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  1. ya I get that thank you I have been playing with a flats so maybe I’ll get a counterbalance one and it will be half way similar to the swing weight. Is my thought process correct with that?
  2. Have a Er2B love the putter it’s 355g I believe. The drawback is I’m not really sure that I like the gravity grip. Is there a major drawback to replacing the grip? Obviously if that’s what it comes with there is a reason and don’t want to mess with it if the grip technology is a huge part of what makes the putter what it is
  3. Wow beautiful putter! And I need that yellow cover! What type of milling would you call that?
  4. no I was looking for a 52 56 or 60 so if anyone had one around those lofts let me know
  5. Just called they said they only have 46 and 48 that sucks was really wanting to grab a gen 1 milled wedge
  6. Man I wish they still had the first run really wanted to try them out guess I’ll wait ha
  7. Any idea is the milled wedges ever go on sale through the hero pricing
  8. WOW those jp wedges, I have a few of the originals these looks amazing wish I had the coin right now man
  9. I wanted a pair of the masters release so bad wasn’t lucky enough
  10. Beautiful putter!! If you decide to sell let me know lol!!
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