConUS only. First up is a Cameron Golo S5. Excellent condition, 35", original pistolero and comes with black Golo headcover. SOLD Next is a Ping Sigma 2 Fetch. This is the adjustable version. Excellent shape. No headcover but I'm sure I can rustle something up for shipment. SOLD
  8. Concord has done a lot of work on the course recently, I've heard good things but haven't played it since they finished the improvements. Radley is what it is in terms of layout, I like some holes out there but it's a tough track in the wind and punishing off the tee. Can't speak to Penn Oaks as I've never played it but I know the re-did their greens a couple of years ago. Check out Kennett Square Golf and CC as it's in the same corridor and nicer than Radley/Penn Oaks and you won't have the hum of 202 and Rt. 1 accompanying every round like Concord. Good conditioning, decent little Ross layout, good membership.
  9. Lot's of good stuff on the block today. Not interested in any trades at the moment as I'm trying to pare down some excess inventory. Happy to ship anywhere ConUS, will not entertain shipping to Hawaii or north o' the border, sorey hockey fans. Taylormade M4 10.5 shafted with AD TP 6s, RBZ 2 adapter. Plays a hair over 45". Overall good shape, includes M4 head cover. D3.5 SW, Lamkin non corded UTX grip. SOLD Taylormade M4 10.5*, head only. Good shape, can include TM Adapter. SOLD Graphite Design AD TP 6x. Played 44.75" installed. Tip cleaned/prepped. Will install TM or Ping G410 adapter per request. Currently has Lamkin non corded UTX grip. $155 - shaft only, $160 with adapter of your choice installed. Ping G410 3 wood with Evenflow Black 75x. Graphics down in small "-" setting, new Cobra Lamkin 3Gen grip installed last week. Shows normal signs of wear, one little mark on the crown I touched up with black sharpie which I'm sure could be cleaned up better than I'm capable of. D2+ SW. SOLD Vokey TVD M 54. Overall good shape, standard length, stock Vokey S200 shaft, stock Vokey Crossline 3Gen grip. "BABU" stamped on the back. Your guess is as good as mine...... Get your hands on a classic Voke in good shape. $95 shipped Nippon 1150GH Tour 4-PW. Standard length pulled out of a set of MacGregor's. Decent shape Golf Pride DD2 standard size grips. Unsure how to price these as they don't seem to be all that common. Asking $145, taking reasonable bids
  10. Southwest of Philly Broad Run and Wyncote are both great options but other than that it’s pretty light on public tracks. Philly definitely has a wide gap between quality private clubs and decent public options. Certainly no shortage of private options though.
  11. Rounds were up 40% at my club last year, that's a pretty healthy jump. Trying to get tee times at the local publics was difficult and or expensive and with travel time/course congestion factored in it probably took me 2 hours longer to play public vs. at home. I'd think this would push a lot of guys towards private clubs short term but when commuting, work travel, family vacations, school sports etc. come back into scope there may be a quick reversal in that trend.
  12. One of our Local GG's had the Packard's in stock on Saturday. I gave them a try and they were nice but I wasn't blown away. Some of the details actually looked a little cheap to me in person, especially for a $200 shoe. They were definitely lighter than I was expecting and the comfort was just OK out of the box and would definitely take a round or 2 to get them worked in. I'm a size 12 in every shoe/golf shoe out there and the 12 was too big but the 11.5 was just right so they do run big per usual with FJ. I think if you're a FJ fan you'll like them quite a bit. If you're an outside observer it's probably worth checking them out against a GFore Gallivanter or similar before pulling the trigger.
  13. Reviews starting to roll out and they are getting some good press. The first model being released looks like a spikeless and slightly more modern version of the TW '13, not a bad thing IMO. I've been wearing Ecco's for about 8 years now but these have my attention as a possible alternative.
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